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  • Episode 10: Kent McKeaigg

    23 AUG 2018 · Steve LaMure and Kent McKeaigg, founder of Order My Gear, discuss his start up company that was founded to solve a problem for his father. We will discuss angel investing, venture capital funding and the hardships and successes of his business venture.
    39m 33s
  • Episode 9: Dave Matthews

    16 AUG 2018 · Revtech founder David Matthews talks about his journey, venture capital, and other ups and downs of his ride.
    38m 41s
  • Episode 8: Dr. Ken Adams

    15 AUG 2018 · The Journey and the Legacy...Steve talks to Dr. Ken Adams about his own path to being a small business owner, but also the drive that he's found in his own children, who put everyone on the show to shame with what they've done in a short time. Learn more at
    33m 38s
  • Episode 7: Jeff Schiefelbein and Lloyd Banks

    28 JUN 2018 · Jeff Schiefelbein of 5 and Lloyd Banks, bar and music venue entrepreneur, stop in to talk about building a great company culture. Can you be lenient with vacation without someone taking advantage of you? Should you help people find a job when they leave? How do you create a company culture where people are willing to pay you to work there? Learn more about Jeff and 5 at Learn more about Lloyd and Banks Talent at
    33m 46s
  • Episode 6: Aaliyah Haqq

    6 JUN 2018 · Company Culture, Diversity in the work force, Office space and other interesting tidbits with Aaliyah Haqq.
    32m 31s
  • Episode5: Michael Peticolas

    17 MAY 2018 · Michael Peticolas of Peticolas Brewing Company brings his entrepreneurial spirit, his knowledge, and of course beer! Hear how an attorney went from running a practice to changing the face of brewing in Dallas. He'll tell you the one thing every entrepreneur needs before starting out, and has some advice for aspiring craft brewers you might find surprising!
  • Episode 4: Mark Moses

    9 MAY 2018 · Today on the Episode 4 of "Where's My Parachute?", Mark Moses, author of "Make Big Happen" and "Incredible Entrepreneur" shares his journey with us today.
    33m 55s
  • Episode 3: Mat Threadgill

    18 APR 2018 · Mat Threadgill from Threadgill Agency says entrepreneurship has allowed him to control not only his career but also his free time. Hear about his "parachute" moment, the benefits of online advertising, and the challenges of breaking out on your own in a crowded market.
    31m 57s
  • Episode 2: Rick Sapio

    11 APR 2018 · Rick Sapio, a self-made man, talks about the keys to being a successful entrepreneur despite a rough start. Hear why it's better to say no than to say yes, and what locking yourself away in a cabin can do for your decision making skills. Rick even shares his secret for structuring a bit of spontaneity into his life.
    31m 25s
  • Episode 1: Gabe Abshire

    4 APR 2018 · Welcome to the very first episode of "Where's My Parachute" - a podcast about about taking the leap out of traditional business into entrepreneurship! Tune in for the next half hour as Stephen LaMure and Charlie Meyer sit down with Gabe Abshire to talk about his entrepreneurial journey!
    35m 1s

Entrepreneurs take risks. Perhaps the biggest risk of all is stepping away from the safety of a "comfortable" job and striking out on their own. Hear stories of business owners...

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Entrepreneurs take risks. Perhaps the biggest risk of all is stepping away from the safety of a "comfortable" job and striking out on their own. Hear stories of business owners who took the leap and then asked, "Where's my parachute?"
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