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  • De Frag Episode One Hundred Nine Where Is Your Here

    17 APR 2024 · We're constantly looking for better and easier ways to be centered. To locate our calm. Most of the great teachers say it arrives from mindfulness. Be present with your now. That's where I start to question. Where is your here? Physically you are here but mentally where is your here? Taking notes is so important. Mainly because when you return to your here, there's a better understanding as to how you can be present in your here.
    8m 15s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred Eight The Transition Walk And Its Importance

    10 APR 2024 · Some people call them hikes, strolls or just out for a walk. I put transition in front of my walk because it sends a signal to the mind body and soul, "Take note of the multiple transitions you're moving through so that you can be clearer with every decision and not just the favorite ones."
    8m 21s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred Seven What Is Real Journaling

    3 APR 2024 · Journaling.  There are so many different ways to help free your story and or empty your mind and heart.  Is there a wrong way to journal?  When do you know you're doing it right?  Should it be handwritten or spoken into a smart phone?  The importance of journaling is my daily discipline.  Then one day something changed.  The system broke down.  
    10m 15s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred Six Is It In Your Head Or In Your Heart

    27 MAR 2024 · How we act and react, answer and or ignore questions, the way we moan about or celebrate... It comes from the head or the heart? Which one is leading you?
    5m 35s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred Five The Visitor

    20 MAR 2024 · You're at work. A masked man walks in wearing a backpack in the front of his body. He enters the bathroom for 30 minutes. Once out the backpack is now strapped to his side. How do you react? Ask the question then question the answers.
    6m 57s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred Four The Realism Of Is

    13 MAR 2024 · The word "is" plays a huge role in your life. In all questions asked those two letters seemingly show up. It's a great way to begin a question or to define a purpose. Getting to know how you use the word is...
    6m 13s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred One What Is Normal In An Abnormal World

    21 FEB 2024 · What are we running away from? Can it be identified as being normal in an abnormal world?
    7m 41s
  • De Frag Episode One Hundred We're All Built Well But Not Made To Last

    15 FEB 2024 · The human mind body and soul remind me of a smartphone. We don't really tap into it's greatest strengths. We take what we need then move on. Yet there is so much more of our inner core that can be utilized on a journey we think we're writing but ultimately it's being controlled by a much higher energy. We're built well but not meant to last.
    10m 18s
  • De Frag Episode Ninety Nine When You Feel Empty

    7 FEB 2024 · We all have had those moments when emptiness fills our hearts and desire to continue creating or doing our basic jobs. I'm feeling empty. That truly is the best time to get stuff done. You've allowed yourself enough room to keep the perfectionist at bay. When you're feeling empty. Don't look at it as being a negative. Make it a tool and find your success
    8m 1s
  • De Frag Episode Ninety Eight What Is The Definition Of You

    25 JAN 2024 · I love grabbing a dictionary to look up the definition of words. Then it occurred to me, "What is my definition of me?" People define us everyday. But how are we defining us in their presence. What is the definition of you?
    8m 52s
De Frag: Utilizing the strength of your "different" self. Ask the questions. Question the answers.

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