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To Me, My X-Men Podcast

  • Episode 20: Jerry Gaylord Interview

    28 MAY 2024 · We sit down with one of the X-Men '97 Storyboard artists Jerry Gaylord. He tells us about his career and just what a storyboard artist does.
    Played 55m 8s
  • Episode 19: Tolerance is Extinction Part 3 Recap

    17 MAY 2024 · We recap the season 1 finale and season as a whole of X-Men '97 with special guest hosts Vanta & Rod!
    Played 2h 7m 16s
  • Episode 18: Tolerance is Extinction Part 2 Recap

    9 MAY 2024 · We recap part 2 of the 3part finale with special guest hosts Ødfel & Mercedes!
    Played 1h 29m 16s
  • Episode 17: Gui Agustini Interview

    7 MAY 2024 · We sit down and speak to the voice of Roberto DaCosta himself Gui Agustini. We learn about his career and what this role means to him.
    Played 42m 40s
  • Episode 16: David Errigo Jr. Interview

    3 MAY 2024 · We sit down and chat with David Errigo Jr and discuss his outstanding career and learn a lot more about the voice action profession. David has voiced some of our favorite X-Men ' 97 characters like Mojo, Leech, Banshee, Gladiator & more!
    Played 57m 16s
  • Episode 15: Tolerance is Extinction Part 1 Recap

    2 MAY 2024 · We recap episode 8 with guest hosts Daryl from X Factor Files and TJ aka GravelRoadCosplay.
    Played 1h 28m 4s
  • Episode 14: Bright Eyes Recap

    25 APR 2024 · We recap Episode 7 of To Me, My X-Men titled Bright Eyes with guest hosts Chandler & Eric!
    Played 1h 46m 31s
  • Episode 13: Matthew Waterson Interview

    23 APR 2024 · We sit down and interview Magneto himself, voice actor Matthew Waterson to learn a little bit more about him. 
    Played 49m 53s
  • Episode 12: X-Men '97 Comic #2 Recap

    22 APR 2024 · We recap X-Men '97 Comic Issue 2 with Taylor from The Mutant Report
    Played 33m 34s
  • Episode 11: Alison Sealy-Smith Interview

    20 APR 2024 · We interview the absolutely amazing and beautiful Alison Sealy-Smith the voice of Storm from X-Men the Animated Series and X-Men '97
    Played 58m 13s
An #xmen97 Recap Podcast hosted by @warpath_dylan and @theredqueenofx with a special guest or guests on each episode!

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