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The Tiddy & Shiner Show

  • 188. Write This Down And Remember It!

    18 MAY 2024 · In this episode, we give our prediction on the upcoming Presidential Debate and possible outcome(s) following...write it down and we'll pick it back up come October. God I hope we are WRONG!
    1h 10m 34s
  • 187. Tornadoes Be Comin' In Hot!

    12 MAY 2024 · Yepper. Parts of Oklahoma were devistated by tornadoes for the 2nd week in-a-row! That is life in the buckle of both the Bible Belt and Tornado Alley. Yeah, we also make fun of Stormy Daniels too...
    1h 9m 54s
  • 186. A Fraternity Embodies The American Spirit!

    5 MAY 2024 · Just listen to us first, then research on your own. Make up your own mind and don't let others tell you what to do or how to think!
    1h 9m 44s
  • 185. Tiddy Takes A Stand!

    20 APR 2024 · In this episode, we hit on the most current of events going on here in the States and abroad. Oh yeah, also, Tiddy takes a "Your pronouns are your world, not mine" stance on the micro society trying to inject their faux beliefs on the world. Enjoy! 
    1h 13m 16s
  • Explicit

    184. Fireside With Tiddy & Shiner (Episode 1)

    13 FEB 2024 · We go the very chilly Oklahoma Outdoors for a chat around the firepit. Please join us on this fun ride. Also, check out YouTube (coming soon) for the Tiddy & Shiner Channel!
    47m 58s
  • Explicit

    183. Republicans...Get Your Sh*t Together!

    8 FEB 2024 · We hold a majority and we can't even impeach the DHS Secretary? Republicans need to get their sh*t together or we may not have a free country anymore.
    1h 2m 20s
  • Explicit

    182. I Doubt We Make It To November...

    30 JAN 2024 · Again. Prepare yourself. I don't think we'll even make it to the election before something cracks off.
    45m 6s
  • Explicit

    181. You Should Be Scared. Like VERY Scared...

    25 JAN 2024 · Smoke and mirrors. That is what you are being fed by the media. You see what they (The Gubment) want you to see. Trust no one, go find the information yourself, and educate yourself!!! Preparedness wins the day.
    47m 46s
  • Explicit

    180. Shiner Goes To Walmart (Again)...

    11 JAN 2024 · Shiner definitely disappoint in this episode...he's the GOOD guy in this situation...
    1h 9m 34s
  • Explicit

    179. Who's On Epstein's List?

    4 JAN 2024 · We Know! Tune in to find out!
    49m 29s
Two Oklahoma boys who find humor in everyday life topics, news, and situations.
If you love to laugh, you'll love our show!

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