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  • Bitcoin's Million-Dollar Surge, Worldcoin's Eye-Scan Offer, and USDX Launch on Flare: Cryptocurrency Spotlight

    25 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast is your daily update on cryptocurrency news. In this episode, we discuss a bold prediction for Bitcoin's potential value, reaching as high as one million dollars within the next year and a half. We also take a critical look at Worldcoin's recent offer of free cryptocurrency in return for an eye scan, raising concerns about privacy and data security. The next segment reviews indications of an impending bull run for Bitcoin and Ethereum, driven by growing institutional interest and widespread adoption, though we remind listeners of the ever-present volatility in the market. Finally, we explore the launch of a new stablecoin, USDX, on the Oracle Blockchain Flare, marking a significant intersection between traditional finance and emerging digital assets.
    2m 55s
  • Nvidia's Earnings Surge and Crypto Volatility: Impact on, Render, and Bitcoin, with Updates on FIT21 Bill and Telegram's Stars Laun

    25 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast delivers concise and informative updates on the latest trends, news and analysis in the realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.  In this episode, discover how Nvidia's Q1 earnings report is influencing the behavior of AI-related cryptocurrencies, with a specially intriguing focus on the mysterious transfer of Render. We will also explore the fundraising success of the new meemcoin, WienerAI.  We also dissect important legislative news as the U.S. House of Representatives passes the FIT21 Crypto Bill, a significant milestone signaling a forward-looking approach towards clearer cryptocurrency regulations. See how this development might shape the future of cryptocurrency in the United States. Stay tuned as we discuss the unpredictable nature of the crypto market, using Bitcoin's recent plunge as a case study to examine the ripple effect on meemcoins and the market at large.  Finally, we delve into the recent announcement of Telegram's new digital currency, Stars, adding to the growing trend of social platforms leveraging blockchain technology. Subscribe to the Crypto Currently Podcast for these daily crypto news updates and more.
    3m 32s
  • Cryptocurrency Moves in Trump's Campaign and World Markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Clearpool's USDX, and Tron DAO

    22 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast provides cutting-edge news on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, presenting noteworthy stories from the ecosystem worldwide. In this episode, we discuss Donald Trump's 2024 campaign accepting cryptocurrency donations, presenting a significant shift in political attitudes towards crypto. Furthermore, we cover Bitcoin's recent surge to over seventy thousand dollars following optimism around Ethereum ETFs along with the potential of Bitcoin reaching eighty-eight thousand dollars soon. We'll also highlight a new stablecoin, USDX, launched by Clearpool on the Flare Network, aimed at enhancing liquidity and optimizing transaction efficiency. Finally, we delve into comprehensive analysis showing Ethereum as the highest weekly revenue earner, with the Tron blockchain securing the most active users and the highest network fees. Stay tuned with the Crypto Currently Podcast for your daily dose of everything crypto.
    4m 5s
  • Ethereum ETF Sparks Rally, Crypto Political Donations, and XRP Whale Watch: Unpacking Today's Crypto Moves

    22 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast equips audiences with the latest cryptocurrency news and information. Recent topics include the major rally in the cryptocurrency market sparked by the anticipation of Ethereum's first spot ETF, the surge in political spending by crypto companies, and the strategic acquisition of over 300 million tokens by XRP whales. The podcast also covers the $300 Million inflow to crypto exchanges after Ether's rapid rally and the growing trend of political campaign financing towards digital currencies, exemplified by Donald Trump's acceptance of crypto donations. Tune in daily to stay up-to-date with vital and exciting developments in the crypto space.
    3m 54s
  • "Venture Capital Fuels Crypto Boom, Brazil's New Crypto Plans, Grayscale's Leadership Transition and Venezuela's Bitcoin Crackdown"

    21 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Crypto Currently Podcast, we explore the booming venture capital investment in the world of cryptocurrency, dominated by a growing acceptance of blockchain technologies and diversification towards digital assets. We turn our attention to Brazil's new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, signifying an important move in the budding global crypto landscape. We unpack the leadership transition at Grayscale, with industry veteran Hugh Ross taking over and we delve into Venezuela's harsh crackdown on Bitcoin miners, exposing a concerning double standard in the country's approach to cryptocurrency. Tune in for these stories and more on the Crypto Currently Podcast!
    3m 24s
  • "Bitcoin's Leap, Coinbase's Australian Venture, and Venezuela's Crypto Shutdown: Crypto Currently Podcast"

