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SELF with Lisa Clarke

  • S6 E2 - Five Lifestyle Changes For Positive Mental Health

    21 APR 2024 · Our mental health matters. You matter. There is a little bit of story telling in todays episode, which I hope you can perhaps draw some paralles on in your own life. Join me as I share five lifestyle changes that promote positive mental health - achievable changes that you are able to implement today. Connect :
    44m 11s
  • S6 E1 - The Catch Up

    7 APR 2024 · Stepping into our sixth season together, I feel we are due for a catch up. So much has changed in my world in the past 2 years, and this catch up is important, because its wise to know and understand the person or thing that gives you any information.  SELF podcast listeners - I am ready for you. Serving you vunerability, honesty, humour and as always - heart.  In this episode we cover; - My mental health journey  - Doing less in the wellness world  - What's next for Lisa..... - Season 6 and what to expect Thanks for being here! If you want to connect else where you can find me below. IG: Email:
    26m 32s
  • S5 E15 - Caring For The Four Bodies

    15 OCT 2023 · Last episode of Season 5! Thank you for joining me here for this wonderfully full season of education, inspiration and hope. Today we are discussing the four bodies within each of us and how we can strive to find harmony within them. I have found connecting consciously with my four bodies really profound, and I hope there are helpful takeaways within todays episode that assist you in living at peace within your skin. - Find me website instagram email:
    48m 24s
  • S5 E14 - Having Faith, with Norma Freeman

    1 OCT 2023 · What a pleasure it is to introduce this weeks guest : Norma Freeman. If you have been in my life personally you are most likely to know of Norma, if not know her yourself. She is the Mother of my dear friend George, and is the sweetest and strongest human being I know. Listen in as we discuss; - Norma's journey of migrating from the Phillipines to Australia at age 29: Finding her community and keeping close connection to her culture. - Locating our intuition and learning how to trust it. - Appreciating the world, and moving slowly through it. - Norma's relationship with faith and how it has held her through her darkest hour. Thank you to Norma for joinging me and being so generous with your story. Enjoy, Lisa e : w :
    1h 10m 45s
  • S5 E13 - Celebrating Caesarean Birth

    17 SEP 2023 · Join me in this intimate solo episode as we discuss the revolving narrative of Caesarean birth, medicine, and the abundance of opinions that comes with this conversation. Find your connection to spirit again within this dialogue. An episode for everyone, but especially all birthing Mothers (past and future) and those that work within the sphere of supporting a birthing Mother. Also a wonderful episode for anyone who has strong opinions on how a birthing Mother should birth. FREE Connecting to body meditation available with this episode for Mothers who have given birth via Caesarean section (no matter how long ago). Celebrating you, celebrating us. Find it here: @selfwithlisaclarke
    33m 37s
  • S5 E12 - Liberation Through Creation, with Meredith Gaston Masnata

    3 SEP 2023 · Meredith is a bestselling author, artist, teacher and wellness coach celebrating mindful, joyous and spirited living. Exhibiting her artwork locally and abroad from a young age, Meredith graduated from The University of Sydney, majoring in Art History and Theory and Gender and Cultural Studies. We open our conversation with learning a little more about Meredith's journey to this present day - and the beautiful notion of her work very much finding her. We talk about her 12 books that she offers the world, and her process of how these books start as a seed - flourishing into a garden of inspiration for many. Then, we move into acknowledging, honouring and fostering our creative nature - and why this is so important. Lastly, we speak thoroughly and deeply on living more like ourselves, and acknowledging our creative spirits. Meredith shares her guidance on how we can move through the world as our unique selves and finding great peace and contentment in this, even when at times we temporarily stand alone. A conversation of understanding, hope, and magic. Enjoy, Lisa x Visit Meredith's website Explore Meredith's books Follow her on - IG : @selfwithlisaclarke
    1h 13m 27s
  • S5 E11 - Past Lives, with Bernie Ginnane

    20 AUG 2023 · Introducing this weeks guest : Bernie Ginnane. I have had the pleasure of knowing Bernie for over a year now. She has been a guiding light for me at such a pivotal time in my life. Bernie is a Registered & Qualified Counsellor and Spiritual Life Coach, a Certified Sound Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, a Reiki Master, Numerologist, Workshop Facilitator and Author. When I say she has changed my life - I mean this with every ounce. Her level of insight is like nothing I have experienced before, threaded with understanding, compassion and respect for not only myself, but all that live in both seen and unseen worlds. Enjoy this incredible episode. Lisa CONNECT WITH BERNIE: website - facebook - instagram - @selfwithlisaclarke
    1h 46m 39s
  • S5 E10 - Stress Management

    6 AUG 2023 · Join me in this solo episode as I share 5 achievable ways to manage stress in day to day life. Connect: Socials : @selfwithlisaclarke Email : Website :
    25m 31s
  • E5 E9 - Creating An Achievable and Consistant Self Care Practice, with Rachel Kelly

    24 JUL 2023 · Joining me on this weeks episode is Rachel Kelly. Conversation Points: - Finding clarity on what self care means for you - Understanding the different ways we can care for ourselves and learning our needs as we move through different seasons of life - Removing the performance in Yoga, and life in general Connect with Rachel on socials Visit her website
    53m 15s
  • S5 E8 - Doing Less, To Feel More

    9 JUL 2023 · SOLO Episode! Hello. Today we discuss the practice of doing far less, in order to feel more out of this life, ourselves and those around us. Visit my website Find me on Instagram
    21m 43s

Exploring the self in a considered & curious way. This podcast is made up of four seasons and 400+ episodes including bonus meditations + special guest conversations. Craving more? Explore...

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Exploring the self in a considered & curious way.
This podcast is made up of four seasons and 400+ episodes including bonus meditations + special guest conversations.

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