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What If You Could? with Brian Searcy

  • Episode 8: Soft Education with Nakia Douglas

    17 AUG 2018 · Today on What If You Could, Brian's guest is Nakia Douglas, the Executive Director of TRIO and Precollegiate Programs at the University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas). Nakia's done some incredible work in local education, and today's the day he tells it all. Chime in live in the comments below and tune in every Friday at 3 for more What If You Could!
    25m 32s
  • Episode 7: (Real)ly Pondering with Camee Ponder

    3 AUG 2018 · This week on What If You Could, Brian's guest is Camee Ponder, Director of Education for Texas Title University. Camee was born in Las Cruces NM and attended High School in Albuquerque NM. Real Estate has been a part of her life since she was a little girl. She graduated from Texas Tech University with a Business Degree, starting her post college career in HR at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale AZ. Camee returned to Lubbock after a few years where she pursued her Real Estate license. She started working as an agent for Keller Williams Brokerage where she was part of the Agent Leadership Council. Six short years later she was recruited by the Fort Worth Keller Williams Office to be the Assistant Team Leader and Productivity Coach. Over the course of two years, Camee created a training and coaching program for over 100 new real estate agents. Following that experience, Camee partnered with the current President of Texas Title to develop a training platform for Real Estate agents across DFW. Building on this success, Texas Title has grown from 1 office to 7 offices in only 2 years. In addition to her leadership at Texas Title, Camee is in her third year as the Vice President of the Greater Tarrant County chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors, and is a graduate from the John Townsend Leadership Program.
    25m 31s
  • Episode 6: Carry the Load

    27 JUL 2018 · Today on What If You Could, Brian's guest is Cody Bandars from Carry The Load. Cody, a graduate from the University of Nebraska, has an interesting story to tell about his journey to fulfill what he saw as a requirement to serve his country. Cody entered the US Navy in 2010 on his way to becoming a Navy Seal. Clint Bruce, a former Navy Seal and founder of Carry the Load was instrumental in Cody’s decision to enter the Navy and serve his country. Tune in to learn more about Cody’s story, and to learn about Carry The Load, a non-profit dedicated to providing active, meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes — military, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders.
    25m 1s
  • Episode 5: Team Kennedy

    23 JUL 2018 · Should a high school football coach be fired for simply saying a brief, silent prayer on the 50-yard line after games? Jeremy Dys, deputy general counsel for First Liberty Institute, joins us to talk about their fight for Coach Kennedy and a case that could determine whether teachers and coaches lose their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse gates. Learn more at and donate to help the cause at
    20m 58s
  • Episode 4: The Importance of Texas with Kim Olson

    10 JUL 2018 · Sure, Texas is big. We're known for our size, our stature, and the idea that everything's bigger here. But when it comes to agriculture, how important are we? That's the question on this weeks “What if you Could?" when Brian Searcy sits down with Kim Olson for Commissioner of Agriculture, Colonel, United States Air Force, Retired and Democratic nominee for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. She's on a mission to keep folks #informed, and make sure every one of Texas' 254 counties knows who she is and what she's about. What makes her so special? Tune in to find out! Follow MainStreet Pilot on Facebook for more "What If You Could?" every Friday!
    22m 36s
  • Episode 3: An Excellent Identity

    10 JUL 2018 · This week on What If You Could? with Brian Searcy, we are honored to have Chad Hennings as our guest. Chad’s message today is that Excellence isn’t a destination; it’s an identity. Chad Hennings has lived this message through a nine year NFL career and three Super Bowl Championships with the Dallas Cowboys, forty five successful combat missions flying A 10 jets with the Air Force, and as one of the most decorated college football players in NCAA history. Chad is a successful businessman, Husband, Father, and Mentor. Follow us for new episodes of What If You Could every Friday at 3 and subscribe on iTunes for brand new episodes every week!
    17m 16s
  • Episode 2: School Safety

    10 JUL 2018 · On the first episode of "What if You Could," Brian introduced the problem that Main Street Pilot is targeting, and shared how we are working to solve that problem. Today's guests are Banning Sweatland and Scott Nichol from Emergency Operations Proving Grounds (E.O.P.G.). The guys will be talking about the amazing event E.O.P.G. just completed celebrating Law Enforcement, what their mission is, and how E.O.P.G. and Main Street Pilot are working together to solve safety problems today.
    25m 3s
  • Episode 1: The Challenge

    13 JUN 2018 · Most business owners know- you never want to spend too much time wondering "what if." It's a dangerous question; one that can lead you to a misleading, or possibly disappointing conclusion. But when it comes to the business of hiring new employees fresh out of school, it might be a question worth leaving in your repertoire - or at least Main Street Pilot's founder Brian Searcy thinks so. What if you could? Tune in to find out.
    26m 16s

In an America as big as ours, there's definitely no shortage of problems. And like any mess, the hard fact is that somebody's going to have to clean things up....

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In an America as big as ours, there's definitely no shortage of problems. And like any mess, the hard fact is that somebody's going to have to clean things up. But we can't always look to Mom and Dad to take care of things for us. Eventually, things will have to be left to the next generation. A generation that's hopefully been prepared for everything that's coming their way. But it's not all down to intellect. You need street smarts- soft skills, and those aren't always taught at your child's local school. Where can we go to learn the things that aren't in every textbook? Brian Searcy just might have the answer.

Welcome to What If You Could? with Brian Searcy!
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