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  • 031: Payment for Involvement - When Compensation Affects Benefits

    30 APR 2024 · What happens when you compensate people for their involvement, but doing so negatively impacts their eligibility for government benefits?   Together, we'll unpack why paying people for their lived experience is the right thing to do, but also explore the challenges of doing this effectively without disrupting people's benefits.   This is something we've been grappling with as an organisation for the last six months, and over the course of this three part mini-series we'll be sharing everything we've learned along the way.   p.s. Keep a look out for the launch of our free 'Payment for Involvement Playbook'. Designed to help you create a fair payment for involvement policy for your organisation. Hosts: Julia Fausing and Rachel Krengel, The Social Change Agency Theme music by Loyalty Freak Music
    18m 42s
  • 030: Join our board as a Non-Executive Director

    5 APR 2023 · Are you a renegade anarchist who loves rules, compliance and risk management? We're looking for a new Non-Executive Director to join board. In this episode Pete Treganna (Non-Executive Director) and Sapna Patel (Operations Director) discuss what the role involves and why we'd love for you to apply! Interested in being on the board of The Social Change Nest? Find out more and apply at Host: Pete Treganna and Sapna Patel, The Social Change Agency Theme music by Loyalty Freak Music
    13m 13s
  • 029: We're in this together - Reflecting on movement trends in 2023

    21 FEB 2023 · Tactics employed by social movements are evolving, strikes are enjoying unprecedented levels of public support, and communities are increasingly taking matters into their own hands. Anya Stern and Aggie Taylor discuss some of the movement trends they've been observing in 2023. What trends have you been noticing? Share your thoughts by tagging us on Twitter @SocialChangeAg Host: Anya Stern and Aggie Taylor, The Social Change Agency Theme music by Loyalty Freak Music
    19m 56s
  • 028: What makes an effective protest movement with James Ozden from Social Change Lab

    31 OCT 2022 · Esther Foreman and Rachel Krengel from The Social Change Agency meet up with James Ozden, Director at Social Change Lab to explore what it takes to build an effective protest movement. Topics covered include: - why some protest movements flourish (and some don't) - whether disruptive tactics work - the importance of shared identity and collaboration - the need for more funding to be directed to towards social movements - how to avoid volunteer burn out - and much, much more! You can find out more about Social Change Lab at and find James Ozden on Twitter at @JamesOzden. Visit us at Follow us on Twitter at @SocialChangeAg Host: Esther Foreman and Rachel Krengel, The Social Change Agency Guests: James Ozden, Social Change Labe Theme music by Loyalty Freak Music
    24m 34s
  • 027: Innovating funding with Chris Manion from the British Science Association

    2 SEP 2022 · Today we're speaking with the Head of Grants at the British Science Association, Chris Manion. We'll be discussing The Ideas Fund, an innovative public engagement program that provides grants for community groups and researchers who have new ideas for addressing local challenges related to mental health and wellbeing. We'll also be looking at the role funders play in bringing about social change, the power imbalances that accompany grant giving and what funders can do to ensure they address this imbalance. You can find out more about The Ideas Fund at If you are a funder and you would like to meet with other funders to discuss the challenges, ideas, and opportunities relating to grant making, then head over to Visit us at Follow us on Twitter at @SocialChangeAg Host: Maisie Palmer Guests: Chris Manion, British Science Association Theme music by Loyalty Freak Music
    17m 56s
  • 026: Leveraging pop culture for social change with Alice Sachrajda and Marzena Zukowska

    8 FEB 2022 · In this episode, we chat to Alice Sachrajda and Marzena Zukowska, authors of New Brave World: The power, opportunities and potential of pop culture for social change in the UK. We explore the opportunities for leveraging pop culture for social change and share examples of where pop culture has already proven to be a powerful driver of social change. You can read the full 'New Brave World' report at: Visit us at Follow us on Twitter at @SocialChangeAg Host: Kate Edwards Guests: Alice Sachrajda and Marzena Zukowska Theme music by Loyalty Freak Music
    27m 45s
  • 025. The latest in participatory grantmaking and Shift The Power with Hannah Paterson

    21 APR 2021 · We check in with Hannah Paterson on the latest developments in participatory grantmaking and the Shift The Power movement. Plus, we discuss Hannah's new role as Senior Portfolio Manager – Innovation, Policy and Practice at the National Lottery Community Fund.
    26m 50s
  • 024. Everything I know about community building with Michael Parsons from Guy's and St Thomas' Charity

    3 DEC 2020 · This episode is a conversation between our consultant Rachel Krengel and Michael Parsons, Portfolio Manager at Guy’s and St Thomas' Charity, which is a foundation dedicated to addressing health inequalities in urban areas. We’ve been working with them on a project to support 20 communities in Southwark and Lambeth during the Covid-19 emergency and beyond. We are piloting ways to get direct financial support into these communities, this has including working mutual aid groups, tenants and residents associations (TRAs) and other community groups. They discuss how to effectively work closely with communities and how they avoided certain common pitfalls. They talk about how to get money to communities in a way that’s flexible and built on trust, while also complying with traditional regulatory requirements. Plus, they look to the role community groups can play in providing social infrastructure at a time when many charities and councils are struggling.
    30m 34s
  • 023. Everything I know about community building with Lindon Rankin

    6 OCT 2020 · In this episode, our consultant Rachel Krengel speaks to Lindon Rankin, who is an organiser at the African ‘n’ Caribbean Wellbeing Group based in Southwark. Lindon’s is one of the many community groups we at SCA support. In this podcast, Rachel talks to Lindon about his journey into community organising, his experiences of organising during the pandemic and how he believes grassroots groups can structure and govern themselves for maximum impact.
    20m 18s
  • 022. Everything I know about social movements with Amy Hulme, fair pay campaigner and consultant

    2 SEP 2020 · In this podcast, speak to Amy Hulme, Senior Consultancy Manager at The Social Change Agency and fair pay campaigner, who reflects on her time campaigning for the Living Wage. She shares her journey into activism and discusses how to build a successful strategy, movement-building misconceptions and dealing with the slow pace of corporate behaviour change as a campaigner.
    32m 6s
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