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  • Grandma Nusbaum And Her Somewhat Youthful Lover

    22 APR 2024 · Elderly Carpenter Murdered With Hammer Episode 199 tells what happens when a grandmother with a grumpy but somewhat older husband befriends a younger man when he's released from prison and begins paying him $250 a month for his, um, affections. Yeah, that's not going to end well. That's a grand, sordid conspriracy. Just like we like 'em.
    1h 15m 59s
  • Mystic Murder For Money

    19 APR 2024 · The Philadelphia Arsenic Ring Episode 181 takes us down a dark road of spiritualism and witchcraft, of an elaborate web that led to an estimated 200 deaths by various means, including arsenic poisoning. And two executions. And twelve lifesentences.
    1h 25m 24s
  • Mob Justice For Leo Frank

    17 APR 2024 · The Murder Of Mary Phagan Episode 183 tells of one of the most infamous cases of an innocent man wrongly accused. When a teenage factory girl is found dead in the basement of an Atlanta pencil manufacturer, blame falls on the mild-mannered Jewish superintendent of the plant, and the jury takes the word of a drunken janitor. It’ll take 70 years for the truth to come out. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    2h 6m 40s
  • Jealous Wife, Double Murder: The Trial

    15 APR 2024 · The Rosier Affair, Part Two Episodie 190 finishes up the melodramatic tale of Catherine Rosier as she goes on trial for her life. Get out the smelling salts and tissues, folks, there's a lot of swooning and fainting about to take place, not to mention the flying accusations and indelicate revelations.
    1h 38m 6s
  • The Farmer, His Wife, And The Gangling Hand

    12 APR 2024 · The Willow Love Triangle Murder Plot Episode 184 takes us into Pennsylvania Dutch territory, where two local farmers are found murdered in the woods a month apart. Although not related, the second murder sparks intense local interest, especially when the farmer’s wife is discovered in a salacious love affair. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    1h 4m
  • Hangman's Day

    10 APR 2024 · The Inept Executioner of Wise County Episode 254 has a different format than usual. I was perusing an old True Detective Magazine and found a story written from the point of view of the hangman of Wise County, Virginia, telling the stories of the five men whose heads he put in nooses. It was an interesting story, but something wasn’t quite right about it. So I did some research on the individual cases, and have woven some news stories of the day in with the executioner’s tale, an exercise in point of view as it were. It’s interesting to note that the ghostwriter of the True Detective story was James Taylor Adams, the beloved folklorist of Wise County. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    1h 13m 12s
  • Jealous Wife, Double Murder: The Crime

    8 APR 2024 · The Rosier Affair, Part One Episode 189 is the first part of a story so twisted, snarled, and sensational that we broke it down into two episodes because one show couldn't hold all the drama. It starts out looking like another love triangle gone awry, but.... Well, hang on. It's a bumpy one.
    1h 33m 23s
  • A Sip Of Abortionist Ale

    5 APR 2024 · The Mysterious Murder Of Dr. William H. Wilson Episode 216 comes not only with a mysterious poisoning, but a side dish of “illegal operations.” Either it’s a devilishly clever plot, or perhaps the police didn’t really give it their all, considering the scandalous nature of Dr. Wilson’s practice. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    1h 40m 5s
  • The Blackmailing Butterfly Of Broadway

    3 APR 2024 · Vivian Gordon’s Final Caper Though the body was found in the Bronx, Episode 228 is a dark, twisting ride to the seedy side of Broadway near the end of Prohibition, with a heavy dose of family drama swirling around a tale teeming with underworld villainy and police corruption. There were plenty of people with a motive to murder Vivian Gordon. Was it the cops? The crooks? Or some combination thereof? It’s a stumper. Told from the historic pages of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and other newspapers of the era. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    1h 9m 5s
  • The Secret Of Wolf's Creek

    1 APR 2024 · Episode 221 explores how some bits of cardboard, a moonstone ring, and a dog that couldn't bark solved a riddle in the lonely swamp. Become a supporter of this podcast:
    53m 20s
  • Supporters Club

    A Deadly Brawl At Turkey Creek

    18 MAR 2024 · Amos Lunsford Meets His Match Episode 175 comes by the way of a request from a listener in North Carolina who wanted to know more about this incident, a fight about a horse at a church revival camp that gets out of hand. There might have been whiskey involved. Go figure.
    57m 19s
  • Supporters Club