    19 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast offers daily updates on cryptocurrency news, focusing this episode on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin forecasts in the meemoins market. The episode also discusses possible growth in the altcoins market post-Bitcoin halving and introduces a new aggregator platform on the Blast blockchain, CYBRO. Australian digital asset trends are examined following Coinbase's announcement about tailored crypto offerings for the Australian pension market. Lastly, the episode tackles Venezuela's situation on crypto mining operations amidst alleged corruption and increasing power failures.
    3m 34s
  • "SEC Targets Ripple, AI Altcoins Rise, and Crucial Crypto Regulations Shaping Up in the U.S"

    18 MAY 2024 · Immerse yourself in the rich world of cryptocurrencies with the Crypto Currently Podcast. This episode features a deep dive into the SEC's scrutiny focus on Ripple's stablecoin, followed by predictions around Bitcoin's trajectory in the market and a glance at a newly emerging AI-based altcoin. Also, a fascinating report reveals US-based digital currency miners amassing a staggering total of 143,000 BTC last year, positioning the US as a vital player in the global crypto mining sphere. The shocking story around the crypto influencer TJ Stone's conviction on charges of wire fraud using crypto staking is also discussed. Lastly, the show uncovers the landscape-altering crypto vote faced by US lawmakers, as well as the anticipation around Bill H.R. 4763, intended for fostering industry regulation. Better regulation could encourage innovation and ensure future growth in the digital asset industry. Tune into the Crypto Currently Podcast for a daily update on fascinating events in the cryptocurrency world.
    3m 51s
  • "Altcoin Surge Predictions, Whales Accumulate XRP and Cardano, and Congress Overturns SEC Crypto Regulation"

    17 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast is a daily guide providing insights and warmth in the often complex, cold world of cryptocurrency. In today's episode, we discuss potential gains for altcoins like XRP, RNDR, OP and BLP if Bitcoin hits the predicted $70,000 ceiling, causing an effect known as 'alt season'. We delve into recent on-chain data revealing that crypto whales are buying substantial amounts of XRP and Cardano, indicating preparation for an anticipated altcoin rally. We also share sage advice from ex-Goldman Sachs executive and Real Vision founder, Pal, advising long-term investors to avoid selling based on price movements alone. Finally, we discuss the uncertain future of crypto regulation, as the U.S. Congress votes against the SEC's crypto regulation, a policy requiring businesses managing customer cryptocurrencies to include them in their balance sheets. Stay updated with the world of cryptocurrency by tuning in.
    3m 59s
  • "Scouting Credit Intermediation in Crypto Exchanges & Bitcoin's Market Lift: Vanguard's ETF Stance"

    16 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast is your one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrency. This episode dives into a dissection of the evolving crypto exchange landscape, highlighted at the Tradetech DigiAssets conference. Experts discuss the necessity for regulated custodians, improved prime brokerage services, and the crucial role of regulatory divergence in crypto market evolution. The podcast then transitions to a report on Bitcoin raising the cryptocurrency market out of a slump, asserting its immense influence over digital currencies. The episode also throws light on the controversial verdict surrounding Tornado Cash's security measure which threatens to compromise user anonymity, stirring a fierce debate about privacy and security in the crypto space. Lastly, the stand of Vanguard's new CEO, Tim Buckley, against Bitcoin ETFs is scrutinized. Despite the cryptocurrency hype, Buckley considers them more of a risk than a benefit, generating further discussion about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as long-term investment vehicles.
    3m 22s
  • "Crypto Chaos: Forgotten Passwords, Chinese Crackdowns, SEC Battles, and Insider Trading Suspicion"

    15 MAY 2024 · The Crypto Currently Podcast discusses the latest in cryptocurrency news including the spike in business for wallet recovery firms, a crackdown by Chinese law enforcement on a underground crypto banking ring, concerns voiced by Mark Cuban over the SEC's stance on cryptocurrencies and a massive win from a crypto trader. The growing trend of forgotten passwords or lost private keys has led to frantic attempts by Bitcoin owners to recover their digital fortunes. Meanwhile, in China, an effort has been made to cease illicit activities in the crypto world, with a massive underground banking ring being disbanded. Entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, however, is concerned about the SEC's strict policies on cryptocurrencies, potentially hindering the growth of the industry. Lastly, a significant profit from trading Pepe, a crypto-asset, has stirred questions about insider trading in the sector.
    3m 52s
The Crypto Currently Podcast is your daily A.I. digest for the latest cryptocurrency news and information.

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