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  • Episode 23 | The Local Factors Driving Regional Real Estate

    16 JAN 2024 · In this episode of the real estate podcast, host Elizabeth Rowe interviews expert guest Mervin Jebaraj, Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Arkansas. They discuss the Federal Reserve's role in setting interest rates to balance maximum employment and price stability in the economy. Mervin explains common misconceptions about the Fed as well as how they operate independently of political influence. He then outlines the best sources for objective economic data, like the automatic updates on key indicators featured on his center's website. For real estate agents, understanding the regional figures on unemployment, wage growth, population changes, and more can help them better advise clients. Shifting to politics, Mervin notes that housing policy is largely set at the local level. He provides a metric on housing shortages that demonstrates how years of underbuilding compound affordability issues over time. This shows the importance of agents getting informed on their city council's zoning reforms and permit streamlining that accelerate production. On broader economic impacts, Mervin explains why major Northwest Arkansas employers often withstand cycles better than other industries. However, with cost of living rises threatening the area's quality of life advantage, he warns against the consequences other booming cities have faced when housing supply chronically lags behind population and job expansion. Overall, Mervin lends an academic expert perspective to equip agents as authorities on economic realities influencing local real estate.
    Played 25m 55s
  • Episode 22 | Easy Wellness Wins for Busy Realtors

    12 JAN 2024 · In this episode of The Rowe Report, host Elizabeth Rowe interviews Dr. Kristen Markell to uncover easy yet often overlooked ways real estate agents can improve their energy levels and general wellbeing. As a former OBGYN turned doctor of integrative medicine, Dr. Markell draws from her extensive experience supporting women's health to provide actionable advice. She explains that after 15 straight years of being on-call overnight for delivering babies, she eventually experienced career burnout. This prompted significant lifestyle changes that now inform her integrative approach. Dr. Markell stresses that self-care shouldn't feel like another burden and shares three simple areas realtors can tackle first. Topping the list is proper fueling, which includes getting enough protein through easy to transport snacks. Next is prioritizing sleep, like taking magnesium supplements at night and exposing yourself to morning sunlight to regulate melatonin production. Lastly, she advises tuning into your body's rhythms and hormones so you can adjust your schedule around anticipated energy dips. Beyond these practical tips, Dr. Markell also discusses the importance of releasing guilt, limiting self-judgment, and giving yourself grace as key components of overall wellness. Tune into this empowering conversation to pick up research-backed advice on gaining energy, honoring rest, supporting hormones, and showing up as your best self both personally and professionally. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 24m 2s
  • Episode 21 | What I Wish I Knew Then...Experienced Advice for New Agents

    12 JAN 2024 · In this week's episode of the Rowe Report, host Elizabeth Rowe and co-host Adam have a candid discussion about what they wish they had known when first starting out in real estate. Drawing on her 20+ years of experience, Elizabeth shares invaluable insights for new agents on how to build a sustainable, successful career. She emphasizes that the first two years should be viewed as a marketing period for yourself, focused on building, sorting and qualifying your sphere of influence. It's about identifying who will actively refer you business or otherwise support you. This prevents wasting time and energy on the wrong relationships. Elizabeth also advises being picky when choosing a brokerage, ensuring they provide ample personalized training, mentoring and coaching. She reveals most merely require you to fog a mirror to join. Look for a brokerage that will take you along on listings and buyer appointments for hands-on experience. Additionally, Elizabeth stresses the importance of consistency in your actions and marketing. Stay the course even when tempted to quit. If not consistent, you may essentially put yourself out of business without realizing it. Implementing these three core practices - build/qualify your database, join a brokerage that properly develops you, and remain consistent in your efforts - will set any agent up for long-term prosperity. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 28m 28s
  • Episode 20 | Cultivating the Attitude of a Pro

