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  • Your Girly Guide To Spring Cleaning

    8 MAY 2024 · Get in girls - we're spring cleaning today!!! Hope this episode inspires you to spring clean your home, get organized for summer, and to prioritize self-care in the form of feeling fresh for spring!! <3 Follow me: Follow Girl Talk Pod:
    28m 44s
  • Female Entrepreneurship 101: How To Start A Clean Beauty Brand From Your Kitchen

    23 APR 2024 · Laura and Connie started Three Ships in 2017 from a humble apartment kitchen and only $4000 in savings. Frustrated with the greenwashed, overpriced, and overcomplicated skincare on the market, they set out to create the most effective natural beauty brand in the world. This is the inspiring story of how to start a clean beauty brand, finding confidence as female entrepreneurs, launging fast and adjusting as you go, raising capital, skincare, and the about the clean beauty industry! code TAYLORLOVE saves you 20% off on Three Ships beauty at checkout OR you can shop at Whole Foods in the US and Canada  Follow Three Ships: Follow Taylor: Taylor's Three Ships Beauty Favorites:
    54m 14s
  • Bestie Chats & Thriving As A Single Girl In Your 20's

    16 APR 2024 · Today we are having serious GIRL TALK!! One my girlfriends is on the show today to talk all things being single in your 20's, finding confidence after going through a breakup, leaving a relationship when nothing is "wrong" but your gut is telling you to move on, bravery, starting over in a new city, RED FLAGS from men on the dating apps, and how to find the confidence to pursue the life YOU want to be living.  Follow Maggie: Follow Me:
    1h 58s
  • Everything You Need To Know About Having A Period & The Female Cycle + Seed Cycling Benefits

    8 APR 2024 · Everything you need to know about having a period + the female cycle! Plus all things seed cycling for hormonal health & balance. In today's episode with Kate of Funk it Wellness, we discuss:  - Exploring the role of specific nutrients and lifestyle factors in supporting hormonal balance - Providing practical tips for incorporating hormone-friendly foods into daily meals - Breaking down each phase of the menstrual cycle and highlighting the associated hormonal changes  - Offering advice on adjusting daily based on the menstrual cycle phases - Discussing self-care practices to optimize overall cycle health - Addressing misconceptions about menstrual health and normalizing individual variations - Detailing the concept of seed cycling for hormonal balance - Sharing guidance on open communication about menstrual health within relationships - Highlighting the link between thyroid health and hormonal balance Follow Kate: Find Funk It Wellness & Try Seed Cycling: Follow Me:
    50m 20s
  • Life Updates & Marriage Chats With Dylan

    25 MAR 2024 · Our husband is today's podcast guest- @dylanjamesfilms! We are discussing creating your dream life, leaving a job you hate to pursue one you love, and doing a full 180 in your life. Dylan shares his story on how he's paid off nearly 150k in debt and all about his life-saving heart surery. How's he doing now? Entering our happiness era! Arvc, student loan debt, college debt, heart health, marriage, real life.  Follow Dylan: Follow Me:
    54m 5s
  • Living Seasonally & Seasonal Depression Help

    19 MAR 2024 · Today's solo episode is for all my girls living in states that still have months and months of dark skies and or rain/ snow! When we lived in Montana I would really struggle this time of year as other states were warming up but we still had dark skies. We discuss all my top tips for living seasonally and how to help seasonal depression in this episode.  Mental health, seasonal depression, wintertime, Montana, anxiety, anxiety tips, happy light  Follow me:
    28m 59s
  • Healing After Miscarriage & How To Build True Confidence

    11 MAR 2024 · Today's episode contains a trigger warning - we are discussing loss and miscarriage. Jordan Wessel is the founder and CEO of More Than Inc. and the host of the I Am More Than Podcast is an incredible light! She is also a red carpet host and model as well as former Miss AZ USA.  Jordan recently experienced the pain and loss of miscarriage so today she is opening up and sharing all that she learned and what she wish she knew before experiencing that kind of pain. She shares resources for women listening who might be experiencing similar.  In this episode we also discuss building true confience and where that comes from, the reality of body image in the modeling industry, and building a female empowerment company.  Follow Jordan: I Am More Than Podcast: Work with Jordan: Confidence Course: Here is the link to the podcast episode with questions for women to ask doctors on Jordan's Pod Follow Taylor:
    1h 3m 24s
  • Overcoming Fear & How To Cultivate A Healthy Mindset

    4 MAR 2024 · WHEW today's episode is a powerful one. We are speaking with Taylor Nardone Speaker, Breakthrough Coach & Performer- and absolute angel human. We dig into overcoming fear, self-love, and how to cultivate a positive mindset and live in alignment. If you are someone who struggles to believe in your dreams this episode is for you. Connect & work with Taylor: Follow me:
    38m 53s
  • Hot Girls Have Stomach Issues - How To Heal Your Gut

    25 FEB 2024 · We're chatting all things GUT HEALTH today with Bridgette of Gut Personal! Unfortunately it's a trend currently that hot girls have stomach issues... & we're digging into it today! How to heal your gut, where to start when dealing with gut issues, the importance of proper testing, why we need magnesium, why IBS is BS, the role that diet plays in a healthy gut, how to heal your skin, and so much more. Find Gut Personal Follow Bridgette Follow me how to heal your gut, gut health, stomach issues, parasite cleanses, IBS, sleepy girl mocktail, tarte cherry juice
    35m 43s
  • Creating Your Personal Brand In 2024

    20 FEB 2024 · Today we're chatting all things PERSONAL BRANDING! How to create your personal brand in 2024 and why it matters to create a personal brand in today's digital age no matter what industry you are looking pursue. If you ever want to chat more on this topic, my DM's are always open. Digital marketing, branding, creating a personal brand, social media marketing. Follow Me:
    31m 55s
Welcome to Girl Talk with Tay where we talk all things wellness, lifestyle, spiritual exploration, and the unfiltered life you don't always see on Instagram. @taylor_lovee

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