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    20 MAY 2022 · gentlemen whats going on....this is the better man channel where we pursue individual sovereignty....were not afraid to go anywhere, provided it be forward.. those choosing to remain in the quicksand of comfort can have their comfortable misery we choose rather to explore life and its possibilities.,..asking ourselves what can i say YES to were not afraid to go anywhere.....provided it be FORWARD on a personal level , ive been in places where ive spun my wheels in place for so long that being stuck becomes the norm it becomes comfortable and why would i shoot for the stars when the mud is my home.... and more importantly how can i escape the gravity of mediocrity when i continue to chain myself to its targetless ambitions..... if you can call pursuing the assembly line of instant gratification an ambition "hey look at me...i spent three hours shopping online at amazon" im sooooo fucking great..... modern times has us foregoing the exploration of greatness, of possibility...of manhood exchange for the newest netflix series seriously think about many of us have scrolled through more bullshit in the past month than our fathers did in their whole life times....and what about THEIR fathers... the idea of going anywhere provided it be forward is lost to this generation... and yeah they'll go anywhere but its path leads right back to where they started... looking for more.... and theres not one damn person that doesnt want more....more money....more happiness more life.... the man struggling from paycheck to paycheck dreams of bettering his finances the broken hearted man, desperately wants a piece of happiness... the old and regretful man fighting for his last breath...wishes for one more day more is the inevitable thought that latches itself to the soul of every person one form or another we want more.... and in order to prevent ourselves from LOSING ourselves....that part that makes us unique and powerful men... we need to start exploring a new target outside of the outdated nonsense the world would have us aim for shooting for the white picket fence, and the 1.5 kids and an unhappy marriage with a mortgage is wasting many a mans ammo if I never aim for my own target...if i never shoot for my life...if I stay stuck in the mud then how much of a man am i we were created to expand and to reach for new and better levels... but the greatest basketball player in the world is useless if their are no basketball goals on his court and on the other hand, the worst basketball player has exponentially better odds to make a basket if he has a goal to shoot at i dont want to aim for targets that are not in my interest... like why the hell am i getting upset that i dont have a mansion in Beverly hills and who the hell taught me to shoot for this shit.... a target is the most important thing man can construct....because it will consume most of his time and energy we see the sheep tiring themselves into heart attacks and disappointment for targets that are not of their own making they slave themselves to death in hopes of another mans dream... its time we start thinking for ourselves and in finding our own thoughts we find the ability to build a worthy target....a damn good life worth aiming for we will go anywhere provided it is forward... that statement is powerful....and deserves a target to match love and respect gentlemen aim for something to be proud of you will hear from me next episode
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    18 MAY 2022 · gentlemen  whats going a world where we ask what is a woman and were left with people crawdadding into some tolerant snake hole of a woman is whatever you wish it her to be....or him....or they them and they're i find it not only imperative but dutiful...hell even responsible to lay out the groundwork for what a man IS..... and should be built upon first and foremost a man is fill with testosterone,,,a penis and balls..... and those were not surgically constructed by some nut job doctor.....( pun intended) these utensils of manhood were given by birth.....therefore giveing men access to his universal BIRTHRIGHT....that of masculinity SEE,,, man is not some crawling and spineless afterthought of some post feminists ideology man is equal to nothing therefore he is man....and there are definitely some inborn and natural qualities that he and he alone can carry... and just because a man is cool as shit and has been admired for his courage, bravery, adventure, physicality, and skilled logic since time immemorial doesn't mean that everyone can be a balls and penis are the first requirement.......from birth lia... from childhood that boy that plays king of the mountain and dreams of the daring attempts to rescue people from a burning building or turns on the imagined sirens and has a high speed chase with the ruthless bank robbers ending in a back alley shootout to the kid climbing to the top of the tree just because he was dared the path to manhood starts with something even bigger than self... its genesis lies in the heart of seeing the impossible.......... become possible that adventurous spirit that spearheads the challenge of life.... with the likes of alexander the great....julius caesar.....napoleon...and george washington even to the intellectuals that decided to conquer the intellect of philosophy from....marcus aurelius.....seneca...and my favorite nietzsche... man has the literal and figurative balls to go into the unknowns of life. he carries the physical strength to summit the mountainous giants of adversity man is king of the mountain because he has the authority to do