Blaze and Melfunsky Wrestling Podcast #143

Explicit Blaze and Melfunsky Wrestling Podcast #143

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We talk about the "awesome" state of #WWE weekly TV and how we are looking forward to the awesome #WWE #WomensEvolution and #CrownJewel Pay Per Views. We also talk about how prestigious the #WWEWorldCup is going to be. What a "great time" it is to be a #WWEUniverseFan and grateful for the awesomeness we have. Thank you #Bellas and #StephanieMcMahon for the awesome #WomensWrestling right now!!!


  1. 00:01
    Punk Corner 2
  2. 00:19
  3. 01:12
  4. 01:53
    Blaze and Melfunsky Final
  5. 04:12
    Blue Oyster BarMusic Loop 12 Minutes
  6. 04:49
    TROMBONE SAD, FAILURESound EffectFree Download

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