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  • Zack Oates, Founder and CEO at Ovation: A Frictionless Feedback Survey

    14 FEB 2023 · Let’s give a standing ovation for… Ovation! 😉 All puns aside, Zack Oates and his start-up company have made great strides in the realm of restaurants and the guest experience through their development of a simple and frictionless 2 question survey. Ovation allows restaurants to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, and discover insights to improve & drive revenue, making it the #1 guest feedback company in the United States. Zack’s passion for restaurants and love for meeting people have helped craft his success story. Zack being a podcast host himself lends itself to an entertaining and banter-filled episode alongside Lee. Together, they cover the origin story of Ovation, consumer research on guest feedback, a book Zack wrote on dating, and much more. You can explore more on Ovation by visiting: 1:24 – Meet Zack 3:42 – The 2 Question Survey 6:38 – Simple & Frictionless 10:54 – A Humble Brag 13:57 – The Importance of Feeling Important 17:38 – Dating Never Works Until It Does 20:11 – Restaurants & Delivery 24:50 – Restored Faith in Humanity 27:40 – Lee’s Lightning Round
    31m 20s
  • Seana Strawn, Head of Home Furnishing Identity & Retail Design at IKEA: Big Store, Bigger Ideas

    24 JAN 2023 · DIY assembly furniture, Swedish meatballs, enviable showrooms, & ball pits in Småland… sound familiar? Yes, we are talking about the iconic Home Furnishing store, IKEA. And to make you adore them even more we spoke with Seana Strawn, Head of Home Furnishing Identity & Retail Design, on IKEA‘s quest towards a sustainable planet. Seana comes with 23 years of experience in the home furnishing industry, and she shares her passion for how the brand is embracing climate change as an opportunity and big responsibility. One of the ways IKEA is taking action is through their Circularity Hubs designed for refurbished items only. Listen to the episode to learn more about IKEA’s sustainability efforts, customer-centric practices, and their 5 principles of home furnishing identity. 1:20 – Meet Seana 2:47 – A Back Story on IKEA 5:04 – Test & Learn Approach 7:50 – It’s About the People 10:19 – IKEA’s Target Customer 11:14 – Let’s Talk Sustainability 16:19 – A New Circularity Hub 22:57 – What’s Next? 24:41 – Big vs. Small IKEA Stores 27:08 – Home Furnishing Identity 28:20 – The Personal Side of Seana
    33m 24s
  • Jamie Schisler, Chief Comfort Officer at UpWest: From Comfort Online to Comfort IRL

    11 JAN 2023 · Specialty Retail is at a crossroads and a new brand is paving the way for innovation. Jamie Schisler, Chief Comfort Officer of comfort clothing brand – UpWest, is welcomed on to WDCast to discuss the brand’s business model, growth plan, and a new approach to resale retail. The brand’s business model was set up for success from the beginning, with what Jamie refers to as having “all legs of the table.” Unknowingly, this prepared the brand for the soon approaching pandemic and the DTC online store began opening physical stores as COVID restrictions loosened, meeting the consumers where they were according to online sales. Alternatively, the brand’s promise of comfort anticipated consumers’ needs in a time it was craved the most. Learn more about how UpWest is manifesting comfort for consumers and its other creative ventures. 1:34 – Meet the Specialty Retail Veteran 3:44 – Starting a New Brand 6:49 – From FOMO to JOMO 9:32 – A Brand Focused on Wellness 11:00 – From Online to In-store 13:36 – The Growth Plan 16:59 – SoHo + Scrap NYC 19:11 – Solving the Circularity Problem 23:15 – What About Malls? 28:03 – Lee’s Lightning Round
    31m 53s
  • Julie DiNatale, Commercial and Strategic Partnerships Leader for Truterra (sustainability division of Land O’Lakes): Farmer-Driven, Sustaina