    The Farmer Digs A Grave

    15 MAR 2024 · The Scoundrel Gershon Marx Episode 447 retains a lot of the discrepancies in the reporting of the story, so don’t be alarmed at conflicting versions of the same incidents. I can’t say for certain that they ever got some of the names right, but nothing could be more wrong in so many ways than the theatrical adaptation of the case that takes place at the denouement.
    1h 22m 48s
  • Supporters Club

    Popular Justice

    13 MAR 2024 · The Bloody Record Of Henry Plummer And His Gang Episode 422 hearkens back to the wild wild West, in the days following the great gold rush. Much of the story takes place in Bannack, Montana, which is now a state park and ghost town, and follows the career of one of the most notorious gangs of the day and the rise of the citizen's committee that puts an end to it. Adapted from the books "The Story of the Outlaw" by Emerson Hough and "The Montana Vigilantes, Or Popular Justice In The Rocky Mountains" by Thomas J. Dimsdale, the first newspaperman in Montana.
    1h 30m 26s
  • Supporters Club

    A Royal Slashing

    11 MAR 2024 · The Murder Of The Duchess Of Praslin Episode 213 is dedicated to listener Clair Stephenson, who reached out after watching the 1940 move "All This And Heaven Too", the story of a scandalous murder in the courts of France that helped precipitate the French Revolution. Based on dispatches to London, the real story is not quite the Hollywood version, but I can definitely see Bette Davis as Henriette Deluzy.
    1h 12m 28s
  • Supporters Club

    A Body Under The Stairs

    8 MAR 2024 · Mrs. Peete’s Private Burials Episode 420 recalls one of America’s lesser-known serial killers, Louise Peete. There’s never been a book or a movie about her, yet during her murderous career, her Southern charm and polite matronly manner made her a nation-wide front page sensation, with some newspapers printing literally every word of her trial as well as fawning feature stories. Culled from the historic pages of the Los Angeles Express, the Los Angeles Times, and other newspapers from the era.
    2h 3m 22s
  • Supporters Club

    The Hermit Of Grand Lake

    6 MAR 2024 · Clue Of The Antique Dimes Episode 445 is the tale of a pair of simple-minded lumberjack cousins who go to extreme and cruel measures to exact revenge against a mountain recluse. But what price will they pay? Culled from the historic pages of the Denver Post and other newspapers of the era.
    1h 18m 5s
  • Supporters Club

    The Great New Jersey Swamp Mystery

    4 MAR 2024 · The Doctor's Wife And The Dumpy Little Chicken Man Episode 186 explores another eternal triangle resulting in murder. This time, it's the young-ish wife of an elderly doctor who plots with a neighboring poultry salesman to put a deadly end to her marriage. Obviously, it doesn't end well for them, or they wouldn't be on this show.
    1h 32m 14s
  • Supporters Club

    For Love Of Posey

    1 MAR 2024 · The Suitor V. The Shotgun Episode 419 tells the story of a family’s downfall, precipitated by a general disdain for the 25-year-old suitor of a 17-year-old daughter. Things go particularly awry when the suitor makes a valiant last-ditch effort to win the love of the family he hoped to be his in-laws, but a shotgun blast proves more potent than true love. Culled from the historic pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer and other newspapers of the era.
    1h 46m
  • Supporters Club

    The Millionaire And The Mad French Maid

    28 FEB 2024 · The Ordeal Of C. Frederick Kohl Episode 444 is the strange story of a double tragedy. On one side we have a woman apparently driven insane with the desire to avenge crimes that exist only in her own mind. Her obsession has serious consequences for an innocent man. Culled from the historic pages of the San Francisco Examiner, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other newspapers of the era.
    1h 7m 52s
  • Supporters Club

    Buried Alive In The Desert

    26 FEB 2024 · The Ordeal Of June Robles Episode 224 explores the sensational kidnapping for ransom of a young Tucscon girl, the favorite granddaughter of one of the city's pioneers. It's a story as frustrating as it is heartbreaking as a legion of pursuers doggedly but fruitlessly seek the kidnapper.
    1h 14m 33s
Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told through vintage newspaper accounts from the golden age of yellow journalism

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