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  • #046 - Ellen or Elliot, another controversial Ellen?

    1 AUG 2022 · Ellen Page is not longer Ellen? Listen and help us understand as we venture in to this topic being normalized in today's society.
    Played 29m 44s
  • #045 - Brittney Griner, is she guilty?

    25 JUL 2022 · Does breaking the law with a drug considered a "benign" drug worth doing up to 10 years in prison?
    Played 18m 26s
  • #044 - Does your generation suck?

    18 JUL 2022 · Is your generation really as bad as they say it is? Does they time period you were born in determine how you behave?
    Played 28m 38s
  • #043 - Ten Commandments of the USA?

    13 JUL 2022 · Does the US have a set of suggested moral laws to abide by? Join us and find out.
    Played 35m 42s
  • #042 - Musk and Tweet

    7 JUL 2022 · Is Elon actually going to buy Twitter? Why is there such an outrage about him purchasing this platform?
    Played 30m 26s
  • #041 - Independence Day

    5 JUL 2022 · Happy Birthday to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Has the US lost it's way. Is there another place on earth where we are better off. Join us on the first episode of season 2 as discuss what this country means to us.
    Played 37m 14s
  • #040 - Does the US play any sport against another country?

    7 APR 2022 · Is there a sport that the US plays against other countries regularly? Is it possible that US citizens are missing out on collective joy?
    Played 34m 34s
  • #039 - Why are we shutting this podcast down?

    4 APR 2022 · We need to shut down this podcast. Tell us if we have a good reason to.
    Played 21m 14s
  • #038 - Are some people more important than others?

    31 MAR 2022 · Can some people do whatever they want and get away with it? Should there be a class of people that are considered untouchable?
    Played 23m 8s
  • #037 - To fly or not to fly CarCast

    28 MAR 2022 · When you travel, is car or plane your preferred method? Follow our carcast episode as we discuss the question.
    Played 28m 16s
Join us as we entertain the questions that many are not willing to ask and allow yourself to enjoy the thought-provoking possibilities.

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