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  • SMU’s Jim Hart Discusses Why Creativity is Central to Entrepreneurship

    23 JUN 2022 · Professor James Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University. A graduate of SMU himself, he has lived in Oslo, where he was the founder of The International Theatre Academy of Norway, and Taipei, where he co-founded the Worldwide Art Collective theatre festival, before returning home to Dallas. He is also the author of Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach, published by Elgar as part of the Elgar Guides to Teaching series. Jim is passionate about how creativity is central to entrepreneurship and believes in learning by doing. In our conversation, he also compares the role of creativity to that of innovation, while providing useful advice to anyone involved in entrepreneurial undertakings.
    34m 36s
  • St. John’s Dr. Luca Iandoli Discusses Similarities between Inventor & Entrepreneur. Plus, the Need to Solve Real-World Problems

    26 MAY 2022 · Dr. Luca Iandoli champions the Global Entrepreneurship Development Program at St. John's University in New York, where students can develop their own entrepreneurial ventures or businesses, enhance them in collaboration with international partners, and pitch them in International Pitch Competitions. Luca talks about enabling students to solve real-world problems, the similarities between being an inventor and an entrepreneur, as well as the benefits of human-centered design and its integration in an innovation curriculum. 
    32m 59s
  • Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation

    11 MAY 2022 · Emma Jones is an entrepreneur, author, and Founder of Enterprise Nation, a vibrant, UK-based community of small businesses and business advisers that provides resources, expertise, and connections to help people start or grow a business. Today she talks about how entrepreneurism is changing, the accessibility afforded to startup businesses, and how the public and private sectors are working together.
    30m 51s
  • UAB’s Dr. Patrick J. Murphy Discusses the Balance between Theory & Practice in Entrepreneurial Education

    4 MAY 2022 · Dr. Patrick J. Murphy has trained tens of thousands of students and coached hundreds of successful entrepreneurs worldwide. He currently serves as the Goodrich Chair of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Murphy discusses the balance between theory and practice in entrepreneurial education, as well as what he calls the “3 I’s”-- Inspiration, Impact and Ingenuity-- at the heart of his programs.
    32m 23s
  • Fin Murphy Discusses How “EX” or "Entrepreneurial Experience" Can Facilitate a Startup Mindset

    25 APR 2022 · Fin Murphy started his career in customer service at Vodafone just as a basic utility was transforming into a lifestyle brand. He has since applied his knowledge of customer experience and his passion for entrepreneurism— as well as an acknowledgement of its obstacles-- to the startup journey.   Today, as a Co-Founder of, he works to ensure that this unique platform can ease the challenges of fledgling entrepreneurs and new-idea teams by providing next steps, efficiencies, content, and community access throughout the startup process to create and connect a vital ecosystem of support. In a world where 90% of startups fail, is dedicated to changing that statistic. 
    31m 55s
  • The Boost Pad’s Steven Lewis Underscores How Community is at the Heart of his Non-Profit Incubator …

    18 APR 2022 · Steven Lewis is a business visionary with over 25 years of success driving outstanding performance with senior-level expertise in capital markets, investment management, and team leadership roles. He is also adept at balancing the needs of social impact investment strategies with startup ecosystem development. Today, he is Executive Director of The Boost Pad, a non-profit incubator in Charlotte, NC that empowers underrepresented founders so they can build impactful businesses and increase economic mobility within their community.
    24m 56s
  • Joe Lanzillotta on Why Trinity College Dublin Ranks First in Europe for Producing Entrepreneurs

    2 APR 2022 · A former Trinity student himself, Joe Lanzillotta specializes in turning scribbles on napkins into startup companies. In his three years managing Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, he has helped innovators investigate the feasibility of their ideas by taking a series of bite-sized practical steps. While many went on to found profitable startups, all of them developed their entrepreneurial potential.
    23m 57s
  • USASBE's Julienne Shields on Trends & Challenges in Entrepreneurial Education

    2 APR 2022 · Julienne Shields, CEO of USASBE, or the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, shares her thoughts on the trends and challenges in entrepreneurial education as she connects with her organization’s 800 members.
    31m 57s
Today's innovators at schools, accelerators, social impact communities and enterprises share their thoughts on the expansion of entrepreneurial thinking and driving startup success.
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