Living Miracles - The Message

Living Miracles - The Message

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  • David Hoffmeister
    David Hoffmeister
    Category: Talk
    20 Episodes
    2,680 160
    David Hoffmeister has touched the lives of thousands with his consistently peaceful state of mind, radiant joy and dedication to Truth. He is a modern day mystic who travels the world sharing the message of Love, Oneness and Freedom across four continents. For those who hope that enlightenment in this lifetime is possible, David is pure ... See More
  • Diana Markin
    Diana Markin
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    1,487 58
  • Europe Tour 2014
    Europe Tour 2014
    Category: Talk
    24 Episodes
    2,670 181
    Talks from the European gatherings with Kirsten Buxton, Jason Warwick and Frances Xu.
  • Jackie Simpson
    Jackie Simpson
    Category: Spirituality
    1 Episode
    74 3
    Jackie is a consistent presence of openness and love. Her natural state of joy and peace come from the depth of direct experience of the Spirit, and she invites those around her to join in this loving presence. Her journey involved the study of many spiritual pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course ... See More
  • Jason Warwick
    Jason Warwick
    Category: Talk
    39 Episodes
    5,773 415
  • Jenny Donner
    Jenny Donner
    Category: Spirituality
    13 Episodes
    997 37
    For more Spreaker episodes from Jenny Donner, click the link:

    1. Why did you join the Messengers of Peace?

    2. Can you describe your journey of living the Course? What did you let go and what do you gain?

    3. What was the darkest moment for you on this journey?

    4. How did you go through ... See More
  • Kirsten Buxton
    Kirsten Buxton
    Category: Spirituality
    75 Episodes
    18,895 554
    Kirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after a revelatory experience of Divine Grace.

    Gatherings with Kirsten are an opportunity to sink into Presence, explore the most important topics on the heart, and be inspired. Having walked ‘through the darkness to the light’ Kirsten ... See More
  • Lisa Fair
    Lisa Fair
    Category: Spirituality
    14 Episodes
    2,029 73
    Lisa Fair is a living demonstration of living in constant happiness. She shares about our natural state of joy, peace and happiness from direct experience, and invites those around her to join her in this childlike open state of mind.

    For many years, Lisa has traveled the globe, teaching and demonstrating that this pure awareness is all ... See More
  • Living Miracles
    Living Miracles
    Category: Talk
    17 Episodes
    3,829 161
  • Mallorca 2015
    Mallorca 2015
    4 Episodes
    1,135 46
    Teaching sessions given by Messengers of Peace during the six-week devotional in Mallorca in April-May 2015.
  • Michael Caruana
    Michael Caruana
    2 Episodes
    175 4
    The Peace of God is my One Goal.
  • Suzanne Sullivan
    Suzanne Sullivan
    Category: Spirituality
    2 Episodes
    502 13
    I am part of a small group of people devoted to One purpose. We meet with those who desire to discern between the ego’s thought system and the Holy Spirit’s purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, we offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love’s ... See More
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