    17 NOV 2022 · Do you ever really think about where the products you consume come from? For example, what does it actually take to source, make, and package the tub of butter you pulled from your fridge this morning? Have you thought about the farm, the farmers, the soil, or the agricultural practices that went into that single tub of butter? Probably not. Enter WDCast guest, Julie DiNatale. Julie is the Commercial and Strategic Partnerships Leader for Truterra, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives. Truterra collaborates with forward-thinking farmers, value chain companies, conservation organizations, and ag retailers to help better deliver the future of on-farm sustainability. In this episode, Julie and Lee Peterson, EVP Thought Leadership at WD Partners, dive into obstacles farmers are facing, what Truterra is doing to support on-farm sustainability, and what it’s like to work with the USDA. 2:33 – Land O’ Lakes is More Than Just Butter 3:53 – 3 Obstacles for Farmers 6:50 – Process, People, Education 10:42 – What Are Cover Crops? 13:00 – Revolutionizing Practices 16:20 – Being Part of a Cooperative 19:59 – The Sustainability Movement 23:26 – Producing Crops Becomes Natural 25:22 – Working With the USDA 31:11– Julie’s Hobbies
    37m 42s
  • Anna Carlsson: Is Resale the New Retail? Ask Gen Z

    7 SEP 2022 · Gen Z'ers have picked up on a shopping "trend" that is paving a new way of shopping for generations to come: shopping used/vintage/resale goods. Why shop resale? We looked to an expert for some answers. Anna is a Gen Z'er in New York City that has shopped used products for most her life – including furniture, clothing, household items, etc. Anna shares her story on how she entered the world of resale and why introducing used sections in stores may be beneficial for retailers in industries across the board. There is plenty of opportunity for retailers both online and in-store to expand their markets by tuning into the latest trends. 2:03 – Meet the Gen Z Shopper 3:22 – Resale Store vs. Buying New 5:26 – Trending Now: Vintage 7:57 – Why Shop Used? 10:35 – Tiktok's Influence 11:50 – C2C Resale 15:17 – In-Store or Online? 18:06 – It's Just the Beginning
    21m 30s
  • Brian Standage, CEO of Banner Health Urgent Care Services, Setting Sights on the Triple Aim

    16 AUG 2022 · Brian has a unique career background, building his foundation in the retail sector before diving deep into the world of healthcare at Banner Health. His foundation offers a fresh perspective on the retail consumer side of the industry. Brian and Dan enthusiastically discuss new and unexpected retailers that are entering the healthcare market and how this can change the game for the patient experience including what services can be offered, how the services are consumed, how they can integrate with their current products/services, and how retailers can benefit by expanding into new markets. Brian is confident that this is the most exciting time to be in the healthcare retail space as the near future promises great innovation. 0:57 – Brian's Role at Banner Health 1:45 – An Untraditional Path to Healthcare 3:36 – Retail as an Advantage 5:46 – The Triple AIM 7:47 – Transitioning Away From "Patient" 10:11 – Big News for Amazon! 12:43 – Are Big Retailers a Threat? 14:47 – A New Type of Urgent Care 18:23 – Dollar General as a Healthcare Provider 24:40 – "Rightsizing" Business 27:16 – Looking Into the Crystal Ball
    32m 4s
  • Brian Bucher, Kari Engen & Mike Magee, WD Partners Sustainability Experts - Driving Real Change Through Sustainable Design

    12 JUL 2022 · With sustainability so top of mind these days, we wanted to turn to some real experts on the topic. We’re not talking about ‘plastic pants made from water bottles’ kind of sustainability, but real meaningful change that corporations (and their design/AEC firm partners😉) are making to drive down energy use, drive up customer and associate satisfaction, and ultimately make our world a better place to live in. Join Lee Peterson as he chats with three of WD’s very own, boots on the ground, innovators that scale, sustainability evangelists – Brian Bucher (Sr. Director), Kari Engen (Sr. Manager, Mechanical Engineering), Mike Magee (Sr. Director, Architecture & Engineering). The team shares why sustainability is so important in what they do and some of their favorite projects and brands that are making a real difference on the topic. 2:33 – Kari’s Passion for Sustainability 4:22 – Mike’s Passion for Sustainability 5:54 – Brian’s Passion for Sustainability 7:05 – Defining Sustainable Design (Brian) 10:43 – Squeezing Juice Out of the Energy Efficient Orange (Kari) 13:51 – Save Money, Live Better (Mike) 16:37 – Who is Nailing Sustainability (all) 22:03 – Fun Facts About Our Panel (all)
    27m 32s
  • Kenny Endermuhle, Manager of Shopper Innovation and Experience (SI&E) at Nestlé Purina

