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  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 60: Bee Your Own Boss

    20 DEC 2023 · “After attending that seminar, I learned the longest product offering was a two-week bathroom remodel. Every other business was windows, siding, roofing, and driveways, all quick in-and-out jobs where you could create a volume-based business. You can still make your customers happy, but you're in and out and you're onto the next project. I told myself my next business has to be a product where we're out of that house completely within a week to two weeks.” If you look at service-based franchises, you’ll notice that most of them have a very specific offering; things like windows, doors, gutters, painting, flooring, etc. The goal is to perform a simple job and move on. This makes it easier to train your employees, have fewer employees, and scale your business. Franchising works because it’s simple and duplicatable. It’s surprising how large of a business you can build offering one or two services. We cover many current and relevant topics. A few include: ◈How franchising can help you ramp up and grow your business more quickly and efficiently ◈The importance of being able to make decisions as a business owner ◈The simplicity of the franchise model
    32m 34s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 59: Bored in Retirement

    6 DEC 2023 · Cash flow and profit are not the same. Both times Jhony went into business were out of necessity because the two businesses he was working in were not properly managing their finances. The first one ran out of money and couldn’t meet payroll, and the second one was not profitable due to overspending. Starting out on the right foot with a solid business plan is key. Then, you have to go back and review that business plan regularly. Are your expenses more or less than you originally planned? Is your income on target? If not, what needs to change? This might sound basic to some, but for folks who have never owned a business, this is uncharted territory. There are many local resources for help with business planning and budgeting. You can reach out to the following organizations for help. We cover many current and relevant topics. A few include: ◈The importance of being open-minded about your options ◈Franchising in retirement ◈Understanding your finances as a business owner
    32m 14s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 58: Tips From a Franchise Veteran

    22 NOV 2023 · Imagine getting involved in a concept 29 years ago when this idea emerged that chicken wings can one day be a center-of-the-plate opportunity. Wingstop now has over 1500 locations worldwide. They definitely proved the concept! And, now we have many chicken wing brands to choose from as consumers and investors. Every brand has to start somewhere. If you’re someone who wants to get in early and take advantage of the exponential growth, it's all a matter of having the wherewithal and the risk tolerance to do so. You’ll also really need to believe in what the business is offering, the founders, and the culture of the company. We cover many current and relevant topics. A few include: ◈The “why” of our guest wanting to start his own business ◈An early-stage franchisee’s experience ◈How fear can hold people back from obtaining their dream of being a business owner
    34m 42s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 57: Fall Franchise Findings

    8 NOV 2023 · Sharing our fall franchise convention industry updates.
    24m 26s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 56: Timing is Everything

    26 OCT 2023 · I didn't even consider a resale when we first started talking. I just knew I wanted to get into my own business.
    33m 11s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 55: Filling a Need in the Community

    11 OCT 2023 · Brien and Lesli recognized a need for mobility products when they had a personal need. They felt the market was fragmented and wanted to be able to own a business that they felt helped others.
    28m 56s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 54: Meal Prep in a Garage

    27 SEP 2023 · There are pros and cons to franchise brands in all stages of development. Some people are attracted to established brands and some are attracted to emerging brands like B Nutritious. Some of the advantages to joining an emerging brand are: - having direct access and a relationship with the founder - the opportunity to grow with the brand - he potential to impact the brand with your creativity or knowledge - prime territory One of the biggest challenges in the DFW market is territory. There is so much opportunity here and a lot of people are interested in business ownership. Territories tend to sell out very quickly. If someone is looking for multiple territories, it can sometimes be a challenge with the more established brands. We cover many current and relevant topics. A few include: ◈A founder with a real passion for a cause-driven business ◈The differences between being a business owner and a franchise founder ◈Some of the advantages of an emerging franchise brand
    26m 46s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 53: Let Us Help Restore You

    13 SEP 2023 · The systems and support of a franchise are what makes it an attractive opportunity. Many of us in franchising are not trying to, nor do we want to, reinvent the wheel. We’re looking to join something that already has forward momentum. Once there is momentum, the runway is much shorter. We don’t know what we don’t know, and if we’re trying to figure it out by ourselves it can be daunting. Even with a franchise, it can feel overwhelming. You’re learning so much so fast, it’s like trying to take a drink from a firehose. But, the reassuring thing is that you have a team of people around you holding you up and supporting you. The right franchise opportunity is a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. You both need each other and depend on each other for different reasons. We cover many current and relevant topics. A few include: ◈Different ways to market yourself in a service-based business ◈The importance of a great cultural fit when choosing a franchise ◈Finding passion in not so obvious ways
    31m 48s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 52: Signs Are Everywhere!

    30 AUG 2023 · This is the last business I thought I’d own
    29m 11s
  • Unpredicted Entrepreneur Episode 51: Franchising with a Servant's Heart

    16 AUG 2023 · Health and wellness franchises are on the rise. We’re living longer as a society and want to live healthy, active lifestyles. In order to do that, we must take care of ourselves. Post-Covid, there is more awareness than ever about taking care of our bodies. Over the next few years, you’ll start to notice more and more wellness-focused businesses popping up in your local neighborhoods. The people buying these types of businesses are looking for ways to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. There are many ways to make money but for some, the ability to make an impact is a strong driver. This is just one example of the kind of business that could satisfy one’s desire to give back or be impactful. We cover many current and relevant topics. A few include: ◈Empowering your employees ◈Leading by serving others ◈Why it’s so important to have a plan for your business
    27m 42s
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