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  • WTW 068 JOE CALLOWAY - The Amazing New Generation of Leaders

    1 FEB 2023 · Today's leaders are facing increasing levels of uncertainty and unprecendented challenges. Some say they're not meeting these challenges. Today Jim welcomes author, international speaker and consultant Joe Calloway to blow up the myths about today's young leaders and highlight how they're doing absolutely amazing new things! Be part of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT! Visit
    33m 2s
  • 067 Bill Coletti - Critical Moments

    4 JUN 2020 · Bill Coletti is a reputation management, crisis communications and professional development expert, keynote speaker and Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance panelist. His best-selling book is: Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management. He has more than 25 years of global experience managing high-stakes crises, issues management, and media relations challenges for both Fortune 500 companies and winning global political campaigns… And today he’s here to help us understand a little more about leadership during a crises. Learn more about Bill at Learn more about THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT at and join at!
    33m 36s
  • 066 Patrick Vereneau - Reimagining Leadership!

    8 MAY 2020 · Patrick Vereneau established Emery Leadership Group in 2008 with the mission of helping individuals and organizations tap into the great potential inside themselves. He’s also the host of one of our favorite podcasts, “Reimagining Leadership” Available on your favorite podcast platform and at EmeryLeadershipGroup dot com. Learn more about Patrick and the Emery Leadership Group at Join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT free today! Free ebook bundle when you join at Learn more at
    33m 33s
  • 063 Tory Ryden & Reg Groff - The Great Reboot

    17 APR 2020 · How about some good news? News and conversations with people who are making a real difference and showing us all how we can make the most of this difficult situation during COVID-19. The Great Reboot is the creation of Tory Ryden and Reg Groff. Their idea is simple––the effect is profound. Right now you can watch all their episodes on Facebook and YouTube. Just search for "The Great Reboot" and of course, be sure to subscribe so you'll know when they post new episodes! Thank You Reg and Tory for being such incredible leaders! Join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT today and receive a free ebook bundle of all 3 of the books in Jim's STRATEGIES for LEADERS series. Join at!
    28m 53s
  • 065 Alexis Gladstone - Leadership is SIMPLE, not EASY!

    13 APR 2020 · Simple, not easy. That’s something I say a lot when I speak or coach. I learned that in martial arts––earning a black belt, for example, is simple––but it’s not easy. I saw a LinkedIn article recently that was written by today’s guest, Alexis Gladstone. She said leadership is simple––not easy. I knew we’d be singing in harmony and that’s what we’ll start with today on Walking the Walk… Alexis is a speaker, consultant, coach and Principal at Intelead. Learn more about Alexis at: Join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT free today: And learn more about Jim and SLM at
    31m 30s
  • 064 Paul Higgins - Build Live Give!

    10 APR 2020 · Paul Higgins transformed an incredibly challenging and nearly fatal struggle with a kidney condition into an opportunity to serve others. As he made the difficult transition from a corporate executive to entrepreneur, he learned some valuable lessons for success, and overcoming challenges. That’s when he wrote “Build Live Give.” Today, Paul is a mentor to coaches and consultants to build businesses and lifestyles. Learn more about Paul and Build Live Give at Join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT today at You'll recieve free downloads of all 3 books in Jim's "STRATEGIES for LEADERS" series when you join!
    33m 18s
  • 062 John Sileo - You Don't Have to be a Victim of Cybercrime!

    27 MAR 2020 · Cyber-security is not a luxury. If you’re online––you need to protect your identity. It’s that simple. John Sileo can help. John has shared his expertise with hundreds of organizations, universities, and associations of all types. No matter the size of the company or technical experience of the audience, John makes sure participants are motivated and educated to change their relationship to data security. John speaks from experience. His identity was stolen and used to electronically embezzle $300,000 from his business clients. While the cybercriminal masked their crimes using John’s identity, Sileo and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The breach destroyed John’s company and consumed two years of his life as he fought to stay out of jail. John ultimately turned his experiences into his greatest success as a renowned cyber security expert. From real-life experiences with cybercrime came the first of several books, a great love of sharing what he’s learned, and a profound mission to help others defend data and tap into the resilience that defines who they are. Learn more about John and his work at… Learn more about Jim and THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT at
    31m 8s
  • 061 Jan Rutherford - Self-Reliant Leadership

    27 MAR 2020 · Jan Rutherford is a successful business consultant, and a former Green Beret. He’s seen firsthand why character still matters––because it separates effective leaders from those who are mired in mediocrity. Developing grit is the secret ingredient that helps you and your team build trust, overcome tough times, and achieve the extraordinary. Speaking, Executive Coaching, Online Courses and Crucible Expeditions. Jan and his team give you the tools to develop true self-reliance, expand your leadership capabilities, cultivate grit and amplify action… Learn more about Jan and his services at Learn more about Jim and THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT at
    31m 43s
  • 060 - SPECIAL EDITION - Mark Redlus and Tridiuum

    24 MAR 2020 · Leaders are people who see what needs doing and they do it! COVID-19 is forcing more people to "shelter-at-home." For patients with acute mental health needs, this can be devastating. Mark Redlus and his team at Tridiuum provide a platform that connects patients and providers online. They have just stepped up to provide an amazing service to healthcare providers at NO COST through July. Mark is with us in this special edition to share the details… Learn more at Are you a Member of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT? Join today––FREE:
    12m 11s
  • 059 Lisa Murfield - The ROI of Compassion

    20 MAR 2020 · It’s simple, really. People perform at their best when––and only when––they know their leaders care. Today, compassion is not just a nice idea––it’s an essential business practice. But the question we still get is this––what’s the return? Well today we’re talking to someone who literally wrote the book on it, the author of The ROI of Compassion–– Lisa is an in-demand speaker, coach and consultant. Learn more at Join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT today!
    38m 30s

Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best… Walking the Walk is conversations with leaders who are always learning, growing and willing to share. Walking the Walk is the...

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Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best…

Walking the Walk is conversations with leaders who are always learning, growing and willing to share.

Walking the Walk is the official podcast of THE SENSEI LEADER Program. This is a personal conversation with the world's most effective leaders and influential speakers, authors and leadership experts. We feature leaders from all walks of life and all levels––people who are making a real difference in the lives of others through leadership.

We also share powerful resources to support you as a leader in your personal and professional life.

Learn more about THE SENSEI LEADER Program and Jim at
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