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  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 05072020

    7 MAY 2020 · Today we talk about the fine art of...ok, we're not talking about any of that but we are going to talk about; - The National Day of Prayer - #NYTimes Teaches Art - Super Moon Is Tonight - Things Our Kids Will Never Know and more! Comeon, let's have some fun!
    31m 20s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 05062020

    6 MAY 2020 · Today we ask the question, why doesn't anyone care about celebrity lifestyle pieces anymore? - National Nurses Day - Companion gardening - Kobe and more love note. - Cruiseships set sail in August - Back to normal - Where's The Beef?!?! - General Nonsense
    37m 26s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 05052020

    5 MAY 2020 · Today we talk about recovering from May 4th...Cinco di Mayo...Pete Rose...the future of podcasting!
    36m 39s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 05042020

    4 MAY 2020 · May the 4th be with you...Don't hate, recipricate! Camping in Disney...Not as goo dof an idea as you might think this year. Spring Cleaning? That stuff you leave at your favorite Thrift Store? Not helping them at all.
    42m 36s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 05012020

    1 MAY 2020 · Today we talk about some recently discovered resources for family fun, entertainment and keeping the kids busy! We also talk about what it means to Have a Good Day and some ideas on how to do that.
    26m 45s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 04292020

    29 APR 2020 · Famous birthdays you don't really care about...Earth won't fall to COVID-19, if only for today, we are in danger of a monster asteroid flying ever-so-near to earth and you can watch it live online as it happens! Vice President Pence, head of the COVID-19 task force visits the MayoClinic and shocks the staff, medical professionals everywhere as he goes in NAKED! Or atleast without a face mask...
    40m 35s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 04282020

    28 APR 2020 · Marty & Trina Daniels we are going to talk about HOPE...
    31m 57s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 04272020

    27 APR 2020 · Today we are talking about current events, food, family fun, parenting, marriage and the whole enchilada...which isn't a dish you choice!
    33m 52s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 04232020

    23 APR 2020 · Talking on the phone is like, makiing a like, comeback, like... Do we appreciate our nurses and doctors, emt's and hospital workers enough? The earth is enjoying an environmental cleansing thanks to COVID-19...The results are amazing in just a few weeks time.
    32m 28s
  • Marty & Trina Daniels TOGETHER 04222020

    22 APR 2020 · Brynn Burger, The Mama on The Rocks Joins us this morning to talk about parenting, marriage, and more!
    1h 51s
Marty & Trina Daniels, TOGETHER is a daily podcast that talks about current events, faith, music, fitness, food, parenting, marriage, and figuring out how to get THERE from HERE.
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