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  • #33 Entrepreneurial Minds | Elena Kirova: Stay Hungry and Curious About Other People’s Perspectives

    29 MAY 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Elena Kirova, a distinguished leader in the sustainability field. With an impressive track record, Elena has played a pivotal role in developing values and community principles that drive business success and cultural growth in Germany. We're excited to hear about her journey, her insights on urban technology, and the wisdom she's gained along the way. Let's dive in! In this episode you’ll learn: - Conscious acceptance of personal responsibility and emotional control is a profound and empowering moment. - While it's natural to avoid difficulties in general, with time, overcoming challenges tends to become easier and quicker. - Staying curious and hungry for learning, coupled with actively seeking and leveraging the knowledge and experiences of others, can significantly enrich an entrepreneur's journey.
    Played 40m 21s
  • #32 The Journey Matters More Than the Destination - Entrepreneurial Minds with Joni Baboci, Layer

    15 MAY 2024 · In today's episode Martijn Balder, Investment Team Lead 2bX, joins Katharina Lind in hosting UTVC, that welcomes Joni Baboci, founder of Layer, an urban orchestration platform that enables cities to plan, design, manage and govern urban environments. At Layer, Joni empowers leaders in delivering cross-disciplinary change to the urban fabric. In this episode you’ll learn: - Building a city for children can solve many problems in urban areas. - Success should be considered a journey, not just the final destination or outcome. - The walking speed in cities is directly related to the size of the city.
    Played 36m 14s
  • #31 The Future of Urban Mobility is Intermodal – an Expert’s View with Harry Wagner, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt & FMS

    1 MAY 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Prof. Dr. Harry Wagner, distinguished mobility researcher and expert in smart, sustainable mobility concepts with a focus on intermodal transportation chains. Prof. Wagner emphasizes the need to prioritize human-centric mobility solutions over product-centric approaches. From innovative teaching methods, such as conducting lectures on spinning bikes, to entrepreneurial ventures like founding the Future Mobility Solutions GmbH, he explores diverse avenues to rethink and develop mobility solutions. In this episode you’ll learn: - Intermodal mobility is under-promoted, with only 5% of travel in Germany currently being intermodal. - There is a critical need to focus on the digital layer and foster collaboration among providers - shifting from the default focus on physical layer and capacity measures. - A successful mobility turnaround is impossible without the significant involvement of public transport.
    Played 37m 18s
  • #30 Lessons Learned Season V - Katharina Lind & Mark Harré with Gregory Brenninkmeyer, 2bX

    17 APR 2024 · In today’s episode Mark Harré & Katharina Lind jump on the guests’ seats, making room for Gregory Brenninkmeyer, chairperson of 2bX’ Investment Committee to act as host. Listen to the GPs reflecting on the fifth season of the UrbanTech VC Podcast, including learnings about their past five guests. Enjoy being part of a fun conversation between the two co-founders and get to know 2bX‘ pure dynamic. In this episode you’ll learn: - The importance of aligning your pitch with your vision for authenticity - The value of investing in relational business versus transactional business - The understanding that changes require repetition and don't occur instantly
    Played 30m 26s
  • #29 Seizing UrbanTech Energy Opportunities - A Venture Architect’s View with Ole Poppinga, XPRESS

    3 APR 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Ole Poppinga, Senior Venture Architect of Berlin-based company builder XPRESS Ventures, affiliated with the global contract logistics company FIEGE. Responsible for the deal flow, Ole has been involved in recent investments in HomeRide, Logistikbude, and Apothera. In addition to logistics-related verticals, sustainability and energy are current focus areas. In this episode you’ll learn: - The influence of energy volatility is underappreciated, but it plays a crucial role in the future of energy consumption and management. - Success in energy transformation requires a focus on incremental changes rather than radical shifts. - The enthusiasm for B2C solar energy is maturing, leading to a more sober and pragmatic approach to this sector.
    Played 31m 49s
  • #28 Driving Innovation in Urban Mobility - an Expert’s View with Celeste Reglá Díaz, EIT Urban Mobility

