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Unlocking The Book of Revelation

  • Rev 2:8-11 Dealing with our Inner Devils

    29 JUL 2018 · The second Church is the stage in our developing consciousness when we are challenged to continue going forward but really long to go back to what is familiar. This would be like a seed trying to suck in its roots and shoots - nothing would ever grow. Understanding the nature of our soul: its thinking, feeling and willing really helps us through this process.
    14m 29s
  • Revelation 2:1-7 Planting and Nurturing our Inner Seed

    22 JUL 2018 · The message to the Church in Ephesus tells us that spiritual development is a process of growth. Just as a seed will not flower, it must grow roots and shoots, leaves and bud, so we must patiently nurture the growth of our consciousness. We are on a journey to integrate our Higher Self, our I AM and we need all the help we can get - John knew that. Modern life does all it can to hamper our growth - mostly by telling us we can have it in an instant. This is not true, and has dangerous side effects. This podcasts points out some of the ways in which modern life works against us, and hopefully will inspire you to give yourself some good advice. Buy the book here
    24m 36s
  • Revelation 1:17-20 Difference Between Earthly and Spiritual Vision

    19 APR 2018 · Unless we are able to be objective we cannot use our higher consciousness. Why? Because we couldn't bear it. The Book of Revelation contains many warnings as well as advice about how to proceed to higher consciousness so that we "Fear not." Buy the book here
    8m 5s
  • Revelation 1:12-17 How we Become the Revelation Being

    13 MAR 2018 · In Revelation 1:12-17 John places this most unusual and vivid Imagination of the Revelation Being before us and tells us very clearly that this is our I AM. He uses similes to describe the qualities that will develop in our consciousness as we connect with our I AM to give it expression in our lives. If we give life to these similes in our mind we prepare ourselves for the changes we will experience as we grow in spiritual stature. Buy the book here
    7m 37s
  • Revelation Ch1:10-17 Who is the Son of Man? You?

    28 FEB 2018 · Who is the Son of Man? When we look at the original Greek words we discover that the Son of Man is the Son of Us - the Son we give birth to. This Son is our Higher Self. My podcast, in fact all my writing, talks about the ways in which we can give birth to our High Self which gestates within us. "John is telling us what happens when we experience this super-sharp consciousness when we activate our spiritual being." Buy the book here
    9m 45s
  • Book of Revelation Ch1:4 The Spiritual Hierarchy Guiding the Universe

    16 FEB 2018 · Revelation Chapter 1 verse 4. We can't begin to understand the Revelation if we don't understand something of the spiritual beings upholding and creating this Universe. The Bible begins with the words "In the beginning God created..." The word God in this case is Elohim - who are the Elohim? Buy the book here
    8m 15s
  • Book of Revelation Ch1:4-6 What is Christ?

    9 FEB 2018 · John now speaks to the seven churches. These seven churches could relate to seven areas of our consciousness which respond ‘out of a calling’. Only when we apply the Revelation to the ongoing evolution of human consciousness does it make sense. This is probably why it is the least read book in the Bible. Buy the book here
    13m 34s
  • Book of Revelation Ch1:1-3 Transforming our Consciousness

    7 FEB 2018 · To be conscious therefore means to see clearly and to understand what makes us tick and what makes the world tick. When we begin to do this we start to experience tremendous freedom. If we place this Revelation within us and use it to chart the development of our consciousness, it will speak to us quite differently. If we accept the idea that our consciousness evolves, that we haven’t always been able to think the way that we do today, we then realise that we tread a path towards becoming increasingly conscious. What does it mean to be conscious? In essence it means that we know ourselves fully and completely. We become aware of why we think, feel and act the way we do. Becoming aware of ourselves in this way changes us. Buy the book here
    13m 55s

The Mysterious Book of Revelation as a map of the developing human consciousness. It describes how human beings are becoming more conscious and differently conscious. At the same time some...

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The Mysterious Book of Revelation as a map of the developing human consciousness. It describes how human beings are becoming more conscious and differently conscious. At the same time some human beings resist this change in consciousness to the point where they risk becoming automatons. The War of All against All can take place within us as we strive to harmonize the different forces necessary to become conscious human beings.
These podcasts are a reading of the chapters of the book.
The whole book can be purchased on Amazon.

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