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  • 12a Productions
    12a Productions
    Category: Entertainment
    2 Episodes
    1,495 68
    Two friends and a camera. Add comedy. Improv. A few more friends. Some awards. Podcast. Drama. Action. More comedy. Stir vigorously and you have 12a.
  • Arcade Bros
    Arcade Bros
    Category: Video Games
    4 Episodes
    1,469 80
    Steve-o, Raven and Matthew team up like Mario, Luigi, and Peach to bring you a new kind of Gaming Podcast… Arcade Bros!

    To join the game, drop your quarter in at, follow on Twitter @Arcade_Bros and ‘like’ at

    For more great shows, visit
  • Ballpark Bros
    Ballpark Bros
    40 Episodes
    81 16
  • Bar Room Heroes
    Bar Room Heroes
    59 Episodes
    46 4
  • Blast From The Podcast
    Blast From The Podcast
    Category: Comedy
    2 Episodes
    223 346
    The 80's produced us, and the 90's shaped us into the delinquent self-centered millennials we are today!! We love to bitch, we love to reminisce and we love everything 90's. So relax, turn off your Walkman and tune into our walk down memory lane with your hosts Jon Jon and Jo-nasty!!

    Welcome to Jon Jon and ... See More
  • Codename: Site Omega Cast
    Codename: Site Omega Cast
    Category: Movies
    1 Episode
    149 4
    The King of the Monsters, needs a mega podcast, Codename: Site Omega Cast. Join Steve-o and soon co host as we talk about Godzilla Movies, Cartoons, Comics, and even talk about other Monsters from many other films. Only on the Four Eyed Radio Network.
  • Crichton Cast
    Crichton Cast
    Category: Books
    13 Episodes
    9 28
    If you are reading this you must be a fan of Michael Crichton just as we are. Whether you love the science in his writing, the adventurous places it takes you or just fell in love with dinosaurs on the big screen we will have something for you. Every two weeks, in a mini-series format we will discuss a book of Michael Crichton’s which ... See More
  • Glitches Get Stitches
    Glitches Get Stitches
    Category: Video Games
    6 Episodes
    0 0
    Are you a nerd? Do you love video games? Does the sound of 2 overweight, middle-aged man voices really get you going? Then you’ll go ape shit for The 2GS Show: Glitches Get Stitches Podcast.

    We’ll hit on all the top gaming news and lore as well as dive so far deep into nerdom, you’ll be pulling your underwear out of your ass for ... See More
  • Life Is Shit
    Life Is Shit
    Category: Talk
    52 Episodes
    514 84
    Hello, and welcome to Life is Shit Podcast on the Four Eyed Radio Network. Join Patrick and Steve-o as they talk about life, Canada, Kung Fu, beer, and more
  • Noodle & Moo
    Noodle & Moo
    Category: Talk
    3 Episodes
    1,512 61
    Two gals from Arizona, sit down once a week and talk about pizza, guys, work, music, and sex.

    The Underground Railroad only on the Four Eyed Radio Network, check out more info at
  • Not Another B Horror Cast
    Not Another B Horror Cast
    Category: Movies
    34 Episodes
    411 31
    A weekly podcast on the Four Eyed Radio Network, we talk about Horror movies, and the history of where they came from and or started from.
  • Ranger Command Power Hour
    Ranger Command Power Hour
    Category: Television
    58 Episodes
    4,218 251
    It's time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @TheCinemaSlob as they talk all things #PowerRangers on Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR
  • Socially Awkward Studios
    Socially Awkward Studios
    Category: Comedy
    37 Episodes
    6,164 192
    Welcome to the Socially Awkward Studios!

    Every Friday, Eric, Stephen & Matthew broadcast LIVE to talk about movies, TV, gaming, comics, technology, pop-culture, current events, sports, music and more!

    Catch up with the SAS team on twitter @theSASquatchnet or follow the hosts, Eric @EricJDewey, Stephen @StephenMooneyJR & ... See More
  • Starfleet Escape Pod:A Star Trek Podcast
    Starfleet Escape Pod:A Star Trek Podcast
    Category: Talk
    15 Episodes
    1,821 133
    Your Hosts Aaron, Marty, and Eric talk about anything and everything Star Trek on the Four Eyed Radio Network.

    Listen on Stitcher Radio:

    Listen on iTunes:
  • The Long Box Cast
    The Long Box Cast
    Category: Comedy
    11 Episodes
    2,079 57
    Welcome to The Long Box Cast. A place for us to discuss comic books of all ages, types, genres, publications and everything comic related!
  • Think Critical: D&D Survival Guide
    Think Critical: D&D Survival Guide
    Category: Hobbies
    5 Episodes
    10 1
    Think Critical: Dungeons and Dragons Survival Guide is here to help you jump into this amazing hobby.

    Join our hosts, Simon, Josh, Laura, and Marina as they talk and study just what makes this game so great. From beginning the game all the way to advanced players and strategies, we cover it all.

    We're going on an adventure, ... See More
  • Victory Road - A Pokémon Podcast
    Victory Road - A Pokémon Podcast
    Category: Video Games
    32 Episodes
    62 13
    You've just entered the Victory Road. We are just two guys who love Pokemon. Join us as we discuss and geek out over news and anything Pokemon related in our lives.
  • Wassup Rocker Radio
    Wassup Rocker Radio
    Category: Music
    11 Episodes
    0 1
    I've always loved music. I've been a DJ since 2000 on a station out of Toledo. Left the station to go to college in Bowling Green, Ohio. I got involved at the radio station at BGSU. While in Toledo I did a hardcore and punk radio which I continued to do while at Bowling Green. After a couple years a switched to indie rock then ... See More
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