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Waking Up With Nate & Smitty

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    The Final Chapter

    18 AUG 2023
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    Click Bate

    15 AUG 2023 · there are multiple sections of conversation transcripts discussing various topics. One section focuses on Walmart's challenges with delivery services and self-checkout machines, which has led to concerns among shoppers and the possibility of a boycott. Another section revolves around a speaker's recent experience with dental surgery and their recovery process. They talk about waking up groggy, having something in their mouth, and their plans for the upcoming days. The conversation then shifts to a morning show and the speaker's favorite segments. Another section discusses Walmart's digital screens and a potential boycott of the retail giant, along with discussions on personal boycotts and race-related issues. Lastly, one section starts with a discussion about a TV show but quickly transitions to a person revealing a family secret about their father's infidelity. The person seeks advice on how to handle the situation and discusses their acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.
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    He was a Herbivore

    14 AUG 2023 · The conversation covers various topics in a light-hearted and casual manner. One host discusses their apprehension about an upcoming dental procedure, expressing their worry about conscious sedation and tooth extraction. The hosts also mention football preseason games, advising against getting too excited about them. Additionally, they touch on National Creamsicle Day, Navajo Code Talkers Day, and World Lizard Day. One host shares a strange encounter with a hairdresser who had an unusual fixation on their beard. The conversation then shifts to a discussion of "Missed Connections," where individuals try to reconnect with people they briefly encountered but didn't exchange contact information with. The hosts offer humorous commentary and express skepticism about these ads. Overall, the conversation is lighthearted and doesn't lead to any significant conclusions.
    Played 56m 46s
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    Waking Up With Nate & Smitty; Maybe shes born with it maybe its cancer

    11 AUG 2023 · This podcast episode features a conversation between the hosts, Nate and Smitty, discussing a variety of topics in a casual and entertaining manner. They start with personal matters, such as buying a house and internet service providers, discussing the possibility of having a landline phone and the cost of internet and cable services. The hosts emphasize the importance of researching the available options. The conversation then shifts to discussing the risks of swimming in certain areas due to flesh-eating bacteria in lagoons. They also mention Smitty's mother's birthday and a special dessert called a Raspberry Bombe. Later, they mention a video that Nate saw on TikTok that broke his brain. Another episode discussed a news story about a vegan mother refusing to treat her daughter's head lice. They also talk about language learning, Canadian accents, and a news story about a man causing havoc in an emergency room. The hosts share their opinions and speculate on various topics. Overall, the podcast provides a blend of personal anecdotes, humor, and thoughtful discussions on a wide range of topics.
    Played 44m 40s
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    That's enough cock talk

    10 AUG 2023 · Nate and Smitty discuss watching a podcast and working as a producer. Nate mentions learning from professionals about the production process and discuss the roles of producers and hosts. The conversation then shifts to talk about different national days, including World Lion Day, National Connecticut Day, and National S'mores Day. Smitty expresses dislike for s'mores, while tNate mentions enjoying Star Crunches as a snack. Nate briefly mentions of ordering more Kevin Smith comic books and a related dilemma. Then a disjointed discussion on various topics, such as sticky things, s'mores, a comic book called Masquerade, a car crash, TikTok trends, and sodomy laws. Lastly they get into a discussions about immaculate conception, vulgar sexual acts, dealing with stepchildren, car damage, and disagreements within a marriage during 'Who's The A*Hole'.
    Played 45m 32s
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    Daddy says don't use second hand dildos

    9 AUG 2023 · Nate and Smitty engage in a casual and lighthearted conversation covering a variety of topics. The discussion starts with a conversation about wrestler Roman Reigns and his recent championship matches. The hosts delve into the details of his past fights and his current struggles, discussing how Roman used to win cleanly but now relies on assistance to defeat opponents. They speculate about future matches and potential outcomes, even mentioning the possibility of a match between Roman and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania. The conversation then takes an unexpected turn as the hosts discuss a church in San Francisco that has incorporated psychedelic mushrooms into their religious practices. They express curiosity about mushrooms and their potential benefits for mental health, while also addressing the controversy and legal implications surrounding their use. The hosts mention the steps to join the church and the potential risks associated with taking mushrooms. Nate and Smitty touch on other wrestling-related topics, express admiration for female wrestlers like Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez, and also discuss separating an actor from their personal life. Additionally, they briefly mention a listener's experience with accidentally using a dildo that was modeled after their father. It's important to note that this conversation is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as factual information or professional advice. The topics discussed are meant to entertain and may not align with everyone's preferences or sensibilities.
    Played 37m 33s
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    We Like Nipples

    8 AUG 2023 · The hosts of the podcast, Nate and Smitty, engage in a casual and lighthearted conversation covering various topics such as Smitty's recent haircut, car troubles, birthdays, and national/international observances. They also touch on subjects like hair styling, car maintenance, Japanese cuisine, and Kevin Smith's world record for the largest gathering of Jay and Silent Bob cosplay. The second section focuses on a discussion about carpool violations and driving habits in California. The participants talk about Officer Susan Withers being on Highway 101 and the penalties for carpool violations. They share personal opinions on carpooling, ride-sharing, and driving alone, expressing a dislike for relying on others and a desire for flexibility in their schedules. They also briefly touch on unrelated topics like the spelling of "bass" and frustration with the English language. Towards the end, they engage in a lighthearted debate about superhero movies, attempting to rank the top 15 greatest superhero movies of all time. In the third section, the conversation shifts to a listener seeking advice regarding her husband's disrespectful behavior of taking unflattering photos and sharing them. The hosts discuss this issue and provide their thoughts, highlighting the importance of not equating abuse with love and questioning if this behavior should be a deal breaker in the listener's marriage. Overall, these document sections provide insights into different conversations that cover a range of topics, including personal anecdotes, car-related discussions, opinions on superhero movies, and relationship advice.
    Played 37m 42s
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    No Time For Thigh Play

    7 AUG 2023
    Played 40m 19s
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A Monday thru Friday morning radio style show feature Nate & Smitty from the Talking Stuff Podcast.

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