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World War II Chronicles

  • Episode 195: A Better World Emerges

    26 AUG 2020 · General Douglas MacArthur aboard his military ship, the USS Missouri sits down the Japanese in Tokyo Bay as they sign the surrender. He later goes on to give a speech that is based on the idea that the future is now filled with hope and that people can live in peace.
    3m 39s
  • Episode 194: The End of WWII

    19 AUG 2020 · President Truman put out an announcement that the United States had officially received the unconditional surrender of Japan. As many people throughout the world celebrated that WWII was over, the Japanese Emperor spoke out for the first time about their tragic loss.
    3m 56s
  • Episode 193: The Final Doom of Japan

    12 AUG 2020 · By the beginning of August The Big Three had settled on what would happen to Japan if they did not head President Trumans warning and surrender. After the Japanese did not stand down, two atomic bombs were dropped killing a devastating number of Japanese people.
    3m 58s
  • Episode 192: General Douglas MacArthur

    5 AUG 2020 · At this point in time, General Douglas MacArthur was still leading U.S. forces against the Japanese empire. He was successful in his advances and was able to establish territory several miles long on a beachhead.
    3m 36s
  • Episode 191: The Big Three Conference

    29 JUL 2020 · On the week of July 24th, 1945 Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and President Truman meet along with several other affiliates to discuss political issues. Because all three of these men were seen as having some of the greatest power in the world at the time the meeting became known as the Big Three Conference.
    3m 17s
  • Episode 190: The Oil Campaign

    22 JUL 2020 · In mid July, 1945 people in America weren't worried about the usage of fuel because it wasn't affecting them directly. The Deputy Solid Fuel Administrator for War, C.J. Potter wanted people to realize the affect that fuel consumption had on the military at the time so he put out a broadcast.
    3m 42s
  • Episode 189: 10th Army Invasion of Okinawa

    15 JUL 2020 · By mid July, 1945 the U.S. 10th Army began to move quickly in an attempt to take down the last pocket of the Japanese resistance on the Southern part of the Island. The pace and diligence of the U.S. military scared many soldiers in the Japanese resistance. This lead to many of them committing suicide instead of honorably surrendering.
    2m 56s
  • Episode 188: The Unveiling of Nazi Germany

    8 JUL 2020 · In Spring of 1945, the detailed horror of what the Nazi's did in Germany and inside the concentration camps was revealed to the public. Before this period many people didn't know the extent of situation. The concentration camps became referred to as "Murder Mills" and even war veterans like General Eisenhower and Patton who saw thousands of deaths said they could barely stomach the site of what had taken place.
    3m 49s
  • Episode 187: The Signing of The UN Charter

    1 JUL 2020 · By the end of June, 1945 delegates from all over the world had spent weeks drafting and debating over the finalized version of the United Nation Charter. On June 26th, 1945 the last session and signing of the UN Charter was held in San Francisco. President Truman attended the conference and gave a speech where he addressed the positivity that would come from the signing and referred to it as a "great instrument for peace".
    3m 20s
  • Episode 186: Honoring Eisenhower

    24 JUN 2020 · After finishing his service as a Supreme Commander in World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower was given many notable awards and was greeted by millions of people who wanted to show their gratitude for his service. In London millions of people gathered to listen to his address to Parliament and watch as he was granted "Freedom Of The City". When he returned home to the U.S. he was greeted first in the nations capitol where he received the keys to the city and then as he went on to New York City he was greeted by an overwhelming 4 million people.
    3m 30s

World War II Chronicles is a weekly look back to 'This Week in World War II, 75 Years Ago.' Originally produced in coordination with the National Archives to mark the...

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World War II Chronicles is a weekly look back to 'This Week in World War II, 75 Years Ago.' Originally produced in coordination with the National Archives to mark the 50th anniversary of the war, World War II Chronicles features original newsreel reports and archival footage to tell the story as it happened, week by week. Hosted by famed World War II newsreel anchor Ed Herlihy, World War II Chronicles is produced by the American Veterans Center.
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