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Autumn Shirley

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  • Grace
    Category: Poetry
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    it is the simple
    caressing of my soul
    with your perfect love

    the calming of
    your secret embrace
    it guides me through
    these evil days

    thank you JESUS

    © 3 years ago, autumn shirley
  • MAsk
    Category: Spirituality
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    Deep behind the mask
    Look into your eyes,
    try to find the soul that loves back
    knows no lies.
    Deep behind the mask
    see the black with its tortured cries?

    fight for love
    fight for JESUS!
    fight for your soul
    take control

    deep behind the mask
    see all the broken
    see all the mysery
    see all the lies!

    Deep behind the mask ... See More
  • moma's cries
    moma's cries
    Category: Talk
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    moma's cries
    I remember seeing the bruises
    and hearing your cries

    i Remember all the lies

    Good day sir, how are you?
    with a fake smile
    held together by eye shadow

    Good day miss, how are you?
    trying not to move to fast
    (swaying in pain)
    Frightened and Discouraged

    I am good sir
    you say
    secretly dying each day. ... See More
  • Savior
    Category: Talk
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    the soul mourns on
    the cries get strong
    the emptiness tries to take hold
    the coldness tries to be bold
    and in this moment
    at which the hollowness
    tries to overcome
    Heavenly father
    the Lords son

    gently lifts your broken heart
    and guides you to the light
    he listens as you cry
    keeping the evil away

    it is JESUS ... See More
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