    12 JAN 2024 · In this fun and lively conversation, host Elizabeth Rowe hands the mic to station partner Adam Robison for a special guest-host episode of The Rowe Report real estate podcast. They dive into the critical role of attitude in achieving success, with Elizabeth emphasizing that consistency, resilience, and a willingness to start fresh every day are key. She stresses surrounding yourself with positive influences and quality mentors, not chasing “shiny new objects,” and keeping perspective when challenges arise. Adam notes that getting results requires programming your business intentionally, having tough conversations and shaking hands versus only using technology. They discuss battling isolation by collaborating with trusted colleagues who will help you see things from a new vantage point. Elizabeth concludes that consuming empowering content, limiting negativity, and nurturing your mental space are essential for controlling your attitude and producing at a high level. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 25m 11s
  • Episode 19 | Engaging Your Target Audience with April Pelkey

    12 JAN 2024 · In this week's episode of The Rowe Report, host Elizabeth Rowe interviews April Pelkey, owner of Superior Marketing Solutions, about common marketing mistakes real estate agents make and how to avoid them. They discuss the importance of consistency in social media posting, properly branding your pages, and actively engaging with your target audience. April stresses engaging organically by responding to comments, liking posts, and participating in relevant Facebook groups. She points out that many agents focus engagement only on their personal pages versus dedicating effort to their professional business pages too. The duo talks about the difference between "good cringy" and "bad cringy" marketing tactics, with examples of playful branded TikTok dances versus awkward, self-congratulatory photos holding large sold keys. They emphasize marketing your authentic self and story over pictures boasting about sales figures and achievements. Elizabeth and April agree that spotlighting specific ways you have helped clients (like hosting housewarming parties) makes a bigger impact than generic “look at me” pictures. They remind agents to focus messaging towards serving the public rather than trying to impress industry peers. In terms of working with influencers or sponsors. Watch on YouTube:
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  • Episode 18 | Relationship Building in a Shifting Market

    12 JAN 2024 · Elizabeth and Austin continue their real estate podcast discussion on effective marketing and branding strategies. With the market shifting, they emphasize focusing on fundamentals like building trust and relationships. Austin suggests surrounding yourself with knowledgeable peers, becoming a "student of the industry," and using concrete statistics to provide value and strengthen client relationships. They discuss the importance of consistency even when you don't "feel" like working, blocking time for lead generation activities. Elizabeth shares her schedule, including a daily 2-hour "power hour" for contacting her sphere and sending personal notes. She explains her motto of "today I'm going to do tomorrow-Elizabeth a favor" by consistently putting things in the pipeline to generate future income. Overall, they encourage perseverance, intentional scheduling, loving on your sphere of influence, and not getting distracted by industry disruptors trying to "race to the bottom." Keep watering the seeds planted today to reap harvests 90 days from now. Interested in Brian Buffini? Learn more at Watch on YouTube:
    Played 23m 1s
  • Episode 17 | Authenticity Above All and Why it Matters in Real Estate

    12 JAN 2024 · In this episode of The Rowe Report, host Elizabeth Rowe interviews Austin Bivens, a veteran real estate agent with over 18 years of experience. They discuss Austin's journey into real estate, including starting a TV production company, weathering the 2008 housing crisis, and later finding his true passion in coaching and educating clients. Austin shares his lessons learned about resilience, adding value, and defining your personal brand in real estate. He emphasizes controlling your finances and understanding market data so you can provide expertise to clients. Austin advocates determining your ideal niche and lead generation strategies based on your natural talents. Elizabeth and Austin exchange perspectives on recovering from the housing recession. They talk about delivering bad news to sellers and the mental toll of an industry downturn. The conversation covers setting boundaries with unreasonable client requests and learning to say no. Austin offers tips for sharpening your brand and enjoying the work you do. He suggests listening to how past clients describe you to understand your strengths. Austin and Elizabeth agree that being authentic is more important than mimicking others on social media. They explore leveraging social platforms to showcase expertise while avoiding comparison traps. Overall, Austin imparts his wisdom on building resilience, adding value, and crafting an authentic personal brand. His insights will inspire agents to play to their strengths during market shifts. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 25m 51s
  • Episode 16 | The Service Mindset with Shonnie Gilbreth on Real Estate Success

