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Tribecast TRE

  • TribeCast TRE - Episode 9

    15 FEB 2021 · In this week episode of TribeCast we speak to Ville Levaniemi the co-founder of Happy or Not. He walks us through the Happy or Not story, creating customer value and what you need to succeed as an Entrepreneur. Take a look at this article by the New Yorker about Happy or not! -
    29m 51s
  • TribeCast TRE - Episode 8

    8 FEB 2021 · This week we speak to Jasmin Assulin, a diversity, equality and inclusion specialist. Discussing topics such as the Finnish job market, Finnish society and entrepreneurship. You can check out Jasmin on Linkedin here:
    23m 40s
  • Tribecast TRE - Episode 7

    18 JAN 2021 · Jarmo Tanskanen from Visuon tells us about his company and the possible uses of 360° photography.
    17m 48s
  • Tribecast TRE - Episode 6

    11 JAN 2021 · TribeCast founder Marina and Maiju Viiki from Film Tampere discuss the audiovisual scene of Tampere, the Hollywood film Dual and opportunities for people in the media field provided by Film Tampere.
    17m 4s
  • Tribecast TRE - Episode 5

    14 DEC 2020 · Reetu Kainulainen, the CEO and co-founder of, tells us about his company,'s future plans and gives a few useful tips for any entreprenours with early stage startups.
    23m 22s
  • Tribecast TRE - Episode 4

    7 DEC 2020 · Introduction of the new Tribecast team, as well as some discussion about our upcoming plans for 2021.
    4m 54s
  • Tribecast TRE - Episode 3

    30 NOV 2020 · Rahel Beil from Ruska Skincare tells us the story of her journey as an entrepreneur and about her passion towards the skincare industry.
    13m 45s
  • Tribecast TRE - Episode 2

    23 NOV 2020 · Special Guest Song Tran (Tampere Entrepreneurship Society) talks to us about the Tampere ES Showcase Event and how to get involved with the Society
    19m 53s
  • Tribecast TRE, a new start

    13 NOV 2020 · Michelle Goh, Tribe Tampere Community lead, talks about the new premises, Tribe Fellowship, community life in corona times, similarities between entrepreneurs and wild birds.
    12m 44s
  • Tribecast, episode 61

    28 AUG 2020 · A discussion with Mirella Mellonmaa (Tribe Tampere) about marketing and community life.
    16m 2s
An independent English speaking podcast by Tribe Tampere, covering the life of the local startup ecosystem.
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