Genesis 1 (The Creation Account)

Apr 4, 2020 · 5m 53s
Genesis 1 (The Creation Account)
This is Genesis chapter 1 from the Septuagint translation of the Bible.

The creation account.
Tom Bradford

Tom Bradford

1 year ago

Hi Ginger, I apologize: First for not seeing this comment sooner and also because I had hidden the commentaries about the time when you were listening. I have re-activated the first ten or so in (Genesis) and some in Leviticus. I am going to build a website interface where people will be able choose to have (or not have) the commentaries enabled ( That will be activated in 2023.


2 years ago

I listened to the intro and 1st Chapter of Genesis. In the second episode you start of commenting on the answers to questions...but I didn't hear the questions yet in order to be prepared to answer them. In effect, I'm hearing the questions and answers at the same time. Whoa Nellie, I need the questions first so I can at least try to formulate an answer before you explain an answer. Why am I not hearing the questions at the end of the first reading? Annoying glitch?
Author Tom Bradford
Organization Tom Bradford

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