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Customer Service Culture [EN]

  • #33 Customer Culture: with AI no alibis

    9 APR 2024 · As more and more organizations are integrating AI within their customer service operations, you got no more alibis: either you upgrade customer culture along with technology adoption, or you're bound to disappointing results. Paolo Fabrizio share 3 key takeaways from the AI Forum.
    21m 25s
  • #32 Is your customer team dehumanized?

    13 MAR 2024 · "When customers read our responses they experience more empathy with our chatbot than with our human agents!" It may seem a paradox, but it's exactly what some managers are complaining about these days. Paolo Fabrizio deep dives on this topic in this episode.
    12m 5s
  • #31 Run a digital skill-matching check

    14 FEB 2024 · Chances are your customer service team delivers over digital channels, but conversational expectations are ever-changing. So how do you cope with them and the rise of Gen AI? Paolo Fabrizio explains whats digital skill-matching checks are and why you'd better run them on a regular basis.
    16m 22s
  • #30 A great conversation on digital experiences w/ Shep Hyken

    17 JAN 2024 · When people love what they do, they convey their passion to the listeners. That’s exactly what happened when Paolo Fabrizio sat down with Shep Hyken sharing their experiences as consultants and speakers: a fizzy conversation with lots of real case examples and fun moments that make this podcast episode a gem.
    21m 42s
  • #29 Building a conversational service model - w/ Darko Popovic

    12 DEC 2023 · When it comes to Digital Customer Service you can't change things overnight. However, if you are a tenacious manager with a clear vision, purpose and goals, you can build up an effective conversational service model that works. Just like the special guest of this podcast, Darko Popovic, Chief Operations Officer at Multitude Bank. Darko shares his valuable digital transformation journey in this great conversation hosted by Paolo Fabrizio.
    40m 31s
  • #28 Be proactive to anticipate the customer

    31 OCT 2023 · Duting a digital conversation what are the mutual benefits when your front line team is able to anticipate customer's next move? Learn it in this new podcast episode.
    11m 49s
  • #27 Channel inconsistency kills the experience

    4 OCT 2023 · Channel inconsistency, especially between traditional and digital one kills the customer experience. What's even worse is that such experiences generate doubts and dramatically reduce overall level of customers trust. So you just can't afford it to lose potential sales! In this episode Paolo Fabrizio helps you understand why it happens and how to prevent that.
    12m 7s
  • #26 How are you welcoming the customer?

    5 SEP 2023 · Whenever we acquire a new customer it's such an exciting moment, that we can even feel the adrenaline pumping inside our body. But does the customer feel the same positive emotions...or rather bitter-sweet sensations? Here's a winning case example to get you inspired.
    13m 39s
  • #25 Close the loop with your front line

    4 JUL 2023 · Whenever you need to deal internally with other departments to handle a customer query, here are the consequences if you don't close the loop.
    10m 55s
  • #24 Stand out or go home! Said the customer

    6 JUN 2023 · Out there too many voices are asking for customer's attention, time and money. Here's how you can stand out becoming the number one customer's choice.
    22m 59s
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