    28 JUN 2022 · The Fur-ocious Future of the Shopper QR codes and NFC tags, DTC products in CPG, VR and AR…there are plentiful acronyms to navigate when it comes to talk of modern technology in the consumer experience. Lucky for us Shopper Innovation and Experience expert, Kenny Endermuhle, helps us break these terms down and gets us excited about what the future of the pet shopper’s experience holds. Lee and Kenny’s enthusiasm around the amount of innovation that is happening now between the consumer and retailers is contagious. By leveraging VR, retailers can develop a unique and stimulating in-store experience for any shopper through personalization, immersion, and streamlining the customer journey. Nestlé Purina is one of many companies that are exemplifying this right on their store shelves! 2:05 – From Sports to CPG 5:27 – A Day in the Life of Kenny 7:59 – Testing & Learning With VR 10:09 – A Note to the VR Doubters 12:02 – Building a Virtual Environment 14:09 – QR Codes vs. NFC Tags 17:13 – Direct to Consumer Goods 22:57 – Relationship With Physical Stores 27:33 – The Consumer Drives Innovation 28:33 – What Brand Is Doing It Right? 32:00 – Immersive Experience at the Shelf 33:33 – Lee’s Lightning Round
    36m 37s
  • Jodi Krangle, Voice Actor: Helping Brands Find Their Voice

    10 MAY 2022 · This week’s podcast sounds a little different (literally!) as we invited on voiceover talent, Jodi Krangle, to discuss her journey into finding her voice and using it to help build an identity for the brands she works with. For some brands, their vocal identity is equally important to their visual identity (think commercials). Jodi’s role is more about acting than it is about the sound of her voice itself because her voice is dependent on the messaging that the client needs communicated to its audience. Listen in to hear how she stepped foot into such an interesting career along with some fun stories from her time in the studio. Interested in hearing samples of her work? Visit 1:40 – Meet the Voice Behind the Talent 7:09 – A Background in Music 8:40 – Sound as Branding 10:14 – To Pitch or Not to Pitch 13:53 – Stories on the Job 21:10 – Big Stars & Influencers 27:10 – Did I Hear You On…? 28:47 – Jodi’s Album 31:07 – 5 Year Plan 34:03 – Lee’s Lightning Round 35:57 – How to Connect With Jodi
    38m 55s
  • Clayton Mitchell, SVP of Real Estate and Facilities at Jefferson Health: Improve Lives While Healthcare Thrives

    19 APR 2022 · Clayton Mitchell (Mitch) has a passion for leadership, much attributed to his years spent in the US Navy as he was able to look up to the great leaders surrounding him. He learned that it takes 3 major elements to being a leader: vision, communication, and character. These skills come to play in navigating conflict—a type of conversation that is often failed to be mentioned when it comes to discussing the healthcare industry. Health + Wellness expert at WD, Dan Stanek, points out that discussions surrounding healthcare tend to be collegial. In this episode, Dan & Mitch open up the conversation to critical, and often overlooked topics in the industry including its changing footprint, rethinking its structure, and how other industries can help inform it. 0:59 – A Background that Starts in Aerospace 3:22 – What is Health Assurance? 5:45 – Where Healthcare is Most Broken 8:47 – Changing Footprints 12:02 – Jefferson Health’s Mission 15:55 – The 3 Elements to Leadership 20:40 – Changing the Pace of the Industry 22:50 – Looking into the Crystal Ball
    28m 40s

Disruption is the name of the game these days and it appears that no business or industry is safe. From consumers shifting demands, new competitors popping up on the daily...

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Disruption is the name of the game these days and it appears that no business or industry is safe. From consumers shifting demands, new competitors popping up on the daily and those tiny computers in our pocket giving us 24/7 access to all our hearts’ desires…times they are a-changing. Join Lee Peterson, retail veteran and consumer expert, as he discusses super relevant business topics with equally relevant and interesting guests. This biweekly podcast is brought to you by WD Partners, innovation at scale.
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