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  • The Power of Community with Jared Robin

    29 MAY 2024 · - [00:01:00] Jared's Journey from sales to building a thriving community of 45,000 revenue professionals and how community saved his life. - [00:10:00] What makes for a successful B2B community and when companies should think of creating one - [00:14:00] The Collab: Jared’s New Initiative - a newsletter and community for collaborative growth. How Collab connects creatives, founders and fractionals with founders. - [00:22:00] Challenges and Misconceptions in Community Building - [00:32:00] Audience building as the new go-to-market Links - Book recommendation: By Michael Brown - Join the to connect with like-minded professionals. - Subscribe to the for insights on collaborative growth. - Follow for more updates and advice on community building.
    44m 47s
  • From Music to Mission: Annu Nieminen on reimagining impact measurement

    21 FEB 2024 · [2:15] From Classical Music to Tech Startup - Anu discusses her transition from a classical musician to founding a technology company, highlighting the unexpected path from arts to entrepreneurship. [12:25] Understanding the Upright Project's Impact Model - A deeper dive into how the Upright Project measures the net impact of companies, using tangible examples to illustrate their methodology. [23:05] Brand Building in the Sustainability Space - Anu shares her thoughts on the intricacies of brand building within the sustainability industry and how it differs from other sectors. [29:52] The Decision to Operate as a For-Profit Initiative - Anu explains the rationale behind choosing a for-profit model for the Upright Project, emphasizing the need for practical impact over academic pursuits.. [35:49] Personal Insights: Books, Cities, and Productivity Tips - Anita's rapid-fire round with Anu, uncovering personal preferences and sources of inspiration. Links recommendation:
    39m 42s
  • From Operator to VC Scout; Biggest Mistakes Founders Make in Marketing with Maya Moufarek.

    5 JAN 2024 · 2:16 - Path from operator to angel investor to Atomico scout 19:09 - Advice on early stage marketing - Marketing focus by stage of growth - How do you balance performance marketing and brand/organic marketing? - How do you balance the marketing for end-users vs decision makers? - Common mistakes 80% of founders make - working as siloed teams Resource for angel investing - - - Book recommendation:
    49m 5s
  • How One Startup Built a Multi-million Euro Business with No Code Solutions - Guerson Meyer, co-founder of Sophiq Properties

    29 NOV 2023 · Guerson Meyer, Co-Founder & Technology Officer of Sophiq Properties, a PropTech company talks about how he uses no-code solutions at Sophiq Properties to locate, evaluate and validate properties in real-time, adapting to the needs of each investment.  In 2023 alone,  they will complete 16 operations totalling 30 million euros. Hear in detail what no-code tools he used to build his core business.
    48m 2s
  • On Usage-based Pricing and How to Run a Successful Design Partner Program with Griffin Parry, co-founder m3ter

    5 OCT 2023 · Why all SaaS companies should implement usage-based pricing and How to run a successful design partner program with your customers to build your early MVP
    43m 30s
  • Zero to $11m Series A with - Practical Advice on ICP, PMF, Fundraising and Building Culture.

    23 AUG 2023 · - [1:49] - Why not having domain expertise can sometimes help entrepreneurs - [5:45] - Defining your ICP - [8:31] - Determining your MVP - [13:06] - Funding your seed and lessons learnt from raising too early. - [22:48] - GTM - [30:11] - Building a team and culture; it starts first with language. - [40:20] - Culture first hiring tips
    47m 29s
  • From Serial Entrepreneur to Angel Investor to CIO of Estonia: Taavi Kotka Shares his Entrepreneurial Insights

    22 JUN 2023 · [2:16] - 20 years and starting a company in Estonia[5:08] - Angel investing and what to look for?[10:01] - First CIO of Estonia[16:59] - Koos - what is it and why is it important[29:04] - Advice for other entrepreneurs[31:35] - ChatGPT and the future[33:09] - HK Unicorn squad and Links Sponsors:
    41m 31s
  • Building a Unicorn in Crisis with Hristo Borisov, Cofounder of Payhawk

    22 MAR 2023 · [2:00] - How the SVB crisis unfolded at Payhawk[6:23] - The 3 most important ingredients for building a successful unicorn[16:19] - Validating your company idea[18:19] - 60 rejections. How Payhawk overcame the biggest objection from VCs[28:35] - Leading through crisis[31:54] - Competition - Use data not marketing to assess competition[36:18] - Trends in Fintech: the payment gap Company link: Book recommendation: Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Boat Race
    41m 22s
  • Why Investing in Emerging Markets Makes Sense Now - Alisee de Tonnac, co-founder of Seedstars

    2 MAR 2023 · [2:24] - Journey to starting Seedstars[5:31] - Investing and not being local[10:27] - Seedstars programs[13:28] - Investor returns from emerging markets[19:06] - Challenges[25:12] - Advice for entrepreneurs [27:16] - Advice for investors Links Book:
    32m 14s
  • When *Not* To Go for VC Funding with Alex Axentiev, Co-Founder of HedgeFlows

    25 JAN 2023 · [3:16] - Hedgeflows: Managing risk and automating payment runs for SMEs [9:51] - Advice for finding early product market fit[16:39] - How to attract talent in early stages without brand or VC backing[19:07] - Knowing your investor’s incentives Links: Books: by Bill Aulet
    24m 52s

To inspire technology entrepreneurs in Europe with stories and practical strategies from other successful entrepreneurs. If you are a CEO, founder, or work in sales or marketing, and your company...

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To inspire technology entrepreneurs in Europe with stories and practical strategies from other successful entrepreneurs.

If you are a CEO, founder, or work in sales or marketing, and your company is based in Europe or is looking to expand into Europe, then this podcast is for you.
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