Season 6 - Episode 10: An Artists' Trek

Season 6 - Episode 10: An Artists' Trek

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This week we’re chatting with creative Husband and Wife duo, Shawn and Maria Riley, about their creative work, the heart of helping people, and the importance of self-acceptance.

Together we create an impromptu story on Planet Parable, then venture off to Creation Comet, Can You Draw It, where we extend our season long quest to draw things from within the view of a telescope. Be sure to stick around for this week’s 3-2-1, Go! where we’re chatting about harvesting your authentic self.

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  1. 00:00
    Guests, Shawn & Maria Riley
  2. 02:11
    World of Lit
  3. 04:24
    Wandering Stars of the Week: The Riley's
  4. 57:02
    Ella Ambassador of the Week
  5. 58:32
    Planet Parable
  6. 66:38
    Creation Comet: Can You Draw It?
  7. 73:35
    3-2-1, Go!!
  8. 74:54
    Contact Shawn & Maria

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