so this king carries the honor and responsibility of a man in power.... to lead with dignity and integrity... a man doesn tlord over people with a tyrannical fist.... but he is intolerant of weakness and degenerate behavior a man stands for what is right....his code is for the protection and continuance of something sacred and beyond himself... that being a strong and progressing life....a legacy.... not built for self alone but for those that accept the honor of a strong life STRONG....thats the backbone of mans spirit.....physically strong... emotionally strong and intellectually strong.... man is a physical specimen .....and to never test or even approach what could be of a body that was born to be a badass machine is a shame....a regret unmatched a man is made to mold his body into something special, unique and set apart to be that statue of strength that women and children admire and respect... the ability to regulate emotions is mans does not allow emotions neither happiness, sadness or any in between to steer his ship... man recognizes that emotions are only stars in the sky enabling him to navigate his course to the shores of freedom... if it makes him happy and is conducive to growth and strength then he repeats similar actions if it makes him angry, bitter and depressed then he chooses not to follow those stars leading to rocky shores and to push his mental capacity to new heights of understanding he confesses that there is always more to learn a lifetime student of sustainable principles is mans profession ....a good man acknowledges he can always become a better man... he is strong, upright and adaptable in every facet oflife.... adaptable but not a leaf in the is willing to dig new channels of water but that channel is filled with the water of the one and only river... that river flowing with the water of mans highest code..... a code that hes not only willing to die for ......but more importantly live for... and there is the is created to is the ultimate destiny man lives to make his life his own....the hardships, adversities,giants and trolls under the bridge will ultimately bend their knees to man..... this is his conquer even what may seem unconquerable....even in death and leaves behind a spirit of courage that permeates the spirit of those men yet to be born those boys that are called to climb the highest tree and dream of the loftiest kingdom.... man dares to challenge himself to go a little farther into the darkness yet he carries a torch and an axe an axe to chop out a path for those brave enough to follow and a fiery torch so that the path becomes filled with light... and that can sum up man., is created to be a light.... a flame that guides towards strength and never away from it.... and he wields the weapons necessary to initiate the path of strength... a man is balls, backbone and brains.... he is never afraid to exhibit what makes him man.....and that is why in the end.....he is respected and revered man accepts the responsibility the weak want but are too fearful to possess.. love and respect gentlemen you are a man you will hear from me next episode
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    13 MAY 2022 · gentlemen whats going on.....the decisions you make today will shape your environment good decisions have good consequences and bad decisions have negative consequences .....and there in lies the key to life....consequences... i want you to think about some horrible and maybe irrational decisions you have made in the past you dated the whore and got spent all your money on some get rich quick scheme went to school for a degree in modern dance and are 100 k in debt... and jobless of course weve all made dumb ass deciions based on the itch we wanted scratched immediately .....and we never paid any thought to the future conseqhences.... and how they would come to kick our ass and strip away our hope again take a moment and contemplate the effects of some of your ignorant ass choices.... we live in an age that has wrapped us in a bubble of bullshit pleasure... we want it now, and so we base all of our choices on how it effects us now... i eat 3 big macs today because it feels good now i simp over 30 girls on social media cause it feels good now I spend all my money on useless guessed it....because it feels good now. we've been using decisions for instant gratification....instead of weighing the consequences and the true power of making a choice is to actually get you level the fuck up. but for some reason the modern world is throwing choices around like some drunk girl at a frat party and thats never gonna end me.... we remain stagnant because we choose to continue making quick and ill thought choices.... if a man keeps picking rotten fruit from the same damn tree then what the hell does he expect when diarrhea toilets his ass continually.... and thats where many of us feel trapped....and  stuck on the shitter of life without toilet paper and unable to move forward.... and so the key to unlock you from this dumb ass prision of immature decision making is to slow the fuck down......quit thinking with your dick...both figuratively and literally and ask yourself is the decision im about to make carried with the intelligence of a 10 year old....or does it bear the wisdom of a man that knows where he wants to be in 5 years patiently examining the consequences of your decisions carries the wisdom that many a man lack in currents times Most men are strapped into the matrix and its intoxicatring allure of PORNICOPIA.... everybody is selling us this bullshit dream that instant is lasting.....but its not... every damn decision alters your life....from the little to the big....your hidden superpower is the ability to make a choice and stick with it the rest of the world is running around making unintentional decisions.. choices that have no actual direction except immediate pleasure... and dont get me wronmg a 3 second orgams is fun....but basing my whole life around 3 seconds is very illogical and improsioning.... start being conscious of your choices,,,,and i promise you your life will take a giant leap towards being a badass man love and respect gentlemen your power is the ability to contemplate your decisions..... you will hear form me next episode