    20 MAR 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Celeste, leader of EIT Community programs for startups in EIT Urban Mobility. She manages the Supernovas initiative, empowering women in entrepreneurship and investment, the New European Bauhaus Catalyser, an accelerator to promote companies that champion on sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion, and the Jumpstarter, a competition that propels innovative ideas into validated businesses while fostering innovation in Central-Eastern and Southern-European Regions. In this episode you’ll learn: - EIT Urban Mobility has achieved significant gender equity, investing 47% of funds in 44% companies led by women, greatly surpassing industry averages of less than 2% investment in women-led companies and 5% in mixed-gender teams. - As of 2023, EV battery and EV charging are the two sectors attracting the most funding in mobility. - A staggering 95% of investment committees are composed solely of men, highlighting a significant gender disparity.
    Played 31m 40s
  • #27 How to Turn Regulation Into a Business Success - a Founder’s View with Jens Thumm, Predium

    6 MAR 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Jens Thumm, Co-Founder and CEO of Predium. Together with his Co-founders Mohamed Ali Razouane and Maximilian Korner, he has developed an intelligent operating system for decarbonizing real estate. It enables a simple and fast overview of the ESG performance of buildings, action plans for CO2 reduction, and automated reporting, offering a holistic solution for sustainable and profitable real estate companies. In this episode you’ll learn: - Regulation has the power to initiate change, while its details determine the will and speed of adaptation. - A successful founding team needs complementary skills, personal connection, and enjoyable collaboration - before going to the notary to seal the deal. - Decisiveness is key to effectively manage a startup and tackle challenges.
    Played 40m 31s
  • #26 The Tech-Informed Evolution of Architecture - a Founder’s View with Ewa Lenart, Howie

    21 FEB 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Ewa Lenart, CEO and Co-founder of Howie Systems, emerging startup located in Vienna that specializes in developing an AI-Copilot for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) sector. The company aims to assist architects and engineers in efficiently navigating their past and present data, enabling them to reuse their past drawings and make more informed decisions for future projects. In this episode you’ll learn: - Architects heavily prioritise quality, while other stakeholders in the built environment often focus more on cost and time. - Retaining in-house knowledge has become increasingly crucial due to the decrease in the average tenure in architecture from 8.7 to 2.5 years. - A mere 1.5% of construction revenue is invested in innovation, which is 55% less than in any other sector.
    Played 39m 8s
  • #25 Navigating New Builds and Retrofitting - an Expert’s View with Sebastian Klingberg, Savills

    7 FEB 2024 · Today we are happy to welcome Sebastian Klingberg, Affordable Housing Professional and Surveyor at Savills UK in London. Sebastian undertakes valuations of housing stock in England and consults a wide range of stakeholders such as housing associations, charities, local councils and banks. He is passionate about all matters concerning the affordability and sustainability of housing and emphasises the need to think across sectors, disciplines, borders and indeed ideologies to solve the ongoing European Housing Crisis. In this episode you’ll learn: - How to make homes more environmentally friendly and reduce carbon emissions by designing smartly, using sustainable materials, and improving energy efficiency. - The importance and hurdles of swapping flats for a more equal distribution towards individuals’ needs. - Low-income households often do not benefit from cost-cutting measures as they tend to not maximize their energy usage during the comparison period and instead increase their consumption when energy costs are cheaper.
    Played 38m 44s
  • #24 Lessons Learned Season IV - Katharina Lind & Mark Harré, 2bX

    24 JAN 2024 · Today, we're happy to welcome you to the hosts themselves as guests! Listen to 2bX‘s two GPs reflecting on the forth season of the Urban Tech Podcast, including learnings about their past guests, urban challenges and possible solutions. Enjoy being part of a very honest, personal and fun conversation between two co-founders and get to know their awesome dynamic. In this episode you’ll learn: - It's crucial to proactively decide on unique funding paths, rather than defaulting to the traditional venture capital route. - Understanding cap table dynamics in the context of team dynamics can provide valuable insights. - Both first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs can achieve outstanding results, reinforcing that success isn't limited to a specific type of entrepreneur.
    Played 26m 42s
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