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#TogethernessTeam Women’s Edition

  • Gracie Pfaff Miss Earth USA Eco 2023

    18 JUL 2023 · Service, sisterhood and self-development. Today we introduce the beautiful and talented Miss Gracie Pfaff. “Gracie is the reigning Miss Earth USA Eco 2023 and has been competing in pageants since she was 18 years old. Gracie is a nonprofit founder, digital marketing consultant, public speaker, and model. She founded Harvest107 almost 10 years ago with the mission to prevent hunger and malnutrition by creating sustainable food sources in food-desert communities. Outside of her job, she loves to write music, go rock-climbing, and train her two Dobermans. Pageantry helped combine Gracie’s passion for giving back and glamour, and now she uses her platform to encourage people of all ages to follow your dreams!” Gracie met Melissa through The Parker Foundation; she volunteered as a Buddy at several of sports events and fundraisers, most recently helping at the first annual “Sunday on the River” charity event this past April. She is always a ray of sunshine, just the sweetest soul but she’s also a powerhouse using her passion and gifts to make a positive change in our world.
    16m 58s
  • Catching up with Arya Jathal - Parker Foundation Youth Ambassador

    31 DEC 2022 · We are excited to share our second conversation from September 2022 with West Shore High School student and Parker Foundation Peer Buddy Youth Ambassador - Arya Jathal. From the positive impacts of service on our youth, to the importance of bringing people of all abilties together - we hear from a teen perspective how these experiences have shaped her life and helped her overcome her own challenges. Arya shares how her parents have greatly influenced her over the years, as well as the Pakistani female Nobel Peace Prize laureate that inspires her to to reach for more. When asked, Arya offers words of wisdom to her peers that are important lessons for people of all ages. Hosted by Parker Foundation Co-Founder Melissa Parker, and previous Parker Foundation Program Director, Julia Barney - who recaps the importance of the non-profit's "Be a Buddy Initiative" on building inclusive programs through exisitng community resources, as well as our annual Be a Buddy 5K race and Family Health and Safety Expo.
    27m 15s
  • Love Can Cross Oceans with Kathleen Bendiksen

    8 JUL 2022 · Welcome to Season 2 of the Togetherness Team - Women's Edition Podcast; Melissa's first guest is Kathleen Bendiksen, Founder of Love Can Cross Oceans, a Brevard County based non-profit providing aid to women and children of the Ukraine. Kathleen and her husband Magnus always wanted to have a large family; little did they know the road they would take to get there would be full of ups and downs. Many years after they had their first child, with the help of Love Can Cross Oceans ministry, and a trip to the Ukraine, they finally became a family of 6! Kathleen later faced a serious illness - as she prayed, she received a message from above, and knew she was called to a higher purpose - to give back to a country that she had learned to love, when they needed it most. This is a powerful, inspirational story of one Mom's journey of timing and faith, as she grew her ministry to a non-profit that has provided over 18,000lbs. of food and supplies to the people of Ukraine during this challenging time and helped to give refuge to women and children that have fled the country.
    28m 6s
  • Introducing Youth Ambassador Arya Jathal

    20 JAN 2022 · October 2021: Parker Foundation Co-Founder Melissa Parker and Program Director Julia Barney sit down to continue the discussion about the Be a Buddy initiative and the Be a Buddy 5K race taking place each October during Bullying Prevention Month. In this episode, we introduce our newest Parker Foundation Youth Ambassador Arya Jathal, a 10th grade student at Westshore High School who has stepped up in a big way to serve her community and inspire other students to do the same.
    22m 13s
  • How can you "Be a Buddy" for your community?

    24 AUG 2021 · Melissa Parker and Julia Barney continue their discussion about The Parker Foundation's "Be a Buddy" program, and how being a Champion Against Bullying Organization has positvely impacted their community and inspired their annual 5K Race held during October, or National Bullying Prevention Month. Through these experiences they have helped share resources from PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center to motivate other individuals and organizations across the United States to become a "Champion" for their communities!
    24m 41s
  • #TogethernessTeam Hero - Terry Parks

    17 JUL 2021 · Melissa Parker and Julia Barney follow up from last week and continue chatting about their Be a Buddy program through The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development; their guest today via Zoom is Terry Parks, Recreation Program Coordinator in the Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department - and their newest #TogethernessTeam Hero. Terry shares his background, why inclusion is so important, and how he is helping to integrate adaptive basketball and sports programs in his community.
    16m 13s
  • Be a Buddy Program - Melissa and Julia

    12 JUL 2021 · Melissa Parker and Julia Barney discuss the “Be a Buddy” program through The Parker Foundation, and how it impacts our community on multiple levels, helping to integrate children and families touched by autism and special needs into existing resources. They share more about their first #TogethernessTeam Hero, The Foo Family - Colin, Siew, Calista and Nathan, who have been star “Buddy” volunteers since The Parker Foundation was founded.
    27m 51s
  • Meet Vera Ventura - She's a #Warrior

    2 JUL 2021 · Vera Ventura @veracioushealing is an educator and mother of two who has an amazing story; she openly and authentically shares how she has overcome addiction and battled cancer - her journey to wellness includes yoga, meditation, humor and natural solutions powered by her positive, uplifting spirit and her supportive social media community.
    22m 14s
  • Introduction and Hello!

    24 JUN 2021 · Welcome to the #TogethernessTeam - Women's Edition podcast hosted by Melissa Parker, Co-Founder of The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development and friends! This episode is an introduction to the initiative and short bio on Melissa and Co-Host Julia Barney, Director at The Parker Foundation. The two share an outline of what's to come this season including inspirational stories and educational topics designed to uplift, celebrate and inspire women to shine bright and shine together by fearlessly embracing their unique purpose.
    24m 14s

Introducing - the #TogethernessTeam - Women's Edition! A social media initiative and podcast specifically designed to bring women together by inspiring, uplifting and motivating one another as we travel on...

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Introducing - the #TogethernessTeam - Women's Edition! A social media initiative and podcast specifically designed to bring women together by inspiring, uplifting and motivating one another as we travel on our own unique, personal life journeys. Get to know us as we authentically share our own experiences, discuss inspirational stories of triumph over challenge and explore educational topics in an uplifting, open and welcome atmosphere free of drama or negativity. Our goal is to celebrate everyday individuals from around the world that are making a positive change in their communities, including those that have directly impacted us and our mission to help spread kindness, inclusion and acceptance of children, individuals and families touched by autism and special needs. Hosted by Melissa Parker, Co-Founder of The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development.
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