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  • America Off The Rails
    America Off The Rails
    Category: Politics
    80 Episodes 1,278 Plays
    America off the Rails is hosted by nationally syndicated talk show host Rick Robinson.

    Rick is a common every day man who never dreamed he would become any type of public figure. He uses logic and research to inform and entertain listeners everywhere. He grew up in a very liberal family and was often considered the odd ball, he has ... See More
  • An American Conservative's Exploration
    An American Conservative's Exploration
    Category: Culture
    42 Episodes 1,153 Plays
    An American Conservative's Exploration of the Inspired Word of God is a Means By Which Men, Women and Children of Faith come together to Study His Word.
  • At Odds
    At Odds
    Category: Politics
    23 Episodes 488 Plays
    Listen to At Odds

    Red State Talk Radio Talk Show of the Year - At Odds Show

    The hosts of At Odds would like to sincerely thank all of you who made this possible! Read more about the award here.

    Forget what you learned in school, never mind what your parents told you, disregard what your friends say. From now on the only people ... See More
  • Behind Enemy Lines
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Category: Politics
    31 Episodes 551 Plays
    Behind Enemy Lines is a national Award-Winning radio show / podcast broadcasting live out of the belly of the Democratic beast - "The People's Republic of" New York City that airs on WNJC 1360 AM - Philadelphia's Renaissance Station as part of the Conservative Commandos Radio Network! The show is also available on ... See More
  • Berserk Bobcat Saloon
    Berserk Bobcat Saloon
    Category: Politics
    6 Episodes 201 Plays
    Bill Martinez Live
    346 Episodes 5,558 Plays
  • Conservative Commandos
    Conservative Commandos
    Category: Politics
    102 Episodes 1,889 Plays
    For those who believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the freedom in which to express those core values, the Conservative Commandos Radio Show believes that any person who listens to talk radio should have a turn at expressing their opinions with open dialogue.

    A forum where individuals can ... See More
    Contending for Truth
    Category: Politics
    135 Episodes 3,862 Plays
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
  • Freedom Fest Broadcasting
    Freedom Fest Broadcasting
    Category: Current Events
    65 Episodes 3,777 Plays
    Live Shows and Interviews from Freedom Fest!
    JD and Stacey
    46 Episodes 775 Plays
  • Kari Donovan from RNC 2016 in Cleveland
    Kari Donovan from RNC 2016 in Cleveland
    Category: Politics
    0 Episodes 0 Plays
    SHR Media Contributor Kari Donovan reports live from RNC 2016.
  • Liberty First by KrisAnne Hall
    Liberty First by KrisAnne Hall
    Category: Politics
    233 Episodes 380 Plays
    Subscribe to KrisAnne Halls Liberty First podcast and join the growing number of people choosing to make the restoration of our country's liberties their personal responsibility. Get news, information & analysis you can use from one of the country's preeminent Constitutional attorneys and outspoken critic of tyranny in any ... See More
  • MoneyTalk with Melanie
    MoneyTalk with Melanie
    Category: Business
    19 Episodes 781 Plays
    MoneyTalk with Melanie will discuss a broad range of financial topics and how they affect urban communities. More than that, a rich discussion of current economic, legislative proposals and policies will take place in the context of "why" this information is relevant to urban communities and "what" we as members of ... See More
  • New Day Black and Red™
    New Day Black and Red™
    Category: Culture
    42 Episodes 1,394 Plays
    Outtakes and Bloopers and Such
    1 Episode 88 Plays
  • Reaver of Common Sense, w/Jersey Joe
    Reaver of Common Sense, w/Jersey Joe
    Category: Talk
    355 Episodes 8,174 Plays
    Jersey Joe trying to make Sense out of the Senseless. The kid from Jersey tells it how it is! Politics, History and a pile of Common Sense! Sit back and relax, as Jersey Joe brings you the facts and dispells the liberal machine
  • RFB Radio w/Kell Fritzi
    RFB Radio w/Kell Fritzi
    Category: Current Events
    367 Episodes 2,334 Plays
  • Sack Heads Radio Show
    Sack Heads Radio Show
    Category: News & Information
    331 Episodes 18,925 Plays
    Welcome to the Sack Heads Radio Show! Live from "The Silo" (unless you're listening to the podcast, then it was recorded live, but not actually get it). Each week we rip into politics, news and current events. Has the government gone too far? Are your rights being attacked? Out of control world leaders? We got ... See More
  • SHR MEDIA News Specials
    SHR MEDIA News Specials
    Category: News
    15 Episodes 1,074 Plays
    Special Reports, Breaking News and Live Broadcasts can all be found here!
  • Southern Sense Talk Radio
    Southern Sense Talk Radio
    Category: Politics
    489 Episodes 6,023 Plays
    Conservative talk and news with Annie Ubelis "The Radio Chick".

