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  • Episode 102: "I Shouldn't Say Anything"

    3 SEP 2012 · A goodbye and thanks to all of you, with special guests Steve Berthiaume of ESPN and one last visit from not Jim Tracy. Thanks for listening everyone. We remain shocked and humbled by what this turned into. It was a great ride.
    32m 58s
  • Episode 101: "Let's Just Not Even Try"

    10 AUG 2012 · 0:00 Maybe you like smaller stuff 3:37 Housekeeping 4:38 Email 36:23 Call-Ups: Vitters, Jackson, Machado 44:22 Taking a stand on prospects 55:34 The Curious Case of Austin Wood 1:03:09 What's Mike Trout worth? 1:12:21 Let's scout little league baseball! 1:19:08 Special Guest: Andy McCullough, Newark Star-Ledger on the future of the Mets 1:46:57 Listener of the week: Craig Robinson: the British artist in Mexico 2:06:18 Musical Guest: The Revivalists 2:07:31 What Are You Drinking? (with special tribune to Juan Deli) 2:14:05: In the 'hood: #WeirdNeighbors - The Mattress People 2:32:45: The Week ahead
    2h 45m 30s
  • Episode 100: "I Just Realized I Know Nothing About Baseball"

    3 AUG 2012 · 0:00 A creepy beginning 9:05 Housekeeping 10:05 Email 31:16 Special Guest: The return of my Mom 54:40 Trade deadline recap 1:13:03 KG's Midseason Top 50 1:23:46 Jason's Top 10 with bonus Mike Olt talk 1:38:35 Special Guest: Rick Giolito, on being the father of a first-round draft pick 2:34:55 Special Guest: Artie Lange, with tales of being a Yankee fan 2:55:12 The importance of music on the show 2:57:58 Worst celebration of What Are You Drinking possible 3:09:36 Listener of the week: Carl, the man with the '80 Want' tattoo 3:23:18 100 episodes, folks 3:29:27 The Week Ahead 3:35:00 Inspirational Words
    3h 40m 4s
  • Episode 99: "Are You Sipping On Something Already?"

    17 JUL 2012 · 0:00 Welcome with bonus guest updates 5:36 Housekeeping 6:31 Emails 38:41 Mark Appel isn't dumb and the Nats aren't geniuses 44:18 Jairo Beras is a Ranger: Is this right? 54:40 Bring me the head of Donavan Tate 1:00:47 Jason went to Lakewood 1:15:04 Recapping The Futures Game 1:42:13 Pop-Culture Moment: Indie filmmaker Evald Johnson and actor/musician/artist David Yow 2:04:02 Musical guest: Cory Branan 2:08:06 What Are You Drinking? With bonus That Just Happened 2:11:20 Tales from Kansas City 2:26:09 The Week Ahead
    2h 35m 54s
  • Episode 98: "I Think It Would Make It Move"

    4 JUL 2012 · 0:00 Welcome 3:42 Housekeeping 4:41 Emails 41:39 The Dodgers sign Puig and what this all means 46:15 Trade deadline previews - Greinke and Hamels mania 54:46 What could go wrong, Smoak and Teheran editions 1:08:04 Futures Game preview: Players we want to see 1:33:06 Special Guest: Jeff Luhnow, GM, Houston Astros 1:55:07 Musical guest: Black Wine 1:56:22 A special edition of What Are You Drinking? 2:03:24 Tales from out trip to Texas 2:10:21 The Week Ahead - KC preview
    2h 18m 33s
  • Episode 96: "May I See It? Thank You, Eddie"

    15 JUN 2012 · 0:00 What episode are we on? 3:48 Houskeeping 4:43 Email 29:35 Pick a pitcher, any pitcher 35:16 The myth of the raw high-ceiling player 44:42 Why do people hate Starlin Castro? 49:47 New Rules: Asking about ceilings and making up trades 56:39 Special Guest: Kendall Rogers, Perfect Game, CWS Preview 1:21:18 Musical Guest: Dimesland 1:23:38 What Are You Drinking? 1:24:58 Pop Culture Moment: Boogie Nights 1:32:11 The week ahead
    1h 38m 34s
  • Episode 95: "You're Drinking Deer Blood In A Minute"

    8 JUN 2012 · 0:00 Congrats, graduates! 3:26 Houskeeping 4:10 Email 27:39 Jorge Soler is a free agent, so go crazy! 34:10 Judging picks before they play and the path of Stetson Allie 39:09 Javier Baez is really good but shouldn't swing 3-0 in a blowout 47:31 What Could Go Wrong: San Francisco Giants 55:07 What Could Go Wrong: St. Louis Cardinals 1:10:50 Special Guest: Jim Callis, Baseball America on the 2012 draft. 1:50:27 Musical Guest: The Ready Stance 1:52:27 What Are You Drinking? 1:54:04 That Just Happened: Calling Nick in St. Louis 1:59:24 Jason's mental state 2:07:41 The week ahead
    2h 17m 4s
  • Episode 94: "It's Like Eating Fun Dip"

    25 MAY 2012 · 0:00 Welcome 4:21 Housekeeping 5:31 Emails 31:47 So, um the Orioles? 35:34 Talking to Boras about the 2012 draft 49:19 Going through the Dodgers system 1:05:45 Tales from Wilmington 1:19:06 Special Guest: Shi Davidi (@shidavidi), baseball columnist and journalism instructor 1:44:14 Musical guest: Measure (@measuremusic) 1:46:10 What Are You Drinking? 1:50:04 Pop culture moment: Baseball for baseball's sake 1:55:17 The Week Ahead w/ bonus interrupting phone call
    2h 7m 29s
  • Episode 93: "Miniature Donkeys Are Great"

    16 MAY 2012 · 0:00 Thank you for your patience 2:31 Housekeeping/New Podcast! 3:40 Emails 35:48 Holy Crap Josh Hamilton 43:32 Seeing Mark Appel in person 51:15 We need more Powah! 56:53 Talking about the Diamondbacks system 1:03:08 Talking about the Rockies system 1:10:04 Special Guest: Doug Glanville on baseball and race 1:34:02 That Just Happened: Brett Lawrie is angry! 1:36:16 Musical guest: LA Font 1:37:37 What Are You Drinking? 1:40:09 Pop culture moment: Tales From Oakland 1:49:23 The Week Ahead
    1h 54m 29s
  • Episode 92: "It's Wet And It Has Some Bubbles"

    4 MAY 2012 · 0:00 Welcome 3:49 Housekeeping 4:24 Emails 32:55 Harper and Trout are up 37:53 No. 1 pitchers revisited 44:09 Talking to folks about Rays prospects 50:04 Talking to folks about Padres prospects 58:28 Scout thoughts on Billy Hamilton and Danny Hultzen 1:08:41 Special Guest: Adam Kilgore, Nationals Beat Writer, Washington Post 1:33:19 Musical guest: Van Hunt 1:34:31 What Are You Drinking? 1:38:33 Pop culture moment: Manchester Derby 1:51:58 The Week Ahead
    1h 58m 19s
Kevin Goldstein and others discuss minor-leaguers at Baseball Prospectus.
Author Bret Sayre
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