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The Wicker Men

  • Explicit

    Spotlight Ep. 08 - "Mistletoe Mixup" (2021) [Feat. Luke Warren]

    10 JAN 2024 · Brrrr! It sure is cold! I need to wrap up in some hot chocolate and drink a blanket! Wait a minute... ahhh I totally mixed those up! Happy Mistletoe!
    Played 1h 29m 31s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 83 - "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies" (2018)

    27 DEC 2023 · We're just a bunch of goofsters! Goofsters we are! Such goofsters, AHHH!
    Played 45m 8s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 82 - "211" (2018)

    20 DEC 2023 · WOOOP WOOOP! THAT'S THE SOUND OF THE ...police? It is! Nic Cage stars as a cop in this one, which NEVER happens! Turn on your radios, grab your badges and rob a bank that has very little money in a small town because it's 211 time! 2-1-1! 2-1-1! 2-1-1!
    Played 58m 48s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 81 - "Looking Glass" (2018)

    13 DEC 2023 · Did you do it? Did you look through the looking glass? Did you? DID YOU? DID YOU LOOK THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS DID YOU DO IT??? DID YOU DO IT? DID YOU? DID YOU DO IT? ...i know u didn't do it.
    Played 1h 17m 20s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 80 - "Mandy" (2018)

    26 JUL 2023 · Take some drugs and join a cult, it's Mandy, folks! Grab your battleaxe, your crossbow and your favorite tiger shirt for this one! Many manners are made in Mandy's manor! That was just fun to say! It's episode 80 and we're still doing thisss, BABY!
    Played 1h 3m 15s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 79 - "The Humanity Bureau" (2018)

    19 JUL 2023 · 1984? No thanks. Children of Men? PASS. Total Recall?! Get the heck outta here! It's all about the Humanity Bureau with this one, pal! I hope you're ready for the gripping tale of Blade Runner Rick Deckar- wait no, I mean Bureau Agent Noah Kross as he discovers, neigh, EXPOSES the TRUTH in this dystopian thriller! By the end of it, you'll be saying, "Oh! The Humanity (Bureau)!"
    Played 1h 7m 57s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 78 - "Mom and Dad" (2018)

    12 JUL 2023 · Mama? Papa? I was hoping to get some cerea-AHHHHH! YES OH YES You know who it is! The Wicker Men, baby, and we're back with Moms and Dads murdering their precious children! Settle in and build a pool table while you're at it. You know what? Just smash the pool table, it's too damn expensive to keep!
    Played 1h 2m 53s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 77 - "Inconceivable" (2017)

    3 MAY 2023 · How could one say such things? Think such things? DO such things?! Have you even THOUGHT about the children? Honestly, this entire ruse, nay, this entire FARCE... is simply... INCONCEIVABLE!
    Played 1h 12m 9s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 76 - "Vengeance: A Love Story" (2017)

    26 APR 2023 · How far would you go to seek Vengeance on someone for acts committed against someone completely unrelated to you? Good thing this man was around to solve everyone else's problems! This isn't just a story. It's a love story!
    Played 1h 21m 9s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 75 - "Arsenal" (2017)

    1 FEB 2023 · It's the return of the KING, BABY! That's right, Eddie King is BACK and definitly better than ever! What a movie, I mean, I don't know about you, but this film is the TOPS! There are two brothers!
    Played 54m 39s
The Wicker Men is a podcast hosted by three Nicolas Cage fanatics who review every film Cage has been in. Every. Single. Film.
Author Taco and Box
Categories Film Reviews
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