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  • Episode 16: The Passion and Purpose Driving Our Regenerative Medicine Podcast Journey

    31 OCT 2023 · In this captivating episode, join Dr. Wade McKenna and his exceptional team as they delve into the passion and purpose driving their commitment to sharing knowledge about regenerative medicine and anti-aging technology. Through thought-provoking discussions, we explore the deep-rooted motivations that fuel our relentless pursuit of creating engaging content centered around stem cells and regenerative medicine, even in the face of controversy. We courageously challenge the status quo and challenge the traditional narrative of Western medicine, shedding light on the setbacks and obstacles we encounter along the way. Subscribe now to the Zero Downside Podcast and embark on a transformative voyage of knowledge, compassion, and hope for a healthier world. Together, let's revolutionize the way we approach healthcare and unlock the boundless potential of regenerative medicine.
    30m 3s
  • Episode 15: FDA Regulations on Compounded Peptides: with Dr. Wade McKenna and Mike Mitchell

    24 OCT 2023 · In Episode 15 of our YouTube podcast series, we dive deep into the fascinating world of peptide therapy and the FDA's role in regulating these powerful compounds. Join us as we host two prominent experts, Dr. Wade McKenna and Mike Mitchell, to unravel the complex web of safety concerns, motivations, and the future of peptide drugs. Peptide therapy has gained significant attention for its potential in addressing a wide range of health issues, from anti-aging solutions to performance enhancement. However, as the popularity of peptides has soared, so have questions surrounding their safety and regulation. Dr. Wade McKenna, a leading figure in the field of regenerative medicine & peptide therapy, shares insights into the real concerns regarding the regulation of the use and administration of peptides. Mike Mitchell, a seasoned expert in pharmaceuticals and FDA policy, sheds light on the FDA's evolving stance on peptides and the potential motives behind their regulatory efforts. In this thought-provoking conversation, we aim to demystify the FDA's involvement, explore the genuine safety issues surrounding peptides, and uncover the true intentions behind FDA regulations. Join us for an engaging and informative discussion that will leave you with a better understanding of the peptide therapy landscape and its future. Whether you're a healthcare professional, a researcher, or simply curious about this cutting-edge field, Episode 15 is not to be missed. Subscribe, like, and share to stay informed about the latest developments in the world of peptide drugs!
    48m 59s
  • Episode 14: Terry's Success Story: Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

    17 OCT 2023 · In Episode 14 of The Zero Downside Podcast, join host Dr. Wade McKenna and special guest Terry Hamrick on an inspiring journey through the realm of regenerative medicine. Terry shares her remarkable experience with stem cell therapy, recounting how it transformed her severe knee pain and empowered her to walk freely. Beyond borders, Terry sought unconventional care for heart failure, leading her to the frontier of regenerative medicine. The episode unfolds the serendipitous meeting between Terry and Dr. McKenna at a stem cell conference, culminating in a life-changing partnership. From motorcycle rides to newfound vitality, explore how innovative stem cell techniques, applied by Dr. McKenna, became the key to Terry's renewed quality of life.
    1h 3m 39s
  • Episode 13: Revitalizing Journeys: Laura Prigmore's Transformative Experience with Stem Cell Therapy

    10 OCT 2023 · In Episode 13 of The Zero Downside Podcast, join Dr. Wade McKenna and his esteemed guest, Laura Prigmore, COO of Lorant & Elliot Estate Homes, as they delve into the remarkable world of stem cell therapy. Laura, not only a close friend of Dr. McKenna but also a satisfied patient, shares her inspiring journey of rejuvenation and healing through cutting-edge stem cell treatments. This episode unveils the power of regenerative medicine, emphasizing real-life stories and tangible results. Tune in to discover how this groundbreaking therapy is shaping the future of healthcare and offering patients like Laura a new lease on life. Connect On: Website: Instagram: YouTube:
    45m 18s
  • Episode 12: Torn ACL Healed with Stem Cells: Elijah Elliot Shares His Success Story

    3 OCT 2023 · Listen to former Kansas University basketball player Elijah Elliot as he recounts his Torn ACL injury and reveals how groundbreaking stem cell treatments, discussed on The Zero Downside Podcast with Dr. Wade McKenna, fast-tracked his healing process. Discover the power of cutting-edge therapies for sports injuries and optimize your recovery today. (1:00) Guest Introduction (4:40) The torn ACL symptoms that led to a visit with Dr. McKenna (6:00) What are the traditional treatment approaches for a torn ACL? (7:42) Dr. McKenna's approach to treating Elijah's torn ACL (11:00) Traditional recovery after ACL surgery VS recovery with stem cells at time of surgery (14:30) How stem cells can heal a torn ACL faster (17:54) Does increased activity after ACL surgery with stem cells make the problem worse? Connect On: Website: Instagram: YouTube:
    38m 48s
  • Episode 11: Celebrating Compassionate Care: Reflections on a Journey in Regenerative Medicine

    26 SEP 2023 · Join us for Episode 11 of The Zero Downside Podcast as we dive into the heartwarming world of regenerative medicine. In this special episode, we are honored to host the esteemed Dr. Wade McKenna alongside the beloved RN, Ashley Padilla, who has been an invaluable asset at MOAB Texas for many years. Prepare to be inspired as Ashley Padilla shares her personal journey and the profound impact she has made through her rewarding career in the regenerative medical industry. Discover the secrets behind the success of MOAB Texas and gain insights into the values that drive their exceptional care. As the conversation unfolds, we are joined by Mike Mitchell and Hannah Dunning, who have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of regenerative medicine. Together, they recount their favorite moments working alongside each other and highlight the remarkable experiences they have shared in the clinic. From heartwarming patient stories to groundbreaking advancements, this episode is a celebration of compassionate care and the dedication of these remarkable individuals. Join us as we delve into the world of regenerative medicine, exploring the profound impact it has on patients and practitioners alike. Tune in to The Zero Downside Podcast and be inspired by the passion, expertise, and camaraderie that define the incredible team at MOAB Texas.
    50m 49s
  • Episode 10: The Power of Hormone Therapy: A Path to Health and Wellness

