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The Verse of The Day!

  • Genesis 4:7 #VOTD

    5 OCT 2023 · In this episode of Conrad Rocks - The Verse of the Day, we look at Genesis 4:7 and learn about the warning God gave Cain about sin crouching at the door. We also look at how we can take dominion over sin by relying on the Holy Spirit, immersing ourselves in Scripture, and staying away from temptation. Topics Covered: - God's warning to Cain about sin - Relying on the Holy Spirit - Immersing ourselves in Scripture - Staying away from temptation - Confessing our sin and pressing on in repentance through Jesus Christ Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 12s
  • Psalm 90:12 #VOTD

    4 OCT 2023 · So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psalms 90:12) Show Notes: - Today we're talking about how the realization of our mortality can motivate us to live purposefully. - I recently experienced the deaths of my father and grandfather in close succession. When I averaged their lifespans, it hit me that I may not have as much time left as I assume. This woke me up! - Facing the reality that our deaths could come much sooner than expected can inspire us to pursue our God-given purpose with passion. We only have so many days - let's make them count! - I don't want to die with unfinished business. The music and talents God has put in me must be expressed! Imagine dying with your gifts and talents untapped. - It's easy to lose perspective, thinking we have endless time ahead of us. But the reality is, our days on earth are limited. Psalm 90:12 exhorts us to "number our days." - Numbering our days keeps us mindful that life is fleeting. This mindfulness can motivate us to share our gifts, love deeply, forgive freely, and live each day to the fullest. - Imminent death can inspire us to get aligned with God's will and walk in wisdom. Understanding life's brevity purifies our priorities. - Let's talk about practical ways we can number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom. What does that look like for you? Share your thoughts using #CWCImminentDeath. Imminent Death Motivation Podcast Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 7s
  • Esther 6:1 #VOTD

    3 OCT 2023 · Segment 1: The Restlessness of Sleepless Nights - We've all experienced insomnia and restless nights, which can lead our minds into darkness and worry. - However, we're reminded that even during these challenging times, God can work wonders. Segment 2: King Ahasuerus and Divine Intervention - Esther 6 recounts the story of King Ahasuerus, who couldn't sleep one night. - In his restlessness, he requested the book of records of the chronicles to be read to him. - Little did he know that God was using this sleepless night to set in motion a series of events that would save an entire nation. Segment 3: Recognizing God's Providence - The story of Esther 6 illustrates God's providence shining through even in the darkest hours. - God can use anything, even insomnia, to accomplish His divine purposes. Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 3s
  • Isaiah 65:2 #VOTD

    2 OCT 2023 · Reflecting on Isaiah 65:2 - Walking After Our Own Thoughts Key Points: - Isaiah 65:2 reminds us that we often follow our own thoughts and desires rather than God's guidance - The verse alludes to the challenge of resisting worldly ideas and distractions that contradict God's truth - It calls us to examine our thought patterns and guard against attitudes that oppose God - The passage highlights God's constant love and patience toward rebellious people - Despite continuous rebellion, God relentlessly reaches out with longing for reconciliation - This undeserved grace can be overlooked by the average churchgoer - Understanding the depths of God's love for rebels should make us appreciate His grace - This verse challenges us to turn from our own rebellious thoughts and ways - It invites reflection on times when we've chosen our thoughts over God's - The passage urges us to embrace God's truth and guidance over our desires Key Quotes: - "I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts." - "It reminds us of the temptation to prioritize our own desires and inclinations, even if they deviate from God's path." - "Despite their continuous rebellion and straying from His ways, God extends His hands toward them all day long, symbolizing His persistent reaching out and longing for reconciliation." Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 3m 15s
  • Job 17:5 #VOTD

    29 SEP 2023 · Show Notes: - The passage comes from Job 17:5, where Job lashes out in frustration at his friends. - God does not rebuke Job for these words, recognizing his authentic struggle. Later God rebukes Job's friends instead for their empty platitudes. - The verse reflects ancient views on multigenerational curses and consequences, which we may see as unfair through a modern lens. - The word "flattery" can also mean "comfort" - Job sees his friends' comforting words as meaningless amidst such intense suffering. - When people are hurting, good intentions can ring hollow. Rather than platitudes, we should offer real presence and support. - Overall, this passage shows Job honestly wrestling with pain while God listens and understands. Job's friends are limited in their ability to comfort. - God ultimately redeems Job's suffering, despite Job's very human expressions of frustration and despair along the way. - The book models how we can bring our real and raw emotions to God rather than suppress them. God is big enough to handle our authentic struggle. Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 52s
  • John 3:16 #VOTD

    28 SEP 2023 · Segment 1: The Worldwide Recognition of John 3:16 - John 3:16 is undoubtedly one of the most recognized Bible verses globally, frequently appearing on signs at sporting events and in countless sermons. - However, its true meaning is often misconstrued due to its familiarity. Segment 2: "For God So Loved the World" - A Different Perspective - Many interpret "God so loved the world" as an indication of the magnitude of God's love. - But the original Greek word for "so" in this context conveys the manner of love, not the degree. - A more accurate translation would be "God loved the world in this way" or "in like manner." Segment 3: The Bronze Serpent Connection - In John 3:14-15, Jesus refers to the bronze serpent lifted up by Moses in the wilderness (Numbers 21). - The bronze serpent was a symbol of healing for those bitten by venomous snakes. - John 3:16 emphasizes that, just as the Israelites looked to the bronze serpent for physical healing, we must look to Jesus in our affliction and sin for spiritual healing and salvation. Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 17s
  • Job 22:28 #VOTD

