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  • Turning Touchpoints Into Touchstones: Revenue Attribution in B2B

    18 APR 2024 · If you work in sales or marketing, there are probably two questions that keep you up at night: “What’s led past customers to our product?” and (2) “What will lead future customers to our product?” On today’s episode, and are joined by (Sales Manager at to talk all things revenue attribution, which helps companies of all sizes answer these very questions. Laura underscores the importance of aligning marketing strategies with sales initiatives to effectively map out the customer journey and identify the many (not just one) touchpoints that led to a conversion. Join us as we discuss: - How linear attribution models can oversimplify the complexity of the customer journey - The practical attributions of attribution data - Finding the “sweet spot” between too many attribution initiatives and too few attribution initiatives  - Transactional vs. relationship-oriented sales strategies
    53m 48s
  • No Coding Skills, No Problem: Navigating AI Tech for Non-Techies with Max Haining

    4 APR 2024 · This week, (VP of Marketing at Landbot) and (CEO & Co-Founder at Landbot) are joined by, Founder at Max started 100DaysOfNoCode with the mission of empowering non-techies to arm themselves with the basic knowledge required to successfully navigate the world of tech and B2B SaaS. So Max is immensely qualified to speak to the challenges and rewards of upskilling, adaptability, and personal betterment—no matter what level of tech literacy you’re starting with, or where you found yourself in your career in tech. Join us as we discuss: - The benefits of “no code” solutions in tech - How learning in public serves as an organic growth engine for building communities and encourages accountability - The evolution (and balance) of personalized outbound communication in the age of AI - What goes into a successful AI-native mindset
    47m 58s
  • The Lead Quality Advantage: Fueling Sales Team Efficiency with Zahra Jivá

    21 MAR 2024 · Whether you work in sales or marketing, your team’s efficiency and performance is always at risk of being negatively impacted by poor lead quality. This week, and are joined by, Director of Global Sales Strategy at to discuss lead qualification in sales and how AI is revolutionizing the way teams approach this major pain point. From structuring sales teams to harnessing tools like AI to assist team members and enhance productivity, Zahra brings plenty of insights to anyone looking to improve the employee and customer experience throughout all aspects of the sales process. Join us as we discuss: - How churn clawback and commissions structures can impact sales reps performance - The benefits and challenges of integrating AI features like the appointment assistant into the sales process - Aligning incentives to prioritize sale quality over sale quantity - Why it’s vital to both understand the reasons for success in sales and sales loss 
    57m 56s
  • Landbot Co-Founders Edition

    7 MAR 2024 · This week, Landbot team members Rachel Ann Kreis (VP of Marketing) and Jiaqi Pan (Co-Founder & CEO) are joined in-person by an extra special guest: Landbot Co-Founder and VP of Customer Success, Cris Villar. Jiaqi and Cris take Rachel through the founding of Landbot, highlighting the early goals and challenges of the company, as well as funny stories and memories from the past eight years. Join us as we discuss: - How previous business ventures led Jiaqi and Cris to join forces for a successful partnership - Landbot’s beginnings as a B2C service company offering personal concierge services - The origin, development, and implementation of Andrew, Landbot’s AI sales rep - Strange and offbeat requests the Landbot team has received throughout the company’s history
    34m 55s
  • Beyond Bricks and Mortar: AI's Transformative Impact on Real Estate with Pavan Agarwal

    22 FEB 2024 · This week, Landbot leaders (VP of Marketing) and (CEO & Co-Founder) talk with (CEO, Sun West Mortgage Company) about AI’s role and use in real estate. Pavan is also the Founder and CEO of Celligence, the team behind AngelAI, whose proprietary technology is aiding in processes like lead prospecting, loan underwriting, and financing support. Pavan explains the process of developing the software by leveraging decades of financial data and communications. Join us as we discuss: - How to integrate AI messaging systems with financial service, while addressing user privacy - The role of NFTs in bringing more transparency to the real estate process - AI’s potential to level the field and address issues of inequality in the real estate industry - How technology like Angel AI can lead to collaboration with human agents
    56m 26s
  • High Touch, Low Touch, Human Touch: Qualifying Leads with Jeff Sauer

    8 FEB 2024 · When it comes to sales, the saying is true: time equals money. So how do you ensure that you’re not wasting either by pursuing unqualified leads? This week, co-hosts (VP of Marketing at Landbot) and (Co-Founder and CEO at Landbot) tackle this all-important question with, Founder of and, and Professor of data analytics at St. Thomas University. Jeff brings a passion for coaching revenue leaders and marketers by providing guidance and strategies for nurturing and qualifying leads, as well as years of experience in maximizing revenue pipelines. He knows all too well the pain points that revenue leaders and professionals encounter when it comes to tailoring sales approaches for different environments and prospects — and he shares plenty of sharp insights and innovative takeaways during our conversation. Join us as we discuss: - How to qualify prospects before your initial pitch meeting - The role of persistence in nurturing prospects - Why it’s important to do more than solely rely on referrals - The methods that effective sales team leaders use to transfer knowledge to team members
    1h 17s
  • Hope This Email Leaves You Engaged: Sales Outreach with Yurii Veremchuk

