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Thou Shalt Not Kill: A Podcast About Marriage

  • 205... Soft Landing..

    20 JUN 2024 · Where do you land when times get rough?  It's really easy to say that you are there for your partner but when it comes down to it are YOU a soft place to land? A soft place to land is when you can run to your partner with problems, and issues and have just been beaten up, are they there to soften the blow?  Take into account on how we are there for each other, are you a good place to land?  Thanks for listening and all your support!
    Played 31m 57s
  • 204... Unexpressed Expectations

    13 JUN 2024 · Unexpressed Expectations,  How many of us do this to our partner, friends, and Family?? . In this episode we discuss how we NEED to tell each other what WE expect or want. It's futile to sit and "Expect" someone to know what we want or need. Let's be real, if we could read minds we would not need to talk to each other, yet some of us have a hard time realizing we get mad at our partner for not reading our minds. . Let's go, and Thank you so much for listening.
    Played 33m 29s
  • 203.. You get what you Give

    6 JUN 2024 · You Give what you get ... > Do you believe that ??  Let's see how living life to serve your partner is ... Its more likely to get what I want as I fulfil my partner.  If I'm selfish and all about me .... Life sucks. Hope you enjoy this little chat  If you ever have Questions or Topics you'd like us to address .. Please reach out @ 
    Played 33m 24s
  • 202.. Pointing fingers and Looking in the Mirror

    31 MAY 2024 · We all love to point out what our partner is doing wrong or pointing out what bothers YOU . How about we replace our pointing finger with a mirror?  When we are busy complaining or upset at what our partner is doing why not look in the mirror and see if it's YOU that YOU have a problem with. Interesting take, we hope you will enjoy it!
    Played 33m 19s
  • 201...Following Your Dream........... TOGETHER

    23 MAY 2024 · What do you do when life challenges you and you want to "Follow your Dream"? .. Well, this is crazy that we think we can't Follow our Dreams WITH our partner, this is one of the reasons we chose each other TO follow those dreams.. You may or may not agree to what our opinions are but Is your spouse holding you back from your dreams?  What a shame .... Listen in and let us know your thoughts 
    Played 33m 34s
  • 200... Celebrate our 200th Podcast

    2 MAY 2024 · Well here we are , numb er 200 ! I can remember our first setup and sitting down to do number one and having only one mission ... Just help One couple realize marriage is wonderful and EASY ! In this episode we just chat about where we started and where we want to go, our dynamic and our style is US and we hope we can unlock that one lock that you just cant seem to get over. . Thank you all so much for the love and support.
    Played 37m 51s
  • 199...More on Adversity in Marriage

    25 APR 2024 · I know we just talked about Adversity but Damn .... When God speaks we listen , As we go through more and more obsticals and Adversity we MUST communicate through it ! . In this episode we talk more about the tricks and dangers of AVOIDING Adversity .. Noyt good for the long run. . Come on with us as we talk more.. Thank you 
    Played 30m 34s
  • 198.. Lets discuss .....Divorce

    18 APR 2024 · Well, probably one of the least talked about topics here on our Podcast.  We said it ONE TIME in the last 37 years and NEVER have said it again. Why ?  Because we can not go forward if we are looking for an EXIT !! . Come with us and see what we've done to try and bulletproof our marriage. . Thank you for listening!
    Played 32m 12s
  • 197......Advirsity IS an Opportunity

    11 APR 2024 · Adversity ....... You Can use this in your marriage as an opportunity to get closer and learn so much about your partner. Come join us on this little exploration on the good and bad of Adversity. . Thank you so much for joining us !!!
    Played 31m 10s
  • 196... BULLETPROOF Your Marriage

    21 MAR 2024 · BULLEPROOFING your marriage.. We discuss the divorce rates and some of the leading causes, some you may find interesting. looking at statistics and how they are manipulated to fit one's opinion or desired outcome, Divorce is so much more prevalent today rather that in the early days and WHY ??  . We have our own opinion and looking throughout history on divorce , its NOT supposed to be a common thing but we sometimes just use it as a "Get out of Jail" free card..  > IF you belive the statistics its showing s delince in marriages biut maybe not the reason you think .. > Welcome to Thou shalt not Kill Podcast !!!
    Played 33m 56s

Never choosing divorce and staying married for 36 years is one thing, but we come from households with a combined total of 13 marriages between our parents. It’s safe to...

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Never choosing divorce and staying married for 36 years is one thing, but we come from households with a combined total of 13 marriages between our parents.

It’s safe to say we've seen it all and that's inspired us to help others avoid the many pitfalls we've seen and even experienced.

Thou Shalt Not Kill speaks right to the heart of the challenges couples face. You’ve probably had battles and moments that if unaddressed could make or break your solemn partnership. Whether you’ve hit the wall or you think things can’t get any better, we've got you. We're honest, real, raw, and will undoubtedly entertain you. We'll teach you the tools you need to overcome challenges with both conventional and unconventional means; helping you get back to the “why” of your union.

In our own words, “We never claim to be doctors or board-certified marriage counselors, but we did go to one in the first few years when we had “issues” and their advice was divorce. That didn’t work for us. That’s why we want to bring hope and light through the dark and rough times of life with your partner.”

Let’s get your love affair with your spouse to a place where you’ve always known it would be.

Starting with the first rule: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Hosted by your marriage veterans of 36 years, Scott & Anne Travis.

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