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The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable

  • Washington Demons of Columbia (6/18/24)

    19 JUN 2024 · The bizarre behavior of some US politicians is alien, as if they don’t know anything about being human. Perhaps they have lived their lives in a penthouse or ivory tower or gated community, with personal assistants for everything. This renders them foreign to the simplest tasks, like going to a grocery store, opening a beer, or grilling a burger. Others have abandoned worldly affairs and sought power through supernatural means, be it through charms, spirits, or invoking the messiah, antichrist, or divine miracles. In fact, much of even the common people participate in magical rituals, rites, and exercises without ever knowing, from music, movies, healthcare, and fashion, to politics, social justice, and war. - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • A Growing Apostasy (6/17/24)

    18 JUN 2024 · From Georgia to Idaho, several states are undergoing potentially map altering changes as movements grow for counties to secede into other states. Some in Texas want the state itself to completely secede, while Lost Creek voted to be discontent from Austin. St George, Louisiana wants the same thing from Baton Rouge, as does Buckhead, Georgia, from Atlanta. Residents of Weld County, Colorado, want to move to Wyoming, and large parts of Oregon are seeking to become part of Greater Idaho. The growing sentiment is that things are only going to get worse, especially after CNN ran a story about how the idea that the US is a constitutional republic, where the law protects all people, is a conspiracy theory, and that we are actually a democracy, where majority votes rule and can take away individual rights. The House also just passed the NDAA, now automatically registering all 18 year old males for military service. The Senate Armed Services Committee added required registration “of women for Selective Service.” On the more supernatural side of things, from Alex Jones and Natasha Owens, to the Trump campaign, we are hearing about how the former President is literally God’s gift to mankind. Although such rhetoric is clearly deranged, Oprah and others said the same thing about Barrack Obama, while some said he was the anti-Christ. Kids were made to sing his praise like some North Korean dictator. Congresswoman Cori Bush also just recently stated that she performed literal miracles - by curing their disease. The careless disregard for both politics and law, and for religious archetypes, is really evidence of a growing apostasy. - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • BEST OF TST (11/2/23) Lotions Potions & Manipulated Emotions w. Dawn Lester & David Parker

    17 JUN 2024 · Alchemists, magicians, and high priests from past ages are often looked at as having more in common with superstition, fantasy, and insanity than science. But modern science is conducted in similar ways. Pharmaceutical companies produce products derived from chemicals or plants that are no different than potions, philters, draughts, or cures for poison. Biotechnology companies likewise tamper with nature by mixing genes to create their own version of nature. The scientists, chemists, etc., involved in these productions are now called experts and given authority as part of a priestly class that is never to be questioned. 'What Really Makes You Ill?' can be found here:
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  • Unraveling the Coiled Serpent (6/14/24)

    15 JUN 2024 · A recent study from Harvard and Montana Tech University has proposed that crypto-terrestrials may author much of the UFO phenomenon. These entities are unidentified inhabitants of earth, living in the ocean, deep underground, or in mountains and volcanoes. Be them more human-like, non-human primates, or reptiles, the mythos of such creatures pre-dates civilization. The fringes of science today are becoming more open to what otherwise would be considered delusional ufology or complete fiction. What the scientists, ‘believers’, and even ‘skeptics’ tend to overlook, however, is the immense archetypical pantheon comprising the whole of the UFO phenomenon, particularly as it relates to the serpent deity as the eternal predator.  The recent former study was announced just a few days after archeologists discovered on the Colombia-Venezuela border a massive collection of art depicting giant serpents, giant centipedes, larger-than-life-animals, and ten meter-tall (32 feet) human-like figures. Found alongside were geometric engravings, grids, and dots, lending credibility to the idea that plant medicine allowed humans access to entirely new visual realms. Mainline academia has known, as these archeologists believe, that large serpents are not just random, they are part of a tradition that spans the world. China has the White Snake demon who lives under water, and the Lung Dragons; the Hopi have a famous snake dance to encourage rainfall; in India there is the seven-headed Naga, not unlike the Biblical Revelation Beast with seven heads; the Mesoamerican cultures have Quetzalcoatl; in Greek myth are Medusa and the Gorgons, and the Hydra, and Apollo defeats a serpent called Python living in the earth; in Norse myth is Jormungand; Japan has the Yamato no Orochi; Russia has the fire serpent; Korea has Eopsin; Mesopotamia has Ningishzida and Mushussu; and the Bible also has Leviathan from Job, and the Genesis serpent. Serpents are universal symbols of fertility, creativity, and rebirth, but also of - by default - temptation of flesh, poison, and death. Hence why the Egyptian guardian of youth was a cobra named Wadjet and the Australian creator was a Rainbow Snake. As for health, the serpent caduceus and Asclepius Wand are still in use today. The serpent is also directly associated with water, fire (salamanders), air (dragons), and earth. In Egypt it brings down Ra’s sun barge, which crashes as a flying disc, and is then recovered later - this is the dying god motif and background for Roswell mythology.   Is it possible that just as we live alongside less developed tribes today, we could ourselves live next to more developed civilizations that go largely unnoticed? Could we develop technology, like a cargo cult, based on what we perceive to see in the skies, oceans, mountains, etc? - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • Influencing Mediocrity (6/13/24)