    12 JAN 2024 · In this episode, host Elizabeth Rowe interviews longtime friend and real estate professional Shonnie Gilbreth about her career journey from property management into residential real estate sales. They discuss how focusing on relationships and service is key to Shonnie's success. Shonnie explains how she helps clients by offering property management as a flexible intermediate solution when needed. She stresses the importance of tenant screening and routine maintenance to protect property investments. Shonnie also shares tactics for evaluating the numbers on investment properties, noting how price points and demand in Northwest Arkansas can vary by neighborhood and season. Throughout the wide-ranging conversation, Shonnie offers advice to real estate agents on providing value beyond a single transaction, truly listening to clients' needs, and seeing the big picture when it comes to nurturing long-term client relationships. She emphasizes that success stems from authenticity, integrity and keeping the client's best interest central to every decision. Shonnie and Elizabeth agree that choosing who you work with matters just as much as what you do. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 17m 16s
  • Episode 15 | Developing the Habits to Crush Your Real Estate Goals

    12 JAN 2024 · In this episode of The Rowe Report, hosts Elizabeth Rowe and Adam Robison have an honest conversation about the challenges facing real estate agents in today's market. With rising interest rates, inflation, and an uncertain economy, many agents are struggling to stay afloat. Elizabeth and Adam acknowledge that it's harder than ever to make money in real estate right now, but emphasize that agents are not alone. Top producers across the industry are seeing their businesses decline by 40% or more. This market requires perseverance, consistency, and an unwavering commitment to doing the hard but necessary work. The key takeaways are to know your numbers, find mentors and communities to support you, establish healthy habits and boundaries, and remain focused on consistent action. Elizabeth and Adam explore the importance of mindset, self-talk, and surrounding yourself with positive voices. They advise doing a gut check; if real estate isn't working for you, consider finding something else that aligns with your skills and passions. This isn't a call to quit, but an invitation to get honest about whether this business model fits your life. Overall, the episode underscores that we all struggle sometimes. The hosts aim to encourage agents to keep going, make adjustments where needed, and don't lose hope. There is strength and freedom in acknowledging the challenges and in community. Consistency, commitment, and discipline are what separate the pros from those just getting by. Master the fundamentals, and you can thrive in any market. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 44m 42s
  • Episode 14 | From Small Town Girl to Real Estate Mogul

    12 JAN 2024 · The hosts reflect on recording 15 episodes together, with Elizabeth noting that her early episodes make her “cringe” now. She shares that they will soon record in the Rowe Real Estate office, revealing its history as Fayetteville’s old library. They discuss how Elizabeth built her successful career not through luck but dedicated mentors who believed in her potential. She recalls teaching herself real estate at a young age and having bosses who instilled valuable skills like “smoothing the concrete” during emotional transactions. When asked why she chose NWA, Elizabeth says its balance of small-town charm and big-city feel drew her in. She loves the community’s “roadside hugs” of honking and waving. Regarding her brokerage, Elizabeth focuses on making agents of all backgrounds feel cared for, suggesting a smile is the universal symbol of warmth. On motivating young hires, she stresses finding a desire for self-improvement, then molding them through mentorship. Elizabeth credits her own mentors for lighting her inner fire and drive for excellence. The hosts reflect on forming friendships and impacting lives through their work. Watch on YouTube:
    Played 26m 47s

Level up your real estate game by joining top-producing real estate agent Elizabeth Rowe on The Rowe Report podcast. With over 15 years of experience consistently ranking in the top...

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Level up your real estate game by joining top-producing real estate agent Elizabeth Rowe on The Rowe Report podcast. With over 15 years of experience consistently ranking in the top 1% of Realtors, Elizabeth knows what it takes to build a standout career in real estate. Through her straightforward, no-fluff approach, she’s on a mission to push agents to "think, feel and act like a pro." You’ll get competitive tips, mindset strategies, lead generation techniques, systems for success, and more takeaways you can implement immediately to up your game. Consider The Rowe Report your masterclass for developing the skills, confidence and professionalism needed to excel in the competitive landscape of real estate. Elizabeth brings hard-won lessons from her own entrepreneurial journey as well as candid advice from industry experts. Her bold vision is to equip agents at every level to find their niche, build their brand, and make their mark. You’ll leave every episode challenged and motivated to reach the next level.
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