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Why We Do What We Do

  • Mini: Why We Lottery

    22 APR 2024 · Welcome to our new episode format, the mini! Although this is our second one, we are still excited to be exploring this new way of doing episodes. This discusion explores how lotteries came to be and why we pursue them with such vigor.
    16m 14s
  • War on Drugs

    17 APR 2024 · The saga continues as we explore the historical policy blunder that was the "War on Drugs." What lead to the development of this idea? We review the distinction between what was stated and what actually happened, and, of course, who won the war? spoiler it was drugs.  Recommendations - Abraham: Speechify App ( - Shane: Amber Brooke Farms (  Links and References:  - - - - - - - - -
    1h 7m 14s
  • Mini: Clapping

    15 APR 2024 · Welcome to our first ever new episode format that we are trying out. These miniature episodes will be supplemental, additional episodes that we release every week alongside our normal full-length episodes. This first installment is exploring the weird tradition of people slapping peices of our flesh together to show appreciation. We started recording these quite a while ago, so, apologies if there are some somewhat dated references...  Enjoy! Links:  -,in%20response%20to%20being%20aroused. -,a%20universal%20body%20language%20signal. -
    9m 31s
  • The Disease Model of Addiction

    10 APR 2024 · The disease model of addiction is a popular philosophical approach to dependency. The idea is to remove fault and blame from the addicted individual. Further, there are a lot of parallels between addiction and illness. However, there are some drawbacks to conceptualizing addiction as a disease. We talk through the benefits and our reservations about using the disease framework for understanding disease.  Recommendations - Abraham: Cutco Knives ( - Shane: Godzilla x Kong: New Empire ( Links and References:  - - -,-Addiction%20is%20defined&text=These%20include%20behavioral%2C%20psychological%2C%20environmental,developing%20a%20substance%20use%20disorder. -,traumatic%20brain%20injury%2C%20and%20more. - -,is%20the%20defining%20observable%20pathology. -,formalized%20largely%20in%20the%201980s.
    1h 3m 27s
  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    3 APR 2024 · Alcohol dependency is a complicated condition that has killed a staggering number of people. Fortinuately, many people have banded together to support one another through behavior changes to reinvent their life without this dependency. One such program truly dominates the known landscape of addiction interventions: Alcoholics Anonymous. Yet, the effectiveness of the AA program and the "active ingredient" in its method have remained shrouded in ambiguity for nearly a century. Recent scientific research has finally begun to reveal the evidence around Alcoholics Anonymous as an intervention for dependency.  Recommendations - Abraham: The Creator ( John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, Madeleine Yuna Voyles, Allison Janney - Shane: Ghostbusters - Frozen Empire (  Links and Referenes:  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1h 15m 16s
  • Addiction: The Beginning

    27 MAR 2024 · Most people are only one or two nodes away from someone who has struggled with some sort of addiction, or may struggle themselves. But what is this phenomenon? The definition has been tricky to pin down because addiction can span chemicals to behaviors, can go undetected or be overt, and can have seemingly creep up out of nowhere. But what all addiction has in common is harm to the user. We are embarking on an odyssey of episodes to explore the many facets of addiction from philosophy to intervention. Today is just the beginning.  If you are somone you know is struggling with suicide or crisis, call 988.  Recommendations - Abraham: Five Nights at Freddy’s (  - Shane: Chamblin Bookmine ( Links and References:  - - - - - - -,%3B%20stimulants%3B%20and%20tobacco). - - -,than%20normal%E2%80%94especially%20under%20stress.
    1h 4m 48s
  • In the Event of The Apocalypse

    20 MAR 2024 · Have you thought about what you'll do if a significant disaster destroys most of humankind? Perhaps you've prepared for the zombie apocalypse or a nuclear winter. What will humans do if we are faced with end times? We look through the history of extinction-level natural disasters that nearly killed off all humans and how we somehow pulled through... and what this tells us about what to expect if we are faced with yet another world-ending catastrophe.  Recommendations - Abraham: Apiary ( - Shane: Pacific Rim ( Links and References:  - - - - - - - -
    1h 10m 4s
  • Nostalgia: Aphantasia (Thinking Without Pictures)

    13 MAR 2024 · This re-run updates a previous episode on our musings about what aphantasia is, and the purpose of diagnoses. This condition describes people who can't see with their mind's eye. But, what does that mean? How would you know? Do we have aphantasia? Do you? We'll never know. Recommendations - Abraham? Project Ironside ( - Shane: Electric Shark Tattoo ( Links and References - Arcangeli, M. Aphantasia demystified. Synthese 201, 31 (2023). - - Milton, F., Fulford, J., Dance, C., Gaddum, J., Heuerman-Williamson, B., Jones, K., Knight, K. F., MacKisack, M., Winlove, C., & Zeman, A. (2021). Behavioral and Neural Signatures of Visual Imagery Vividness Extremes: Aphantasia versus Hyperphantasia. Cerebral cortex communications, 2(2), tgab035.
    1h 23m 44s
  • Mind-Body, Problem?

    6 MAR 2024 · Psychologists and philosophers speculated for centuries trying to understand how the conscious experience of the mind relates to the physical substrate of the body. Is the mind just the process of our gooey brains, or something more? It's our brains. But we'll unpack it all. Recommendations - Abraham: The Fox Experiment ( - Shane: Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub ( Become a supporter of this podcast: Links: -,of%20physical%20phenomena%20or%20not. -,the%20same%20thing%20(the%20way - - - -
    52m 29s
  • Speaking Behaviorese

    28 FEB 2024 · Technical and professional jargon can be furstratingly opaque and many professionals lament the frequent use of technical speak. However, there is a benefit to technical jargon and neologisms and times that are appropriate for employing this type of communication. We also translate some common behavior analyst terms (behaviorese) into more readily understandable language. Where do you fall on this issue? Vocab: Neologism Recommendations - Abraham: The Big Sick ( - Shane: Uno: Show ‘Em No Mercy ( References: - Friman PC. There is no such thing as a bad boy: The Circumstances View of problem behavior. J Appl Behav Anal. 2021 Apr;54(2):636-653. doi: 10.1002/jaba.816. Epub 2021 Feb 11. PMID: 33570187. - - Lindsley, O. R. (1991). From technical jargon to plain English for application. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 24(3), 449-458. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    1h 4m 18s

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