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The Scoop Squad

  • The Scoop Squad: Unraveling the 2025 Charleston City Budget Mystery

    22 MAR 2024 · In a whirlwind two weeks, the 2025 Charleston City Budget was passed, leaving the city council with over 100 pages to scrutinize. The Scoop Squad is on the case, combing through the details to uncover what might have been overlooked or intentionally obscured in the rush. Join us as we delve deep into the budget's intricacies, seeking out what's hidden in plain sight and questioning what the rapid approval process might mean for Charleston's future. If you're curious about where taxpayer money is going and what the budget spells for community projects and services, this episode is a must-listen.
    1h 9m 5s
  • 03/14/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 95

    14 MAR 2024 · This week The Scoop Squad meets Barry “Top” Holstein, aretired Army First Sergeant and conservative political activist.Author of the annual First Sgt’s Guide to the WV Legislature, Barry has been  providing a legislative report and scorecard to help conservative West Virginians separate the Conservatives from the RINOs. In this episode he reviews the bills that passed and failed that he deemed the most important to the state.
    1h 9m 47s
  • 03/07/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 94

    7 MAR 2024 · Charleston City Hall has had a contentious relationship with the Muslim community lately even though that the community was one of Mayor Goodwin's largest contributors...we discuss that and the treatment members of the black community received at a recent council meeting. We also received new information about the school bus wreck in Calhoun County...this podcast is the only place to get the latest scoop #theonlypodcastthatmatters
    1h 6m 7s
  • 02/29/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 93

    29 FEB 2024 · Many people think that military dogs are well cared for after their service is over. That is not the case, some were left in Afghanistan to be mutilated or turned loose in the wilderness. We meet the administrators of a group that rescues thousands of these animals and finds them homes. Also, The Scoop Squad talks about how the city administration has failed the businesses of Kanawha City who have been held hostage to a plodding road construction process in the last few years.
    1h 7m 55s
  • 02/22/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 92

    23 FEB 2024 · The Scoop Squad looks at city council in detail this week. Coverage of Charleston City Council has been silenced by the mayor so that members of the media are restricted with little access for news stories. And now even council members are being silenced by the mayor . The new rule, as of this week's meeting,is that council members can only speak once during the meeting. Meanwhile Charleston leads the nation in overdoses with no leadership in place to fix the problem. For exclusive coverage of city council you have to follow our other media covers the city council this closely
    1h 8m 47s
  • 02/15/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 91

    15 FEB 2024 · On Wednesday , the House of Delegates approved the “Women’s Bill of Rights” bill that would codify the definitions of “man” and “woman” and also mandates single-sex spaces like restrooms and locker rooms. Later we interviewed one of the defenders of the bill, JB Akers, who gave us details of what the bill does and doesn’t do while also contradicting the bill’s opponents. This is the only place to hear about the bill in such detail because this is #theonlypodcastthatmatters
    1h 9m 1s
  • 02/08/24 The Scoop Squad Truth Pod: A Deep Dive into CPS - Protection or Peril?

    8 FEB 2024 · In this gripping episode of The Scoop Squad, we sit down with a woman whose experience with Child Protective Services (CPS) sheds light on the complexities and potential dark sides of the system. She shares her harrowing story of how CPS not only dismantled her family but also, according to her claims, may expose children to the risk of trafficking. Join us as we navigate through these serious allegations, seeking truth and understanding in a system designed for protection. Could there be more victims? Listen in for an investigation into the balance between safeguarding children and the unintended consequences that may follow.
    1h 6m 31s
  • 02/01/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 89

    1 FEB 2024 · Join The Scoop Squad as they revisit January 6 four years later with provocative former delegate and current congressional candidate Derrick may not agree with what he did that day but his story will be intriguing.
    1h 5m 31s
  • 01/25/2024 The Scoop Squad Episode 88

    25 JAN 2024 · The Scoop Squad looks into possible nepotism at the county school board when a resigning board member is replaced by his wife. Also, why is the list of police chief candidates being kept a secret? Legally the list should be public-check it out on this week's episode.
    1h 10m 34s
  • The Scoop Squad Truth Pod: Exclusive Interview with Former WV VOAD Employee Benjamin Cisco

    18 JAN 2024 · In a groundbreaking episode of The Scoop Squad Truth Pod, we secure the first exclusive interview with former WV VOAD employee Benjamin Cisco. We dive deep into his case, its outcomes, and the recent tumultuous media stories surrounding the organization. This episode also sheds light on the startling admissions made by WV VOAD's Executive Director at the Joint Legislative Committee on Flooding. Don't miss this revealing session that's making waves in Charleston, WV. #scoopsquadtruthpod #theonlycharlestonwvpodcastthatmatters
    1h 8m 48s

The Scoop Squad Truth Squad is a weekly podcast presented by Charleston WV area commentators and pundits who investigate malfeasance, incompetence, and entrenched corruption, as well as other intriguing topics...

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The Scoop Squad Truth Squad is a weekly podcast presented by Charleston WV area commentators and pundits who investigate malfeasance, incompetence, and entrenched corruption, as well as other intriguing topics of interest to West Virginia.

Your hosts are Ashley Switzer and executive producer Ron Hughes.

Occasional panelists and contributors include Shari Johnson, JB Akers, Cathy Nutter, and Tristan Leavitt.

Follow and message us on Facebook for updates between shows and to communicate with the hosts. Email us at Please subscribe and share the podcast and our Facebook posts.

*Production service from 580 WCHS Studios. Not affiliated with WVRC Media*
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