    14 JUN 2024 · A handful of female ‘influencers’ on social media have gone viral with the political right over their lifestyle rants, commentary on the political left, and certain cultural issues. But most of these ‘influencers’ are ultimately playing a part, filling a void, and taking advantage of a cultural vacuum. Often they are paid by ‘patriot’ companies to promote a narrative or lifestyle while selling coffee or holsters. There is nothing wrong with selling a product, but the fact is most of these 'common people' are not so 'common', they are manufactured images. Some female ‘influencers’ are talking about their difficulties dating and yet their other videos promote the very opposite. Others are seeking pure validation, including the cake baking single mom. One of the most viral is making different videos with new 'costumes' and targeted commentary and imagery. On the other hand, male ‘influencers’ include the ‘red pill’ community promoting masculine-feminism and dating advice. The magic trick is that most of these ‘influencers’ are partly right in what they say, though they are massively toxic in their overall presentation. “Influencer Culture” itself is toxic because it is inauthentic, an advertisement for a product, promotes false expectations, and for many individuals it’s about pure self-validation.  - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • Dyeing for Perspective (6/12/24)

    13 JUN 2024 · The FDA is finally admitting that red and yellow food dyes are poison and should be removed from the food supply while parents and family argue the candy and treats they feed their kids make them happy so what’s the big deal. Well, they contribute to hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, cancer, and on a deep spiritual level, alongside other things we call food, interfere with our bodily mechanisms for connecting with the physical and spiritual worlds. One of the greatest conspiracies is the multi-faceted health fraud being perpetrated on the public from the grocery store and doctor’s office, to the media and regulatory agencies. Undercover video shows an FDA executive admitting they are paid hundreds of millions to hire rubber stamps sponsored by the very industry being regulated: drugs, food, etc. It is also becoming a trend now for ‘influencers’ to make short videos pointing out chemicals, unnecessary colors, and preservatives in processed food. But only a keen observer will notice that most of these videos involve the trashing of one company over another in a bid to drive the viewer to an equally processed product. In other words, a company pays an influencer to expose a competitor while the whole thing seems organic. This has happened with coke and Kraft, and Pfizer and Moderna. Politicians are likewise hired to play hero in a fight against drug companies that finance that representative’s campaign, which is then used to support the company when they make it into congress.  - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • What Kind of American Are You? (6/11/24)

    12 JUN 2024 · All throughout Europe the media is reporting that the ‘far-right’ is gaining power rapidly. The last weekend of elections were not for domestic leaders, however, but to elect lawmakers for the European Union’s 720-seat Parliament. NBC News reported that “across Europe, the elections were a signal that the political center of gravity is lurching to the right.” Fox News reported, “European voters reject socialism, far-left policies in EU Parliament elections.” Despite what we are force fed daily, it appears that from France to Germany the people are voting for “the anti-immigration and climate-skeptic right” with no shame. But what is the far right, anti-immigration, and climate skepticism? Easy: anything 'right' of the extreme left, including the moderate left; being pro legal immigration; not allowing the climate to be used as an excuse for a great reset. Talk of mass deportation of illegals in the United States is also growing as hopes of Trump’s return to the White House are accompanied by an image of “hundreds of thousands” being march out of the country and IDs being required to vote or work. About 62% of the US supports this. Trump’s return may also signal a crackdown on what are sure to be pseudo-protests. From deportation and rounding up protesters, to “papers please” and a surging populist ‘far right’, it appears the image of Hitler the left hates so badly is precisely what they have conjured. Their solution? Ask Democrat Paula Collins, who called for reeducation camps for MAGA supporters after the upcoming election, sometime Hillary Clinton has also promoted. - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • Cold As Ice (6/10/24)