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    10 MAY 2022 · gentlemen whats going on...the realest shit...thats the aim... we want to drink from the holy grail of genuine badass to be that guy...that other guys look at and say yeah thats a real mother fucker. and i think we mature and find our placement in life.... ......begins seeking us out maybe even more so than we seek it.... we all crave to be a part of something and life too desires for us to find our role as well... imagine life itself wanting you to step up and accept your duties...those responsibilities dreams and aspirations specific to you.... but if your like me many times it seems as if im too late to the party. the door is closed and locked....the windows are caged over and the music is an indecipherable noise.... iVE often felt left out or too damn if im JUSSSTTT missing the fucking close.... and they say even a broken clock is right twice a day....and the thing with the modern man is hes just a wound up clock for someone else's timing. theres absolutely nothing genuine or real about being another mans time keeper. and what i mean is that were watching a clock that tells the time for someone else so no wonder were always late for our OWN success and before we know it the time runs out and life is over.... the wrist watch on many a man has him scheduled for a 50 hour work week 8 hours of watching tik tok 10 hours of chasing some skank on tinder .......and 4 hours of mastabatory pleasure...figuratively or literally and so the question becomes what time is YOUR time... how much time is alloted for you to get to know strip away the bullshit and find some authenticity....a damn shadow at least of what could be if you'd start telling your own time... we get so caught up and ensnared in the timing of another mans dreams that we start believing these lies and deceptions to be our own truths.... and lies are the enemy of authenticity.....we fuckign stack up all this bullshit in the name of happiness or peace or plain out looking good for the next guy... that we lose time and focus on who the hell we really want to be theres 1,000s of men out there wearing a slaves watch around there neck that has them anchored to a pool of stinking and infested feces... its time to introduce yourself to self.....because when we start believing in who we are.... we will never have to buy into a lie again....when im comfortable and confident in my direction why would i ever lie to myself again or worse....accept other peoples lies.... a man with no belief and backbone in who he is will always be subject to another telling him....."well its time to chase after this new shiny object... fuck you....I AM the shiny object and im drinking the holy grail of self belief... love and respect gentlemen you are the truth and that shit is authentic you will hear from me next episod
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    9 MAY 2022 · gentlemen whats going what is man  we look in the mirror and we automatically paint the picture of what were supposed to measure up were supposed to look, how were supposed to act what were supposed to many of us have been there....we find ourselves locked into the eyes of some never ending abyss... as if im going to find my self in that shallow pit of hell the world wallows in... and you know of the bullshit veneer that im talking about... how many matches on tinder did i much money am i making compared to that guy my house is too fucking small compared to the neighbors.....shit i need bigger biceps so forth and so forth.... and we lose ourselves in the maze of life by demanding and directing ourselves into its lunacy how fuckign stressful and vicious is that circle of comparison.... the constant warfare ....up here....of measuring up to a standard i subjectively care two shits for... on a individual level we know the system is fucked....the narrative sold to men is warped and malignant.... a very terminal cancer of slavery...AT BEST..... we we forego the subjective power of sovereignty for the collective pressure of fitting in seriously...thats many a mans hope.... his prayer tossed in the tumultuous wind.... fitting in with the fuckign crowd.... but last i checked the recent steps of the crowd are dangerously misleading and sure as hell not congruent and in line with masculinity. or sustainability and thats the headspace i am in right now.... what does being a man mean in its most stripped down and authentic core.. and i absolutely believe its 100% about strength.....both physically and emotionally on the physical side the average man is unequivically stronger than the opposite sex. and this biological and intrinsic nature cant be are physically stronger and for a man to neglect this is to refuse a part of what makes him man... i should be pushing myself in the physical realm...i should be shaping my body THUS MY LIFE into something im proud of... not being able to see my dick when pissing is nothing to be proud of and damn sure extinguishes any pride in self. our body truly is a reflection of our