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Vulnerability Matters

  • Episode 17 - Being a carer with Trevor Salomon and Chris Fitch

    17 APR 2024 · Our latest 20 minute episode focuses on the more than 5 million unpaid UK carers who are supporting someone with a physical, mental health, or old-age related problem. Trevor Salomon explains to Chris Fitch about the reality and impact of being an unpaid carer to his wife Yvonne (diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2013), and how essential services can better identify and support carers. Find out more about Trevor and Yvonne at , and access the Alzheimer’s Society guides for essential services at:
    22m 50s
  • Episode 16 - Tackling loneliness with Amy Perrin and Chris Fitch

    3 APR 2024 · In the UK, half a million older people report going 5-6 days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone, while a younger cohort aged 16-29 are now reporting loneliness twice as much as those over 70. So in this episode, Chris Fitch spoke to Amy Perrin from the only charity in the UK dedicated to tackling loneliness: the Marmalade Trust (named after Paddington Bear’s friendly qualities). Chris asked Amy about the extent of loneliness across the UK, what types of support essential services can realistically give to people who are lonely, and just how we can start a conversation about loneliness from scratch. Amy Perrin: | Marmalade Trust: | Loneliness Awareness Week (10-16th June):
    18m 23s
  • Episode 15 - Visible difference with Sudha Vijay, Jane Rodrick, Michaela Baker and Chris Fitch

    20 MAR 2024 · In this episode, we focus on the 1-in-5 UK consumers living with some form of facial or bodily scarring, mark, or condition that makes them look or feel significantly different. Known as ‘visible difference’, our host Chris Fitch talks to Sudha Vijay from the charity Changing Faces about her experiences as a consumer with visible difference, while Jane Rodrick and Michaela Baker explain the approach that Lloyds Banking Group staff are taking in branches and face-to-face contact with customers like Sudha.
    20m 5s
  • Episode 14 - Hearing Loss and d/Deaf customers with Tim Scannell and Chris Fitch

    7 MAR 2024 · Around 12 million UK adults - 1-in-every-5 of our customers - are living with hearing loss which makes following speech and conversations difficult. Inclusion specialist Tim Scannell – profoundly deaf and a BSL user – joins Chris Fitch to discuss improvements to essential service design and operation, and what can be done to avoid customers with hearing loss feeling overlooked, forgotten, or treated as an ‘after-thought’ by our services. More on Tim’s work is at and You can also watch this podcast with BSL interpretation at
    21m 43s
  • Episode 13 - Lived experience with Dan Holloway and Chris Fitch

    21 FEB 2024 · Everyone is talking about the importance of ‘lived experience’ and ‘experts by experience’, but what exactly do these phrases mean?  Just how do we practically involve people with this experience in our work? And what difference does it all make anyway? Answering these questions is researcher, writer, and lived experience expert Dan Holloway (from Oxford University spin-out Rogue Interrobang), and asking them is our host Chris Fitch.
    24m 10s
  • Episode 12 - Building Trust with Charlie Nixon and Chris Fitch

    7 FEB 2024 · Like vulnerability, trust matters. Behavioural scientist, Charlie Nixon from Cowry Consulting talks to Chris Fitch about how trust determines what products we buy, which organisations we agree to let deliver our essential services, and just what we tell these firms about ourselves. And, most importantly, how vulnerable consumers decide who is trustworthy and who is not? Charlie can be found at and Cowry at: In the podcast, Charlie also talks about the following resources: David Maisters “The Trusted Advisor”(, Ken Rotenburg “The Psychology of Trust” ( and Paul Zak on the Harvard Business Review on “the Neuroscience of Trust” ( ).
    22m 41s
  • Episode 11 - Stammering with Lyndsay Edington and Chris Fitch

    24 JAN 2024 · This episode focuses on stammering (also known as stuttering). Talking with Lyndsay Edington from the national stammering charity STAMMA, our host Chris Fitch listens as Lyndsay explains how staff in banks, energy, and retail organisations can better understand and meet the needs of the 1 in 100 customers who will stammer. You can find out more about STAMMA at, including their guide for contact centre staff, while Lyndsay is at
    22m 51s
  • Episode 10 - What is empathy with Mathieu Lajante and Chris Fitch

    10 JAN 2024 · In this episode on empathy, Chris Fitch asks Mathieu Lajante: just what is empathy? Is it possible to train people to become more empathetic? And are empathy training courses a worthwhile investment in terms of time, money, and results for our organisations and staff? Mathieu is Associate Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, Director of its Consumer Neuroscience Laboratory, and lead author of a new review of the scientific literature on the effectiveness of empathy training. More at: and, while Mathieu’s paper is at:
    24m 16s
  • Episode 9 - Firewalking with Lee Walls and Chris Fitch

    14 DEC 2023 · For this fascinating ‘end of 2023’ episode, Lee Walls talks to Chris Fitch about the science, experience, and lessons for life and vulnerability, of being a fire-walker. Lee explains how walking over 350 degree red hot coals can help understand and reframe situations of personal and customer vulnerability, and how her own lived experience of alcohol addiction led to her stepping into, and onto, fire-pits across the world. Lee and Firewalk Scotland can be found at and
    22m 42s
  • Episode 8 - Supporting non-verbal customers with Katie Mackay, Jack Hatcher and Chris Fitch

    6 DEC 2023 · Katie Mackay and Jack Hatcher – from the Nationwide Building Society – talk to Chris Fitch about their ‘Speak Easy’ initiative to support non-speaking and non-verbal customers. Katie explains how her experiences of being non-speaking in certain situations informed its development, while Jack shares findings and communication lessons from the ‘Speak Easy’ pilot in Nationwide branches. You can find both on LinkedIn, and access the finalised ‘Speak Easy’ card system at: | |
    25m 50s
Welcome to the Vulnerability Matters podcast from the Money Advice Trust. A series that examines from a range of perspectives how firms are supporting consumers in vulnerable situations.
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