    25 JAN 2024 · Since B2B marketing usually involves outreach to people in high positions at businesses, you can assume that whoever is reading your email or DM is…busy. So how do you use your limited space (and your recipient’s limited time) to make the best first impression? On this week’s episode, Landbot superstars (VP of Marketing) and (CEO & Co-Founder) are joined by (Head of Business Growth, Woodpecker) to talk about effective outreach strategies that buck conventional wisdom on how to stand out in today’s crowded marketing landscape. Yurii shares some simple yet game-changing tips that apply to all manner of digital communication and outreach—whether you’re using email, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp to conduct your business. They also tackle AI’s use cases (and limitations) in sales messaging and prospecting. Join us as we discuss: - Why it’s more effective to think about “interest span” instead of “attention span” during the outreach process - AI’s role in sales through areas like customer calls and lead qualification - How to make sure your prospect always knows there’s something in it for them - The value of knowing when (and when not) to use certain outreach platforms
    58m 50s
  • Authentic Selling vs. AI: Can Revenue Leaders Balance Both? with Jeff Kirchick

    11 JAN 2024 · This season of Ungated Conversations kicks off with one of the most important questions revenue leaders can ask themselves: How do we harness our potential for meaningful connection to reach customers, address their needs, and meet sales goals? This week, our hosts (VP of Marketing at Landbot) and (CEO and Co-Founder at Landbot) are joined by, who brings a fresh perspective to the evolving landscape of sales principles in the age of AI. Jeff’s unique blend of experiences in tech sales and creative writing—and rampant polarization during the start of the pandemic—led him to write “Authentic Selling: How to Use the Principles of Sales in Everyday Life,” and Jeff shares how the main takeaways from his book can be applied to AI-driven sales. Join us as we discuss: - Why we should strive for authenticity and empathy tailored to customer needs - How to address sales team overload using tools like AI without taking away the human touch - What we gain by detaching from outcomes while maintaining an outcome-oriented sales mindset
    1h 43s
  • Introducing: Ungated Conversations

    13 DEC 2023 · Join co-hosts (VP of Marketing at Landbot) and (Co-Founder and CEO at Landbot) for Ungated Conversations. This podcast features thought-provoking discussions with revenue leaders and innovators about the state of sales and conversational experiences aided by AI. We’ll talk about the opportunities and challenges of using AI in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service—as well as strategies for integrating AI across your entire revenue pipeline. Whether you’re a revenue leader or another figure with revenue responsibilities in your company, these fun and insightful conversations will empower you to tackle all manner of goals and challenges while elevating your interactions with leads and customers. Thanks for tuning into Ungated Conversations—brought to you by, the AI chatbot generator. Never miss an episode by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts.
    6m 45s
  • Putting the Fun in the Marketing Funnel — Compelling Content for Every Stage with Amanda Natividad

    28 APR 2022 · Content is one of the most discussed strategies in B2B digital marketing. Despite how hard it is to trace its connection to revenue, the topic stays hot. After all, when done right, it performs marketing miracles and makes the stuff of legends for future generations. How do you get it right, though? Most importantly, why do most brands miss the mark? In the last episode of season one of, interviews, VP of Marketing at, with a storied and very successful career in content marketing. She generously shares her experiences–successes and fails alike–as well as the secret recipe you need to spread contentment among your audiences. Join us as we discuss: - Permissionless co-marketing, FitBit ideas generator & other content stories - How to generate and validate content ideas effectively - How to relate content to business value without killing creativity - Newsletter: Original content piece or just a distribution channel? - Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok? How to choose your distribution network Never miss an episode of Ungated Marketing by subscribing on,,,, or anywhere else you like to get your daily shot of podcast knowledge.
    36m 35s

You're listening to Ungated Conversations. This is a show for revenue leaders who want to generate high quality leads, close more deals and retain customers — all at a lower...

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You're listening to Ungated Conversations.

This is a show for revenue leaders who want to generate high quality leads, close more deals and retain customers — all at a lower cost.

We'll talk about how you can do just that by delivering conversational experiences at scale with the help of AI.

If you're looking to elevate your interactions with leads and customers by turning every day conversations into revenue-driving outcomes, the real life experiences and insights you're about to hear will surely help you excel in your journey.
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