will to power over troubling times... if a man cant will himself to get off the couch or put down the much power can he truly have over self.... physical strength and power of the body is to man as oxygen is to breathing... and at the core of what makes man and separates him from other animals is his ability and potential to gather strength and more of it as life requires.... and we all know life demands we be emotionally strong or the train of life's harshness will continually cut us down as it tracks across our path its the straightforward logic and rationale of man that keeps him composed.... calm and steadied when the bullets of the enemy are shrapnel across his intentions.... so that when the curve balls of life are thrown, we dont shrink away but stand tall and hit for the fence and for me its the present day comparative narrative that induces a weakening of what should be mans resilient logic.......a reasoning that SHOULD be unbending... but if im continually running circles in my head in some form of emotional dance of anxiety how fuckign strong of  a mental state can i be in... the term LESS IS MORE is paramount in the space of emotional strength.. less comparison....less thinking....even less doing and by doing i dont men resign yourself from action....but cancel the shit that is a waste of time you know the shit you're doing just to meet the status quo... were men so fuck the status quo....BELIEVE ME were tryign to escape the box, not make it bigger and stronger.... So emotional strength largely depends upon a mans maturity....and I truly believe its that simple... do you know whats important and how that importance aligns with your direction because an immature man will place the value of temporary over the strength of sustainability... the capacity to hold your thoughts..your reasoning and render them effective is what makes man man..... this super power of logic and directed understanding of emotions begins with owning your headspace... we dont let strangers, fools and debauchery into our actual homes....and so how much more important is it that we secure our minds... a man is physically strong and takes pride in his body ....his temple a man is logically sound and stands guard over every thought allowed in. everybody is running as fast as they can to get right back where they started emotional iqs are descending into child like confusion and physical strength is seen as unnecessary and toxic lets be the enemy of weakness.... love and respect gentlemen you are a man and strength is your requirement you will hear from me next episode
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    6 MAY 2022 · gentlemen what's going on....serious question here.... does life ignite within you a fiery vigor to stand up with chest out, chin up and a will to enjoy all things.... to be that fucking man that says yes to life with a grin on his face or does the happening of life's hopscotch randomness prompt you to grab a bottle of bourbon and plop into the dark corner of your existence... and we often can i have a fiery vigor..... for a life that constantly throws salt onto my fresh wounds... you know the type of wounds...the open lesion from the death of a loved one the gaping tear in my heart from the skank that ripped it out with no apology...of course not and the deep puncture of a life that seemingly is just not on my fuckign side and so we've paraded through the dark forest of life's bullshit and thank god we clumsily and hell maybe even luckily stumbled out of its hold and were better for itr....we seriously recognize we have more wisdom we know some things about some things now But are we grateful or are we bitter and pissed.... i know some guys that have more wisdom in one experience than i have in all of my experiences combined but they refuse to utilize that wisdom in an enjoyable manner they instead relegate themselves into a bitter and even resentful attitude and for me the arm chair quaterback....the keyboard ninja.....the comment section nazi they all have some wisdom largely from personal experience i supposed...hell maybe they just read a book,,,,but they use big words and correct punctuation so im a believer but these guys are not living....or not enjoying life....or i dont presume i mean i'm personally tired of living a life that only sees the flaws....the wrinkles... the errors like an ex-gf of mine that always pointed out how wrinkled my shirt was....or told me yes you look nice but that cologne stinks... like bitch you bought me the cologne.... so i'm realizing that wisdom offers me the ability to to enjoy life it through experiences...that teaches me what's important......its like the old man in a rocking chair....dude is smiling at children playing and birds chirping he laughs at his own jokes......and why the hell is he so happy we ask because the man has came out the other side of life's forrest and knows that gratitude and joy is a requirement for meaning i could possess all the wisdom in the world but if i never learn the beauty of laughing and joy.........have i really lived......have i really conquered anything everybody goes into the forest of knowledge....but many return gloomy and bitter for me its time to enjoy life with the wisdom that nothing is promised the relationship could end, the loved one WILL die, somethings just dont work out and these things no longer make me ANGRY...,,,,instead they make me wise and prepared and IN that i can somehow manage to smile.... love and respect gentlemen its okay to smile for no reason you will hear from me next episode