    11 JUN 2024 · Scientists of the ‘mad’ variety are suggesting that we could collectively refreeze the arctic and large amounts of water to prevent ocean levels from rising. A few years ago it was also suggested we dump 8 trillions tons of artificial snow in the arctic. Now scientists at Reading’s Department of Meteorology are following in the UAE’s footsteps, which includes cloud seeding, to investigate how to spray electric charge into clouds to induce rainfall. Meanwhile, an interesting discovery - that fracking produces access to the lithium needed for electric cars - has pro-electric vehicle, climate change cult members at a crossroads. At this point, it is irrelevant to argue over what one believes about climate change, and instead important to focus on the geoengineering and terraforming projects being proposed. One of the wildest is moving the planet three million miles away from the sun. - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • The Finals of Conspiracy (6/7/24)

    8 JUN 2024 · Well, we made it to the conspiracy finals. The most ridiculous alternative reality narratives have done battle for years and here we are. Of all the paranoid delusional clickbait garbage online, nothing really takes the trophy like the NBA is rigged; but not because of players betting on games, shaving points, or refs making intentionally bad calls. No, it is rigged due to magnets in the ball and rim. A handful of videos from around the league and over many years are shown as proof, when a ball gets stuck between a backboard and rim, or seems to roll around the rim, or get stuck behind the rim. Other videos show impossible shots made not with magnets but with camera tricks and editing. The funniest thing of all is that the magnet proofs are partially from an NBA parody commercial over a decade ago. Now it's the basis for a conspiracy. Or maybe the NBA is cashing in on it for viewers like the NFL did with the scripted conspiracy. What is going on here? It's estimated about 200,000 shots are taken each season, guaranteeing that at least a few will end in some bizarre finish. This 'rigged' conspiracy has been around for over five years going back to when theorists said Kawhi Leonard's Game 7 buzzer-beater went in because of magnets. Kobe Bryant has the most misses in NBA history with 14,481 and LeBron James is second at 14,476. So why didn't these shots go in? Is the rubber hockey puck magnetic too for the NHL Playoffs, or is there another scheme at work here so the puck doesn't just hit the pipes? Maybe the magnet is turned on and off. Perhaps when Caitlin Clark shoots from half-court the racists controlling the magnet active it and when Angel Reese shoots, those same racists deactivate the magnet so she misses. - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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  • DEI DAY: What if Hitler Were a Woman (6/6/24)

    7 JUN 2024 · Mexico has elected their first female president to much fanfare in the media, despite this historic event being polluted by 37 of her opponents dying during the election. Our media has covered this political violence in Mexico while holding the U.S. up as some beacon of light for Democracy as Big Tech censors, journalists get murdered, whistleblowers are killed or exiled, and former Presidents are removed from ballots or charged with 34 felony counts. Mexico’s new leader being female is also being touted as why she is strong enough to survive the corruption and assassinations. But her politics tell a different story - she is a climate activist who attended UC Berkeley, a feminist, a leftist progressive, and a Pro-Palestinian Jew. Maybe her name, Claudia Sheinbaum, gave it away. This is confusing some, however, because Mexico is 80% Roman Catholic and the people generally share almost no values with the newly elected leader. Things get more odd when we learn that Argentina’s President Javier Milei is in the process of converting to Judaism too. South America and Mexico are the gateway into the United States and one of the largest facilitators of this mass illegal immigration is HIAS, a Jewish group. On the US side of things we find Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS secretary, who is also Jewish by title. This has many people thinking, along with Black Rock’s Larry Fink, the former CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Epstein, Weinstein, the owner of PornHub, Taylor Swiftowitz, and others, that Jews have some type of strange power in the world. Are women and Jews being used as shields to advance the New World Order? It also makes you wonder that if Hitler were a woman, would history tell us a different story? On this D-DAY anniversary, we instead celebrate DEI Day. - FREE ARCHIVE & RSS: Twitter: Facebook: WEBSITE (BOOKS, RESUBSCRIBE for early show access): Paypal: CashApp: $rdgable Buy Me a Coffee: SUBSCRIBE TO NETWORK: EMAIL: /
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The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable has aired for over a decade, beginning as a volunteer program at a college radio station in Florida, then moving to CBS, Art Bell's...

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The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable has aired for over a decade, beginning as a volunteer program at a college radio station in Florida, then moving to CBS, Art Bell's 'Dark Matter Radio', LNM Radio, FringeFM, and finally finding a home on Ground Zero Radio right after Clyde Lewis.

Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality, producer, and author. His broadcast attempts to provide objective analysis of para-politics, pop-conspiracy, para-history, the occult (occulture), the paranormal, symbolism, health, conspiracies, anthropology, theology, and etymology.

The show airs M-F on but can be found HERE the next morning to stream for free. Spreaker places ads in the show, so if you would like to get the ad-free version you can subscribe or resubscribe on our wesbsite http:/

For any questions, please email: /
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