    19 SEP 2023 · Join us for Episode 10 of The Zero Downside Podcast as we delve into the fascinating world of hormone therapy with renowned expert Dr. Wade McKenna, alongside our insightful co-hosts Mike Mitchell and Hannah Dunning. In this enlightening episode, Dr. McKenna takes center stage as he unravels the intricacies of hormone therapy for both men and women, emphasizing its pivotal role in achieving overall health and wellness. Prepare to have your questions answered as Dr. McKenna sheds light on the transformative potential of hormone therapy, recounting patient experiences where traditional medicine fell short in recognizing its scientific merits. Throughout the episode, he explores the profound impact of hormone therapy in aiding the diagnosis of complex medical conditions, empowering individuals to overcome immense health challenges. Tune in as we navigate the intersection of science, medicine, and patient advocacy, uncovering the untapped benefits of hormone therapy and its transformative effects on lives. Whether you're seeking a deeper understanding of hormonal health or interested in exploring alternative medical approaches, this episode will undoubtedly leave you with invaluable insights and a newfound appreciation for the power of hormone therapy.
    49m 8s
  • Episode 9: Revitalizing Shoulders: Patient Experience with Stem Cell Therapy

    12 SEP 2023 · In this captivating episode of The Zero Downside Podcast, join host Dr. Wade McKenna and his esteemed guest, Andrew White, as they delve into the groundbreaking realm of regenerative orthopedics and the transformative potential of stem cell therapy. Andrew, a cherished patient, friend, and neighbor of Dr. McKenna's at MOAB Texas, shares his awe-inspiring journey of entrusting Dr. McKenna with a myriad of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including an extraordinary shoulder repair utilizing the remarkable bone marrow aspirate concentrate. Witness the profound impact of cutting-edge therapies as Andrew recounts his remarkable recovery, accelerated by therapeutic amnion injections that fostered enhanced strength and resilience. Immerse yourself in this riveting conversation, brimming with insights and experiences that explore the frontiers of shoulder injuries and the remarkable healing capabilities of regenerative medicine. Tune in now to discover the future of orthopedic care and unlock the secrets to restoring vitality through stem cell therapy and regenerative orthopedics.
    35m 25s
  • Episode 8: Exploring Beyond Stem Cell Therapy: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Our Clinic

    5 SEP 2023 · In Episode 8 of The Zero Downside Podcast, join your hosts Dr. Wade McKenna, Mike Mitchell, and Hannah Dunning as they gather around the table for an insightful discussion on the array of additional tools available at their clinic that go hand-in-hand with stem cell treatments, contributing to the overall well-being of their patients. Delve into the fascinating world of regenerative medicine as the hosts shed light on the primary reasons patients seek their clinic's expertise, ranging from unhealed chronic injuries to orthopedic conditions that have proven resistant to conventional treatments. Discover how the patients' initial encounters with stem cell therapy act as a gateway to a broader spectrum of health-enhancing options. Throughout this episode, our knowledgeable panel unlocks the potential of various treatments and therapies, illuminating their remarkable benefits in fostering a healthier physical, mental, and biological lifestyle for patients. Explore the realm of IV therapies, acknowledged for their ability to optimize nutrient absorption and restore vitality. Uncover the tremendous potential of Peptide Therapies, which hold promise in stimulating healing, enhancing cognitive function, and promoting overall well-being. But the journey doesn't stop there. Dr. McKenna, Mike, and Hannah also delve into the captivating realm of aesthetics and its profound impact on patients' self-confidence and quality of life. Learn how their clinic's expertise in this field empowers individuals to embrace their inner and outer beauty. Furthermore, the hosts shed light on the significance of muscle strengthening and the pivotal role it plays in patient recovery and long-term health. Discover the transformative power of targeted exercises and techniques, enabling individuals to regain mobility, strength, and independence. So, join us for Episode 8 of The Zero Downside Podcast as we embark on an enlightening exploration of the diverse tools within our clinic's arsenal. Prepare to be inspired and equipped with knowledge that will empower you on your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.
  • Episode 7: Regenerative Synergy: Exploring MOAB Texas's Powerhouse Therapies & Inspiring Testimonial

    30 AUG 2023 · Tune in to The Zero Downside podcast as we unravel the secrets behind MOAB Texas's most impactful regenerative therapies! Join Dr. Wade McKenna, Mike Mitchell, and Hannah Dunning in an enlightening episode where we delve into the world of nerve ablation, stem cells, and their remarkable synergy. Prepare for enlightening conversations, heartwarming patient stories, and a sprinkle of laughter as we uncover the coolest aspects of our clinic's journey.
    40m 44s

Feel like it's time to deepen your understanding about advanced regenerative therapies? Join us at the Zero Downside Podcast with Dr. Wade McKenna, Michael Mitchell, and Hannah Dunning! We're delving...

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Feel like it's time to deepen your understanding about advanced regenerative therapies? Join us at the Zero Downside Podcast with Dr. Wade McKenna, Michael Mitchell, and Hannah Dunning! We're delving deep into the revolutionary world of orthopedic stem cell treatments pioneered by MOAB Texas. We'll debunk myths, answer questions, and shed light on the techniques and protocols that are transforming the medical industry. Subscribe and step into the future of medicine with the Zero Downside Podcast!
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