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The Senior Smart Show

  • South Carolina Realty offers Services for Seniors

    24 FEB 2024 · Hi, I’m Melissa Sprouse Browne with South Carolina Realty. Our state has emerged as a retirement paradise, attracting people from across the nation. With stunning landscapes and a mild climate, South Carolina offers the perfect setting for active adults to live their dreams. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect home or sell yours to fund a transition to a higher level of care, give us a call at South Carolina Realty and we’ll be happy to assist you! Find us online at or call us today at 803-791-3800. South Carolina Realty, where we’ll help you find your way home.
  • Cora Care - Top Job Tuesday

    8 JAN 2023 · Cora Care is seeking professionals in the fields of caregiving and nursing to join our fast-growing team!
    2m 2s
  • Caregiver Planning

    8 JAN 2023 · A care plan is an organiational tool outlining needs, actions and responsibilities to ensure that seniors, family members, caregivers and other health professionals know what to do on a daily basis.
  • Cora Care Offers In-Home Care for Seniors in Central South Carolina

    26 AUG 2019 · We are a local, family-owned firm specializing in assisting seniors and their families with activities of daily living. Our mission is to provide home care and placement services that meet the physical, emotional and social needs of our clients and their families while always remembering to treat each person as we want to be treated ourselves: like family, with respect and dignity. Our dedicated staff is available to be with your loved one for companionship, help with bathing, medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation to doctor's appointments, shopping and more. Founded by Melissa Sprouse Browne, Cora Care provides care in Richland and Lexington Counties. For assistance, call us at 803-791-8086
  • The Caregivers Training Program: Taking Care of Your Parents

    17 JUN 2018 · On this episode of The Senior Smart Show, we talk about the book called The Caregivers Training Program. As we grow older, the baby boomers, Generation X and everyone in between will be touched in some way by the issues of elder care. It is a never-ending maze of doctors, specialists, health care facility choices, hospice, estate planning, benefits and stress. You find yourself asking so many questions: How do you know if your parent needs at-home care, an assisted living facility or skilled nursing care?When do you make a move, and better yet, how do you approach your parents with the discussion?How do you convince your parent it's not safe for him to drive anymore?How do you protect the family assets while maintaining eligibility for government benefits?How do you pay for it all? I’m here to tell you the answers are not easy, nor were they easily discovered... until now. The Caregiver's Training Program provides guidance on everything from basic mobility aids to dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson Disease and more. This book is designed to help you manage the day to day aspects of your parent's care, written in plain language understandable by anyone. Also includes the Medicare Minute. Hosted by Melissa Sprouse Browne.
  • Full list of resources for seniors and families through The Senior Living Guide

    6 JUN 2018 · On this episode of The Senior Living Guide, we talk with Crystal Schafer of The Senior Living Guide about all of the many resources available in their publication. Available in both print and online at, this directory of senior care is available for each state in the U.S. We also discuss today's Medicare Minute. Hosted by Melissa Sprouse Browne on The Point every Wednesday from 9a-10a.
    48m 45s
  • Learning About Geriatric Care Management

    30 MAY 2018 · On today's episode of The Senior Smart Show, we're joined by Kate Vos of Midlands Area Senior Services, a provider of geriatric care management. With an extensive background in social work, Kate offers her years of experience to help families make the right choices for their loved ones. A comprehensive assessment leads to a care plan. Find out how you can benefit from this type of senior care professional. Includes the Medicare Minute. Hosted by Melissa Sprouse Browne.
    50m 55s
  • Advice for Seniors and Caregivers on The Afternoon Drive with Keven Cohen

    23 MAY 2018 · On today's episode, Melissa Sprouse Browne joins Keven Cohen on The Afternoon Drive to talk about a number of different senior care issues, including how to choose a home care company, what to do when it's time to talk to your loved one about not driving anymore, learning about your loved ones finances and powers of attorney, both durable and health care.
    27m 27s
  • Dental health concerns for seniors

    16 MAY 2018 · On this episode of The Senior Smart Show, Dr. Gary Raymond visits us in studio to talk about seniors and dental health. We discuss the importance of maintaining good oral care and how regular check-ups can save money in the long run by not letting a small problem turn into a larger one. Advice on type of toothbrushes and what to look for when visiting an older loved one to gauge whether he or she needs to visit a dental professional. Also includes the weekly Medicare Minute. Hosted by Melissa Sprouse Browne.
    45m 29s
  • Choosing a Home Care Company: Evaluating, Selecting and Paying for Care

    9 MAY 2018 · On today's episode of The Senior Smart Show, our in-studio guest is Charles Brown with Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance. A thorough outline of what you need to consider when choosing a home care company is discussed, including licensing, questions to ask, red flags and more. Possible methods of payment are covered as well. Hosted by Melissa Sprouse Browne. Includes today's Medicare Minute.
    48m 42s
Join us for informative and lively discussions of timely topics in senior care. We educate you about the many areas involved in caring for a loved one.

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