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The Trucking Podcast

  • Kicking Off 2023 With Dan The Tax Man

    31 JAN 2023 · A great episode with Dan Organ, my tax guy, and personal friend. We mostly talked about things on our minds as we enter 2023. The conversation is fun and spontaneous, from trucking into Madison Square Garden to Elon Musk and Twitter. You can reach Dan at 715-234-3278 or read more at
    43m 34s
  • In And Out Of Madison Square Garden

    18 NOV 2022 · Loading in and out of Madison Square Garden, and Buck's New Project
    39m 18s
  • Find The Best Truckloads With The Best Data, A Conversation With DAT Experts

    17 SEP 2022 · I was able to connect with a couple of pros from DAT. There's a lot of knowledge between these two guys. We started off with a conversation about the possibility of a railroad strike. Although the bigshots in Washington claim the problem is solved, there's still a long way to go before it's over. Dean gives us a lot of great technical information here. Robert is part of the team that designs your access to that information via the Dat One app.
    1h 18s
  • 87,000 New IRS Agents

    12 AUG 2022 · Dan Tax Man is back! Along with a lot of catching up with an old friend, Dan and I talk about the new plan for tens of thousands of new IRS agents, outdoor adventures, and binge-worthy shows you may want to watch.
    1h 19m 51s
  • Trucking Ritches Are In The Niches

    24 JUL 2022 · If you know me well, you already know I've always found the best trucking hobs by serving the niches. From livestock to yard mulch, I've always done well. This episode is about the niches I've served and my next adventure.
    48m 42s
  • Brokers and Breakdowns

    15 NOV 2021 · How to deal with serious breakdowns when hauling brokered freight, with Nick Skeen from Paper Transport. Buck gets another new-to-me car and a BIG FAT CHECK! What else is going on?
    41m 50s
  • Truck Age vs Safety

    8 OCT 2021 · Amazon drivers and pee bottles. Is it time to shake up your health? Also, Nick is back for another conversation about owner-operators.
    34m 59s
  • Are Free Load Boards Worth It

    30 AUG 2021 · Should you use free load boards? Are they worth it? After all, they're free. Also, why is there such a big shortage of paint? I can't find a good selection of spray paint anywhere.
    37m 3s
  • Why Trucking Companies Broker Out Loads

    16 AUG 2021 · Ever wonder why a big trucking company would broker truckloads out rather than have their own trucks haul them? We have an expert with years of experience here to explain.
    29m 35s
  • 5 Reasons Not To Fill Your Tanks

    6 FEB 2020 · This is it, the last episode of The Trucking Podcast. We sincerely hope you'll subscribe to the new show, Trucking After Hours.
    56m 52s
Father and son truckers talk about trucking, business, trucks, cars and whatever else comes to mind.

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