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    4 MAY 2022 · gentlemen what's goin on...have you ever looked at the world around you and noticed that people are  about as deep as a single raindrop.... one drop....that shits just leaves me sticky....leaves me thirsty it leaves me pissed off....GIVE ME MORE but the new standard and the norm  for most men is to put on some swimming shorts and go nose dive into that shallow mud pit of average and instant gratification think of it like this....i say hey man you wanna go swimming....and you say sure im down and i tell you theres a spot just up the road....its kinda dirty and overcrowded overpriced and smells like PISS, but its EASY to get to but theres this place that very few people know about....water is the bluest blue ever just refreshing..... scenery is just fucking aweesoem ...BBBUUUTTTT its a three hour drive and then a two hour hike to get there dudes gonna most likely choose the pool of piss over the pool of power and thats where were at....eventually the smell of piss just becomes the new fragrance everybdoys been wearing it for so long its hard to tell the difference between the SCENT of greatness and the odor of shit... and so i want you to think of yourself as this pool of water... on the surface your life looks like everyone else's.... storms are raging, the waters are moving...and you endure the same hardships as everyone else.,....thats fuckign life but men have this depth....this unmovable depth within them.... while the SURFACE may be crashing with the waves of chaos ....theres this deepness and calmness that is boundless this deepness offers you the route to you highest potential see the majority of world is up on the surface SURFING with their problems trying to avoid the sharks and bandaging up their bites while you're harnessing something deep kind of develop this uncanny disposition that realizes the problems of life are actually the wind in your sails you ever been in deep can be the thought that something unknown is below you....whaT monster lies beneath the depth of my ocean.... and there is  a monster...a mother fucking beast at the core of who we are but weve been swimming in piss for so long that the only monster were scared of' is freedom itself and what i mean is that we've grown so accustomed to being average and just getting by that the greatness at the center of our being has mistakenly been mislabeled a monster when in reality...deep within you is the pirate ship setting sail to something beyond the pools of piss to be a below average man sucks....and to swim in the idea ...that all there is are pools of mediocre is a huge injustice to what you could be... i dont give a fuck about societies standards or norms..... lets tear down the walls of mediocre standards and burn up the books of bullshit lets grab our balls spray ourselves with the manly musk of more .....and conquer the depths of ourselves theres is an unexplored ocean.....and by god there is a monster waiting to surface love and respect gentlemen go find your monster you will here from me next ep
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    3 MAY 2022 · gentlemen what's going on....he went to jareds....bah dah bah bump bump i'm loving it these commercials with the viagra, the insurance and the white picket fences aim to create a mythical world that allures then enslaves.... we've all been sold a deceptive idea,,,hoodwinked into buying ourselves into some form of debt Maybe it comes packaged in the form of a relationship...or you open up your life gift and find that its a suffocating cubicle next to 100 other wheel spinning mice.... and for some reason and one that often eludes the unsuspecting man .......we keep opening these something new is gonna pop out... but inevitably these gifts are the proverbial sweater that great grandma sends through the mail each christmas.... or if your like me a fucking globe.... yeah one christmas the cousins were getting hats, footballs and nfl jerseys while i got the earth spinning on a stick.... and so like grandma the world keeps selling us the new standard....they wrap up their agenda and sell it to us in the name of keeping up with the jones the elite are the producers and the sheep are the consumers now let me ask you the innate nature of man called to fall in line and buy the next shiny diamond for the unshining and ungrateful woman....... and work himself to death for the will of another mans dream and the answer is HELL NO.... but the word WILL is what i want to expound upon here see the producers have a WILL/ a desire/ a motive to create something that locks you down, and secures your devoted following they produce new shiny objects and we've been taught to ignorantly follow like a dog chasing his tail HOW EXCITED  we are to be in debt for a new car.....a new home....a new wife... and when in moderation and with consideration and within your means... THESE things can be pursued and are not inherently bad... but a man should always ask himself and with serious contemplation.....why am i chasing this am i the dog chasing my tail......pursuing something that will always be out of my grasp let me put this in the simplest terms the world consists of producers and consumers the producers have power and the consumers are controlled and the nature of man is to create,,,,and ultimately to create HIS produce his existence a life that doesn't follow the new and misleading trends of society man is to get lost in his dance ,his unending flow..... you know that zone of determination where everything else fades when we lose time in our hobby, our passion....hours go by and we fail to notice because we are in the damn man zone.... but the world loves to disrupt any free thinking and foot tapping