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The Shabby Detective: Yet Another Columbo Podcast

  • Exercise in Fatality

    21 JUN 2024 · We start off the fourth season of Columbo with a discussion of Exercise in Fatality in which our titular detective squares off with tough guy and fitness guru Milo Janus (Robert Conrad) in a case that gets everyone tied up in knots.  This episode also features an interview with Amelie Hastie, author of Columbo: Make Me a Perfect Murder, a close reading of the series.  Get it now at
    Played 1h 14m
  • Corky Romano

    17 MAY 2024 · Chris Stachiw and Mike White are taking a break between the third and fourth seasons of and discussing one of Peter Falk's later roles as the patriach of the Romano family which includes Paulie (Peter Berg) and Peter (Chris Penn) along with black sheep Corky (Chris Kattan). We discuss Kattan's career, the panning of Corky Romano, and the Happy Madison universe.
    Played 1h 20m 39s
  • A Friend in Deed

    29 APR 2024 · We wrap up the third season of Columbo with a solid episode wherein Columbo (Peter Falk) is put on the case of a pair of murders including the death of police commissioner (Richard Kiley)'s wife. Written by Peter S. Fischer, the episode was directed by Falk's friend Ben Gazzara.
    Played 51m 21s
  • Swan Song

    18 MAR 2024 · Chris and Mike discuss the Columbo episode where Peter Falk was in danger of being overshadowed by his co-star when Johnny Cash stars as a gospel singer who's under the thumb of Ida Lupino as she's lording over him being prosecuted under the Mann Act.
    Played 57m 56s
  • Mind Over Mayhem

    26 FEB 2024 · Mike and Chris look at Mind Over Mayhem, the 6th episode of the 3rd season wherein Lt. Columbo is faced with a puzzling murder that takes place on the campus of a think tank where the lead scientist, Jose Ferrer, wants to protect his son from an accusation of plagiarism.
    Played 45m 2s
  • Publish or Perish

    22 JAN 2024 · Jack Cassidy is back to square off against Lt. Columbo. He's gone from author to publisher in "Publish or Perish" where he knocks off the prize author (Mickey Spillane) who is about to move to his rival's publishing house. The twist this time is that Cassidy is setting himself up as the murder as well as providing himself with an air-tight alibi courtesy of a mad bomber.
    Played 48m 13s
  • Double Exposure

    19 JAN 2024 · Robert Culp is back for his third time in the villain position as Dr. Bart Kepple, a big shot media consultant who uses subliminal images to murder one of his clients as well as his projectionist Chuck McCann ("The Far Out Space Nuts") in a solid turn from Stephen J. Cannell.
    Played 42m 9s
  • Candidate for Crime

    18 DEC 2023 · Writer Richard Hatem joins Chris and Mike to discuss the political thriller Columbo episode "Candidate for Crime" in which Jackie Cooper murders his campaign manager in order to protect himself and his affair.
    Played 36m 33s
  • Any Old Port in a Storm

    30 NOV 2023 · A contender for one of the best episodes of Columbo ever made, Any Old Port in a Storm pits Lt. Columbo against winemaker Adrian Carsini who has murdered his own brother in order to keep control of the family vineyard. Donald Pleasence turns in a powerhouse performance while Peter Falk is in top form. This episode also features an archival interview with story-writer Larry Cohen.
    Played 1h 28m 3s
  • Lovely But Lethal

    20 OCT 2023 · We begin our third season with the murder of a cosmetics genius (Martin Sheen) by his treacherous boss (Vera Miles). Also along for the ride is a under-used Vincent Price.
    Played 44m 25s
Podcasters Chris Stachiw (The Kulturecast) and Mike White (The Projection Booth) look at the enduring character of Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) and his creators.

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