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The Honest Agent

  • Episode 3: Braving the Front Lines | Local Leaders on Crisis Care

    18 FEB 2024 · In this episode of "The Honest Agent," host Nathan McIntyre is joined by two of his longtime allies - Mike Haney of disaster recovery firm ServiceMaster Restore and Sarah Stevens of residential plumbing provider Paramount Plumbing. They detail navigating winter storm calls, from advising preparedness on social media to managing a surge of burst pipe repairs in the aftermath. Mike outlines how proactive customer outreach and policy guidance helps model accountability even through devastating claims like storm-shuttered businesses that leak 50k gallons. Sarah stresses the impact of compassionately advocating for vulnerable clients like the elderly gentleman without sewer access for a week. Though work ranges from frozen pipes to biohazard trauma cleaning, they focus on converting negatives to positives, like insurance claimants using funds to upgrade flooring. These local experts describe how community loyalty, work referrals, and conscientious service cultivate goodwill during inconvenient disasters. With deep ties between their companies to quickly provide end-to-end assistance, they emphasize relationship building as the foundation behind caring for Northwest Arkansas residents in their times of greatest need.
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  • Episode 2: Local Agents Drive Value Beyond Your Premium Payments

    18 FEB 2024 · Watch on YouTube: In this episode of "The Honest Agent" podcast, hosts Adam Robison and Nathan McIntyre discuss the advantages of using a local insurance agent versus a national call center. Nathan explains how local agents understand the nuances of regional policies, inspection requirements, available discounts, and claim processes. This enables them to proactively address issues and smooth workflows for clients. For example, Nathan shares how he has conducted on-site surveys when customers were traveling to meet strict deadlines and avoid cancellations. He also assists with mitigating risks like overhanging trees and clutter that could negatively impact insurability. Nathan emphasizes that money paid to local agencies circulates back into the community, supporting jobs, sponsorships, and more economic activity. The hosts also talk about striking a life balance during disruptions like the recent winter storm in Northwest Arkansas. Nathan details how his team coordinates to provide accountable, around-the-clock service despite personal challenges. He focuses on accessibility for customers and timely solutions, whether via office visit, email, or 24/7 cell phone availability. Overall, Nathan passionately conveys the personalized care local agents provide, as well as the economic ripple effects. He urges listeners to invest back in their region by partnering with trusted neighborhood professionals for insurance needs. #insurance, #localbusiness, #smallbusiness, #customerservice, #family, #community, #economicdevelopment, #jobs, #careers, #accessibility, #discounts, #policy, #inspection, #riskmanagement
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  • Episode 1: The Importance of Faith & Family in Business

    18 FEB 2024 · Watch on YouTube: In this inaugural episode of The Honest Agent podcast, host Adam Robison interviews Nathan McIntyre, owner of a Farmers Insurance agency in Northwest Arkansas. Nathan explains how building trusting relationships with clients often leads to unexpected business opportunities as friends become loyal customers. He describes his meteoric rise in the insurance industry, rapidly progressing from college graduate to protege to agency owner within a couple years and achieving major sales awards. Nathan credits his strong Christian faith and dedicating his office to prayer with propelling his success. He also shares how meeting his wife Carly serendipitously led him to discover insurance as a career. As The Honest Agent, Nathan is passionate about educating his community on all aspects of insurance to provide the best value. Upcoming podcasts will feature more insurance Q&As plus guests from various industries relevant to Nathan’s world.
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The insurance world is often complex and confusing. But it doesn't have to be! Join respected Farmers Insurance Agent Nathan McIntyre for straight talk about the coverages that really matter...

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The insurance world is often complex and confusing. But it doesn't have to be! Join respected Farmers Insurance Agent Nathan McIntyre for straight talk about the coverages that really matter in plain language even novice customers can appreciate.On The Honest Agent, Nathan breaks down insurance fundamentals while sharing real stories from his everyday work assisting families and businesses. With over a decade of experience spanning customer service, risk analysis and agency ownership, he's seen it all! Listen as Nathan boils down complicated policies into understandable basics - no jargon allowed.This behind-the-scenes look at the insurance industry provides hard-won insider tips for getting the maximum coverage while avoiding unnecessary extras. The Honest Agent delivers candid insurance wisdom you can actually apply from an expert focused on community education, not sales quotas. Let Nathan become an invaluable advisor you feel good about trusting whenever risk management needs arise!
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