of man to his own song because a free man is a hard man to corral and control this man does not surrender to the will of any other.....but produces his own will he burns up the packaged sweaters of modernity and starts gift wrapping the will to create his own damn life... and what a beautiful fucking package that is to open... because this gift of man...this goes beyond any definitive rule it never states you have to be married by 30 to be a man it doesn't declare you have to have kids to be a man it never commands you to be less than and surrender your true character the gift of mans will power....invites him to be whoever the hell he wants to create and when a man gets lost in his zone,,,his flow,,,thats when his highest hopes are realized he stops chasing the dog tail of a meaningless rat race....and begins pursuing the more of life lets remove ourselves from the graves of broken boens and dreams of slavery lets stop up our ears from the sirens of chasing the new bullshit and start humming our own tune nietzsche said...."yea something invulnerable..unburiable is with me. something that would rend rocks is called my WILL your will power is the fuckign snowball racing down hill... its time we quit pushing someone elses rock uphill and let our power start rolling downwards with a tremendous force but here's the order for there to be a resurrection there must be a grave if you want the new man of will power to rise you must first put to death the slave chained to consumerrism and dependence love and respect gentlemen you are a creator and producer you will hear from me next episode
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    28 APR 2022 · gentlemen what's going on....imaging penny wise from the movie it.... is standing in a dark alley in the middle of a pitch black night red balloon just floating in the breeze ....and he's got this shit eating grin are you going to keep stepping and be about your business....or are you going to foolishly play games with something that will eat your ass alive RED FLAGS and not only in dating but for life in general are there for a very specific reason.... they are the banners over a hazardous situation...., a signpost that says////AVOID and I get it were men,,,our heartbeat sometimes pounds to the tune of danger. our nature is to live on the edge to push the conquer the conquests but theres a difference, a huge difference between being courageoulsy dangerous and ignorantly stupid... how many times has thinking with the dick,,,,made fools out of men  twisting them into a heap of regret so the idea here is to exchange temporary lust for a lasting return i have no desire to invest my time and resources on anything that's not gonna yield a high return men have spent hours on porn, cheap easy women, EXPENSIVE HARD women,this that ahhh blatanly put we have wasted countless fucking hours because we avoided the bigs ass waving red flag She has three kids under the age of four.....she smokes more weed than she can afford and her JOB........her damn job a social media influencer...... "BUT she looks so good in her assless chaps pics that she's sellin to every tom dick and harry simp out there get a grip man....grab hold of reality and quit seeing things the way you WANT them to be and start recognizing them for what they are and when we start noticing the red flags and the little shades of gray in our lives and those people around us.... that's when we can start carving away at the fat and see red flashing flags for what they offer we truly become that man with a chisel in hand.... you don't sculpt a badass life with a 1,000 red flags instead you take an unblemished stone and get to work.... and here's the deal that many an impatient man will never come to appreciate a good life is not one ready made...its like the sculptor with the stone one man only sees an ugly rock....he doesn't have the insight or patience to see what he can make out of the tough exterior he's too damn impatient to see what lies within that hunk of marble red flags are alluring, that's why we throw out any rational thought and let the blood in our penis guide us.... but if we could ever start walking through life with a noticing eye... a pause in our step....with a curious examination.... thats when red flags become our ally instead of our nemesis life is about decisions....your life is a collection of decisions made or decisions not made to live courageously dangerous and take needed risks is mans duty...thats how we survive and progress but to ignorantly walk into a landmine that has flashing warning signs over it is not courageous....its not even dangerous ITS PLAIN FUCKING stupoid love and respect gentlemen that penny wise is a scary mother fucker you will hear from me next episode
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Our thoughts create our environment, if we want a better life, we must have better thoughts. This podcast is motivated to inspire the highest and most epic bad ass thoughts...

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Our thoughts create our environment, if we want a better life, we must have better thoughts. This podcast is motivated to inspire the highest and most epic bad ass thoughts possible. We want all people to live, enjoy, and experience the greatest life possible and we must enable higher and healthy thinking to achieve this. A sovereign man is a powerful man. We as men must be autonomous and upright. We choose to be strong and directional in our thinking and actions. We believe in the necessity of tradition and sacredness. Our aim is power, wealth, health, and mastery.
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