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  • The Deadliest Drug Known To Man

    24 MAY 2024 · The experimental gene therapy mRNA jab was the deadliest drug in history according to today's guest, Dr. James Thorp. He also says, "Do not trust the hospital system." Dr. Thorp and his wife recently wrote an article exposing the government's bribery of major pharmacies to NOT fill Rx for ivermectin. Dr. Thorp has appeared in multiple films regarding the dangers of the jab including SHOT DEAD. His new book, SACRIFICE, is due out this Summer. For 45 years, Dr. Thorp has been a practicing ObGyn and he's a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist.
    1h 30m 32s
  • Taking Back Our Country One County At A Time

    23 MAY 2024 · Instead of the globalist "Great Reset", our country needs a "Great We-Set" where "We The People" tactically take back the country one county at a time. Today's guest is Bill Ogden, a chapter leader/founder for "Tactical Civics" in Clearfield County, PA. Tactical Civics is an action plan to enforce the Constitution.
    1h 2m 4s
  • Liberty Wins!

    22 MAY 2024 · Liberty-minded conservative candidates are winning in Republican primaries in WV and KY. Chris Anders won a primary race in WV last week that saw the Speaker of the House appear in an ad for his establishment opponent. Listen to Chris talk about his stand on medical freedom, the 2nd Amendment, and other liberty issues.
    1h 16m 59s
  • Choose Freedom Fighters!

    21 MAY 2024 · The Kentucky Primary is today and voters will have a clear choice on the local/state level to choose liberty-minded Constitutional conservatives. That is where the battle for freedom is! The Federal Government is "too big to fix"! Listen to a freedom-fighter in KY's GOP Primary for House District 66, TJ Roberts, who successfully sued Gov. Beshear in 2020 over 1st Amendment violations during the Covid lockdowns.
    59m 4s
  • Thomas Massie: End The Fed

    20 MAY 2024 · Abolish The Federal Reserve is a bill introduced by today's guest, US Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) last week. He discusses that, the motion to vacate the Speaker, Raw Milk, and the recent attack ads run against him. 
    52m 28s
  • 2025 WV Senate Will Have Different Look

    17 MAY 2024 · For the 2nd straight political cycle, the President of the West Virginia Senate has suffered a loss in the Republican Primary. In 2020, it was Amy Grady knocking out Mitch Carmichael. In 2024, Craig Blair is defeated by Tom Willis. Three other GOP Senators were beated in Tuesday's election as well, including the Health Committee Chair Mike (Phony) Maroney. The candidate who downed Sleepy Mike is today's guest Chris Rose. Chris, who does not have a Democrat opponent in the General, looks forward to representing District 2 in Charleston.
    1h 19m 2s
  • Kentucky Primary - Tuesday

    16 MAY 2024 · May 21st is the Primary Election in Kentucky and just like in West Virginia and other "Red" states, the fake Republicans are reaching for more control. Listen to my talks with State Rep. Savannah Maddox (R-Dry Ridge,KY) and David Walls, Executive Director of the Family Foundation of KY, and hear why topics like abortion, religious freedom, and school choice are STILL important election issues.
    1h 34m 31s
  • Jim Justice - Greatest Politician in WV History

    15 MAY 2024 · With the huge victory in the US Senate GOP Primary, WV Governor Jim Justice solidifies himself as the greatest politician in state history - greater than Robert C. Byrd, Joe Manchin, or any other Democrat...which Jim Justice IS a Democrat! Tom is joined by former Putnam Co. Republican Executive Committee member Caleb Turner and Alex Gaaserud, who just lost in the GOP Primary for US House, for post-primary commentary.
    1h 45m 17s
  • Election Day in West Virginia!

    14 MAY 2024 · If you don't know, don't go! But make sure you do know who and what you're voting for! On today's Primary Election episode: Dr. Zane Lawhorn says he's running for US Senate because we can't put America first until we put Jesus first, Monty Fowler tells why his group is opposing the Cabell County School Levy after the BOE & Superintendent took away funding for the libraries & parks, Rob Archer says he is tired of complaing about Huntington's problems and wants to make a difference which is why he's running for City Council.
    1h 32m 39s
  • Jim Justice = Joe Manchin & Joe Biden

    13 MAY 2024 · The day before WV's Primary, Congressman Alex Mooney says that his Republican opponent in the US Senate race, Jim Justice, is still a liberal Democrat. Also in this episode, state senate candidate Scott Adams says the WV Chamber is "extremely liberal" and that's why they support his opponent, District 1 WV Senator Ryan Weld.
    1h 24m 1s

The “Straight Shooter” returns! Tom Roten is the former host of the #1 rated local talk show in the Huntington, WV market. The Tom Roten Morning Show aired for more...

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The “Straight Shooter” returns! Tom Roten is the former host of the #1 rated local talk show in the Huntington, WV market. The Tom Roten Morning Show aired for more than two decades – urging listeners to consider different ideas than what they have always been taught.For 22 years, Roten discussed politics, current events, and controversial issues with hard-hitting opinion and featured local, state, and national guests. For its entirety, it was the #1 talk show in the Huntington, WV market. The most recent ratings period showed the station overall at #5 in the market, #1 for AM stations (highest ever ranking).Tom built a reputation of holding politicians and government accountable in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. His efforts have been recognized in numerous ways. Tom has been honored several times by the WV Broadcasters Association for excellence in broadcasting. The KY Baptist Convention recognized Tom with their annual Integrity Award for “accurate, fair and balanced coverage of faith issues” in 2018. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels presented a plaque commissioning Tom Roten as a Kentucky Colonel in 2021.Tom is from Glenville, WV and graduated from Gilmer County High School. He attended Marshall University where he began working at the college radio station in 1986. He has worked at various commercial stations including WSGB in Sutton, WV and WVHU in Huntington, WV.Tom, his wife and four sons, live in Barboursville, WV where they are active in the community and serve in various ministries at their church, Bloomingdale Baptist.
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