    Call in number during the LIVE broadcast is 917-889-3675
    We air LIVE on Tuesdays & Fridays 2pm - 4pm EDT

    **** FEATURED on
    Become a member at and get updates and more on our website.

    © Southern ... See More
  • South Side Mutt Show w/ Jersey Boys
    South Side Mutt Show w/ Jersey Boys
    35 Episodes 586 Plays
    Spaced Out Radio
    10 Episodes 415 Plays
    Stand for Truth Radio
    29 Episodes 461 Plays
    Join The Exceptional Conservative Network® at CPAC 2017

    Follow TECN® CPAC 2017
    February 22 - 25
    Broadcast Times
    Thursday 3 PM ET
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    Kenneth McClenton, The Exceptional Conservative Show®
    Debra Blair Fraser, The Exceptional Conservative Show®
    Ralph J. Chittam, Sr., The Right Guy with Rev. Ralph Chittams, ... See More
  • The Andrea Kaye Show
    The Andrea Kaye Show
    Category: Current Events
    33 Episodes 502 Plays
    Andrea Kaye is a TV and radio personality, on-camera spokesperson, print model, actor and producer.

    She is Host of “The Andrea Kaye Show” which broadcasts on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM PST on AM 1170 The Answer in San Diego, you can stream the station live, click here. You can listen to AM 1170 The Answer on iHeart Radio and TuneIn ... See More
  • The Brian Craig Show
    The Brian Craig Show
    555 Episodes 4,208 Plays
  • The Conservative Syndicate
    The Conservative Syndicate
    Category: Politics
    128 Episodes 1,590 Plays
    "THE CONSERVATIVE SYNDICATE" is an independently produced, politically INCORRECT Talk Show that has aired over several internet stations since 2007. Among our former homes we boast of (American Radio Network), TalkJockeys, MyCastLive, Orange County Talk Radio, BlogTalkRadio and CPR Worldwide Media. The show currently ... See More
    The Don Smith Show
    23 Episodes 460 Plays
  • The Edge of Liberty
    The Edge of Liberty
    Category: Current Events
    89 Episodes 5,959 Plays
    “The Edge of Liberty” airs on WNJC 1630 AM in Philadelphia, Monday Through Friday 12 pm Est, 9 am Pst. Hosted by Shaun Lewis of “Sack Heads Radio” and on Fridays by Dan Butcher, editor in chief of

    The show covers news, commentary and guests with a conservative approach that is the ANTI Main Stream. The chat ... See More
  • The Exceptional Conservative Show®
    The Exceptional Conservative Show®
    Category: Politics
    1,074 Episodes 19,012 Plays
    Urban Conservative Talk: "We are not ashamed of the Good News of Conservatism for Its the Power of Liberation First, to the Republican, and then, the Socialist."
  • The Freedom Friend Show
    The Freedom Friend Show
    Category: Culture
    0 Episodes 23 Plays
    The Freedom Friend Show Podcast is a discussion show about politics, economics, and kitchen table topics. Hosted by Michelle Liberman, whose very name means liberty, the show is about achieving real freedom in your life. She loves kittens and cherishes the Constitution. To access more info and shows, go to
    The Gavin Mitchell Show
    32 Episodes 485 Plays
    The Josh Bernstein Show
    37 Episodes 742 Plays
  • The Lid Radio Show
    The Lid Radio Show
    Category: Current Events
    68 Episodes 2,112 Plays
    Jeff Dunetz, editor of "The Lid", hosts a weekly hourly shows covering news, politics and current events!

    Listen live every Monday at 2 pm PST at
  • The Real Clear Israel
    The Real Clear Israel
    0 Episodes 0 Plays
    Leslie Ann Stoffel is a Pro-Israel, Counter Jihad activist and writer. Leslie has been published on various sites including The Geller Report, Politichicks, Jerusalem Post and Jihad Watch. She works in Donations & Community Relations for United With Israel and spends her time between Canada & Israel. Twitter, Instagram & ... See More
  • The Right Guy with Ralph J. Chittams, Sr
    The Teri O'Brien Show
    24 Episodes 455 Plays
  • The Unpleasant Blind Guy
    The Unpleasant Blind Guy
    Category: Current Events
    297 Episodes 6,261 Plays
    Calling himself a, 'Cold War Baby' Dave Milner continues a personal study of people, politics and trends that began in 1968. "The truth isn't always pleasant" best describes his no-B.S. style.
    The Vito and Vito Show
    37 Episodes 586 Plays
  • The Willie Lawson Show
    The Willie Lawson Show
    Category: Politics
    508 Episodes 1,580 Plays
    Welcome to the Willie Lawson Show! The Number One Urban Conservative Show on the Internet! The Willie Lawson Show offers a common sense community based approach to conservatism. Forget the rest you've found the best! Check Me Out on Your Smartphone!
  • The Wright Way with Shannon & Mike
    The Wright Way with Shannon & Mike
    Category: Entertainment
    57 Episodes 962 Plays
    Ready for a wake up? Then join Shannon & Mike every morning. Weekdays from 7-9am for all the good things you need to face the day. Listen live every morning for advice on health, love, family, or what's just fun to eat. Or if you just need a good laugh to start you off right. Shannon & Mike will give all you need to get you ... See More
  • Underground Professor
    Underground Professor
    Category: Politics
    350 Episodes 2,662 Plays
    2015 Schedule: Sunday’s 1800-2000 (6pm-8pm) central Tuesday's & Fridays 1800-2000 (6-8pm) central We are growing and by word of mouth only! Join my tens of listeners and find out what we are all about. We take the thought’s of the Founders & Framers, the Organic Guiding Documents of our Founding, & what we have learned ... See More
    Wake Up America Radio
    22 Episodes 423 Plays
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