    27 SEP 2023 · Segment 1: Job 22:28 - A Verse Taken Out of Context - The scripture in focus: "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways." (Job 22:28) - Job 22 finds Eliphaz, one of Job's friends, continuing his accusations that Job must have sinned terribly for God to punish him so severely. Segment 2: The Misinterpretation of Eliphaz's Words - Eliphaz tells Job that if he repents, he could "decree a thing," and God would make it happen. - This is a prime example of taking a verse out of context to fit a particular narrative. - Eliphaz is rebuked by God later in the book (Job 42:7) for misrepresenting Him. - Eliphaz falsely accuses Job, urging him to admit false guilt and "name it and claim it." Segment 3: The Doctrine of Decreeing and Declaring - Eliphaz essentially promises that if Job repents, he could request the restoration of his health, wealth, and possessions, and God would be obligated to comply. - This distorts the righteous character and sovereign power of the Lord. - This approach is an example of proof-texting, isolating a verse to make it say something out of context. Segment 4: The True Lesson - Context Matters - Eliphaz's health-and-wealth, name-it-and-claim-it gospel is contradicted by God Himself later in the book. - We must not treat verses as magic genies that grant our wishes but read them in context. - God alone is sovereign over all things, and His responses to our requests may not always align with our understanding, but we can trust in His righteous character. Conclusion: - Job 22:28 illustrates the critical importance of understanding scripture in context. - Taking verses out of context can lead to misinterpretations and misrepresentations of God's Word. - Join us on [Podcast Name] as we continue to explore the richness of scripture, always seeking to grasp its true meaning within its broader context. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of [Podcast Name]. For more insightful discussions on biblical understanding, stay connected with us at Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 38s
  • Revelation 21:9 #VOTD

    26 SEP 2023 · Segment 1: Revelation 21:8 - A Sobering Reminder - The scripture in question: "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." (Revelation 21:8) - This verse places fear and unbelief on par with grave sins like murder, idolatry, and deceit. - The message is clear: Jesus takes fear and unbelief seriously and includes them among the most severe transgressions. Segment 2: The Danger of Complacency - It's easy to become complacent in our faith when we're not facing persecution or danger. - Jesus' message reminds us that complacency is perilous. - If we allow fear to take root in our hearts and reject belief in Him, we're destined for the same fate as those who committed heinous crimes. Segment 3: Taking a Bold Stand - We're called to be bold in our faith. - Overcoming fear is not an option; it's a necessity. - Our mission is to share the Gospel message so that others don't face the same fate as those described in Revelation 21:8. - It's time to take a stand for what is right and true, ensuring our place in His glorious new kingdom. Conclusion: - Revelation 21:8 serves as a powerful reminder of the seriousness of fear and unbelief in our faith. - Let us be vigilant and resolute in our commitment to share the Gospel and overcome fear. - By doing so, we align ourselves with the promise of entering into His glorious new kingdom. Thank you for joining us on this episode as we reflect on the profound message of Revelation 21:8 and its impact on our faith journey. Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 4s
  • Job 42:7 #VOTD

    25 SEP 2023 · - The passage comes from the book of Job, chapter 42 verse 7. It records God's rebuke of Job's friends Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar for speaking wrongly about God, in contrast to Job who spoke rightly. - God was angry with Job's friends for misrepresenting Him and His character throughout their dialogues with Job. They claimed certain bad things were happening because of Job's sin, which was not an accurate reflection of God's sovereignty and justice. - We must be careful to interpret scripture in context, not proof-text or take verses out of context. Eliphaz had previously pulled verses out incorrectly to accuse Job. - Preachers today should not take verses out of context to promote certain agendas or theologies, like the misleading "declare and decree" method some preach. - To rightly interpret scripture, we need to consider context, audience, authorship, genre, and the covenant focus of each passage. We read the Old Testament through the lens of the new covenant in Christ. - Teachers are held to a higher standard and will be judged more strictly. When teaching the Bible, we must do so with sincerity, speaking in the sight of God. - The passage serves as a warning to speak truthfully about God's character. We should interpret scripture carefully and contextually to avoid false doctrine. Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 22s
  • Exodus10:2 #VOTD

    22 SEP 2023 · "Supernatural Legacy" Episode Summary: God often moves through supernatural signs and wonders not only for present deliverance but also to build future generations' faith. Join us as we study this principle from Exodus 10:2 and discuss how God wants to leave a legacy through the miraculous works He is doing today. Key Points in This Episode: - In Exodus 10:2, God tells Moses the plagues will be told from generation to generation so Israel will know "I am the Lord." His signs are meant to build lasting faith and remembrance. - Jesus and the early church moved in many miracles, signs and wonders that we still proclaim today to build our faith in God's supernatural power. - God moves through healings, resurrections, prophecy and other supernatural manifestations in the present day, in part to leave a legacy for future generations. - We must steward and share testimonies of God's miraculous works so our children and grandchildren will know and believe in His awesome power. - Signs and wonders are not just for immediate breakthrough but also to bolster faith for the future. God wants to leave a supernatural legacy through us! Be encouraged as we discuss these perspectives on Exodus 10:2. Be sure to visit for resources to grow in the prophetic and supernatural. Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
    Played 2m 10s
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