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  • King of the Lever-Actions - Winchester 1894

    23 MAY 2024 · This week’s episode is on the most popular American lever-action rifle, the Winchester model 1894. Designed by John Moses Browning, the model 1894 dominated the sporting market in the 20th century.
    37m 38s
  • AK-47 and Mikhail Kalashnikov

    16 MAY 2024 · This week the guys discuss the AK-47 (AKM) and its inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov. This 7.62x39mm Soviet designed beauty has found itself opposite of other iconic designs like the FAL, G3, and M16 in many conflicts over the years.
    47m 23s
  • Czech out the CZ-75

    10 MAY 2024 · This week, the boys discuss a Czech icon, the CZ-75. This iconic 9mm handgun has inspiried countless copies and remains one of the stalwarts in CZ firearm production.  
    41m 21s
  • The Forgotten Battle Rifle: 1941 Johnson Automatic

    2 MAY 2024 · This week the crew breaks down the iconic 1941 Johnson rifle from World War II. This battle rifle competed against the M1 Garand and was loved by the Marine Corps in the pacific.
    36m 22s
  • Suppressors - Short NFA Wait Times With ASA

    25 APR 2024 · This week's episode, the crew is joined by Owen and Knox from the American Suppressor Association to talk about the rising popularity and short NFA wait times. 
    52m 37s
  • Mouse Guns - Tiny, But Deadly

    18 APR 2024 · The crew discusses the history of the mouse gun and how it fits into concealed carry culture. With popular mouse guns from brands like FN, Colt, Walther, and Ruger, it’s hard to deny the popularity of the deep concealment concept.
    30m 57s
  • Mosin-Nagant

    11 APR 2024 · The Two Guys One Gun crew does a deep dive on the Mosin-Nagant, a collectible bolt-action military surplus rifle with a long and storied history.  
    43m 27s
  • Winchester Self Loaders: First High Capacity Rifle

    4 APR 2024 · Alex and Chris are joined by gun shop owner Austin to discuss some Winchester Self Loading rifles that recently came through his showroom. The group discusses the innovation and impact that Winchester has by introducing the first commerically available semi-automatic rifle. The crew also discusses the dealer network, and how the company connects customers to local gun stores, supporting local business in the community.
    38m 2s
  • The Iconic Walther PP

    29 MAR 2024 · After host Chris Eger's recently toured the Walther factory in Germany, this week the Two Guys One Gun crew discusses James Bond’s pistol of choice: the Walther PP. 
    38m 57s
  • Common Use and the Modern Sporting Rifle

    21 MAR 2024 · On this week’s episode of, the crew discusses the MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) and its common use. MSRs such as the and variants are a hot topic of conversation in today’s world, but many people don’t understand how widespread their use is in the United States. 
    52m 20s

2 Guys - 1 Gun podcast is all about exploring the culture of firearms and shooting. We look at one gun, or in some cases one type of gun, and...

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2 Guys - 1 Gun podcast is all about exploring the culture of firearms and shooting. We look at one gun, or in some cases one type of gun, and talk about its historical signifigance. We love guns and shooting here and we have lots of guns to talk about.
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