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Valley Nursery Plantcast

  • 114: Hydrangeas are Happening.

    23 MAY 2024 · Hydrangeas are happy in the Northwest ... their blooms are showy and vibrant. The variety is at its best right now at Valley. Justin and Erin chat about how to make them thrive in your landscape with tips on watering, fertilizing and placement. They even dabble in shade shifting and propagating ... crazy, right?
    17m 12s
  • 113: What Now? May

    16 MAY 2024 · The warm wonderful days we have been waiting for are finally here! What are you supposed to be doing in the garden right now? Duh! Everything! We have the tips on what to prioritize and how to keep things looking incredible as you bring them home and add them to your landscape. We also chat briefly about lawn care (is yours growing like crazy?), how to amend questionable soil and what to plant to bring those precious pollinators to your yard. 
    17m 48s
  • 112: Zone Pushers

    9 MAY 2024 · There comes a time in our gardening journey when we want to try something new, something harder. Adding a zone pusher is exactly what you CAN do add a plant that will reward you for your TLC simply by surviving and being cool. Justin and Erin discuss a few of the plants that need more attention and will draw more attention to your landscape. Go ahead. Get advanced. You're ready. 
    19m 36s
  • 111: Lotta Veggies for a Little Sun

    25 APR 2024 · Here's the description: Shade is more common than bright sunny spots in these parts. Let that NOT be a hinderance to you having a successful vegetable garden. If you have a spot big enough for a pot that gets more than 4 hours of direct sunlight (when the sun shines) then YOU TOO can grow vegetables. No, you can't have tomatoes or cucumbers, but you can have other delicious and nutritious and satisfying vegetables. Find out how by having a little listen. 
    19m 44s
  • 110: Low Maintenance Perennials

    18 APR 2024 · So many plants, such little time. Not to worry listeners, we chat with our resident horticulturalist and very talented plant picker Taylor about some easy perennials you can add to your garden and pretty much leave alone. She and Erin talk about a couple plants that love the sun, others that prefer shade and all that will leave you feeling like you are capable of making things beautiful with just a little effort. 
    12m 24s
  • 109: Ethereal Ephemerals

    11 APR 2024 · Look quickly because ephemerals are Spring's here today gone tomorrow darlings. They bloom beautifully and briefly and can be a real challenge to grow. On this episode, we talk about how to bring some of these elusive lovelies into your own garden and help them flourish for years to come. 
    17m 17s
  • 108: What Now? April

    4 APR 2024 · It's the perfect time to do everything! April is a glorious month to be the garden, days are longer, weather is warmer and the garden center is full of everything you need, want and dream of to improve and reshape your own landscape. Within this episode, we help you prioritize action items for your garden and give you some tips for saving time and energy later in the season. 
    18m 21s
  • 107: Give grass a chance

    28 MAR 2024 · Not all grass is created equal. All lawns are grass but not all grass is lawns. Ornamental grasses need care (albeit minimally) and your lawns need the right kind of attention at the right time. This is the season taking care of all of them and we talk about what to do to what to ensure your grasses grow!
    20m 7s
  • 106: The Spring Sale Continues!

    21 MAR 2024 · Merrily we sale along! As spring officiallybegins, we barrel into the second weekend of the Spring Sale with more specials and a restock of thousands of plants for your home! On this episode, Erin chats with the folks responsible for ordering and maintaining the different sections of the nursery about what they are featuring during the sale and other exciting plants and goods you should look for while you are here. 
    11m 24s
  • 105: Spring Sale Preview 2024

    14 MAR 2024 · It's the SALE of the year! Our annual spring sale is an incredible time to jump start your garden for 2024. We have daily in-store specials on plants, we've got week-long 20% sales on a huge variety of other plants and you have that coupon in your mailbox (or on the kitchen counter) that gives you 30% one item! Use it! On this episode we talk about the deals and why it's a great time to get those sale plants into the ground. So much awesomeness and so many reasons to use exclamation points!!!
    13m 16s

Valley Nursery Plantcast is a weekly conversation about plants. Gregarious gardeners Erin & Justin didn’t know much about gardening until they discovered Valley Nursery in Poulsbo, Washington. Elbow deep in...

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Valley Nursery Plantcast is a weekly conversation about plants. Gregarious gardeners Erin & Justin didn’t know much about gardening until they discovered Valley Nursery in Poulsbo, Washington. Elbow deep in dirt and surrounded by experts, they use their blossoming knowledge to share practical and seasonal planting, pruning, purchasing and fertilizing advice.
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